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69+ Adorable Baby’s First Christmas Photo Ideas to Cherish Forever

Baby’s first Christmas is a season full of magic, love, and adorable moments.

Whether you’re looking to capture sweet, candid shots or stage a festive photo shoot, we’ve got a sleigh full of super cute and creative photo ideas for you.

Get ready to deck the halls, bundle up your little one in the coziest holiday outfits, and snap those picture-perfect memories of your baby’s first Christmas!

Baby’s First Christmas Photo Ideas

Baby on a Sleigh

Baby on a sleigh wearing a Santa Claus attire
Source: sienna.and.i

Capture the magic of your baby’s first Christmas with a whimsical sleigh photo.

Dress your little one in cozy holiday attire, place them in a charming sleigh, and surround them with festive decorations for an unforgettable holiday memory.

Santa’s Stocking

Baby sleeping inside Santa's stocking
Source: sienna.and.i
Santa's stocking beside a sleeping baby
Source: raising_5

Get creative with Santa’s stocking as a festive prop for capturing delightful holiday moments.

Place your little one inside the stocking and snap away for a cute and memorable holiday photo.

Little Polar Bear

Embrace the wintry charm with a little polar bear-themed photo shoot for your baby’s holiday memories.

Dress your little one in cozy white attire and place them alongside a cuddly polar bear plushie for an adorable Arctic-inspired scene.

Little Santa Claus

Baby wearing Santa's outfit while holding a sleigh full of gifts
Source: sienna.and.i

Dress your baby in a tiny Santa Claus outfit and place them in a festive holiday setting for a lovely photo op.

Add miniature props like presents, a sleigh, or a tiny Christmas tree to complete the merry scene.

Baby’s First Candy Cane

Baby dressed in a Christmas outfit with lollipop candy canes on his sides
Source: xo_arb_ox

Infuse holiday cheer into your baby’s photos with a playful candy cane theme.

Dress your little ones in cozy red and white attire, and give them a giant candy cane prop to hold for a delightful holiday snapshot.

Elf on the Shelf

Baby on the shelf wearing adorable elf attire
Source: sienna.and.i

Bring holiday magic to life with an Elf on the Shelf-themed first Christmas photo.

Position your baby on the shelf wearing adorable elf attire, creating a playful and festive scene that captures the enchantment of the season.

Baby Tree Topper

Baby wearing a tutu dress placed on top of Christmas tree
Source: sienna.and.i

Top off your baby’s first Christmas with a sweet and memorable photo featuring them as the tree topper.

Place your little one atop the tree in a cozy holiday outfit, surrounded by twinkling lights and festive decorations for a picture-perfect moment.

Baby on a Snow Globe

Baby on a snow globe blanket
Source: sienna.and.i

Transform your baby’s first Christmas into a winter wonderland with a charming snow globe photo.

Place your little one inside a giant snow globe prop surrounded by snowy scenery for a whimsical and enchanting holiday snapshot.

Wrapped with a Bow

Nude triplets with bows on their bun
Source: theseeger7

Create a precious holiday moment by wrapping your baby in a festive bow.

Place them in a cozy blanket or swaddle adorned with a big bow for a delightful and heartwarming photo op.

Wrapped in a Box

Capture holiday joy by placing your baby inside a festive gift box with a big bow on top.

Surround the box with colorful wrapping paper and decorations for an adorable, gift-ready photo.

First Christmas by the Tree

Capture the magic of the season by setting your baby next to the decorated Christmas tree.

Use soft lighting and festive ornaments to create a warm, enchanting holiday atmosphere.

Santa’s Little Helper

Santa's little helper and a lot of gifts
Source: mamadrey88

Transform your baby into Santa’s Little Helper with a cute elf outfit and festive accessories.

Surround them with toy tools and wrapped gifts for an enchanting holiday photo that captures the magic of Christmas.

Cutest Rudolph

Baby dressed in a Rudolph onesie
Source: patripiniilla

Turn your baby into the cutest Rudolph with a reindeer onesie and an adorable red nose.

Set up a festive scene with twinkling lights and holiday decorations for a charming Christmas photo.

Nude Christmas

Nude triplets with big snowflake ornaments on their bun
Source: theseeger7

Celebrate the joy of your baby’s first Christmas with a tender and intimate photo idea.

Keep the focus on their innocence by dressing them in only a diaper or covering the lower half with a Christmas decoration.

Add festive accents like a Santa hat or a tiny ornament to capture the holiday spirit in this heartwarming moment.

Ornament Galore

Create a dazzling display of holiday cheer by surrounding your baby with an array of festive ornaments.

Place them in a cozy blanket or soft basket and adorn the space with colorful baubles of various shapes and sizes.

This merry and bright photo idea captures the magic of your baby’s first Christmas amidst a glittering backdrop of ornaments galore.

The Grinch

Infuse a touch of whimsy into your baby’s first Christmas photo by embracing a Grinch-themed theme.

Dress your little one in green attire and add Grinch-inspired props like a Santa hat and faux fur to create a playful scene.

Capture their adorable expression amidst festive decorations for a charming holiday photo with a dash of Grinchy mischief.

Garland Around the Baby

Triplets posing for a photo inside a garland decoration
Source: theseeger7

Create a festive holiday scene by wrapping a lush garland around your baby’s cozy setup.

Adorn the garland with twinkling lights, colorful ornaments, and festive ribbons for a merry touch.

Capture your little one nestled amidst the greenery and holiday decor for a charming and memorable Christmas photo.

Little Snowman

Bundled in cozy snowman hat, your baby makes for the cutest holiday photo op.

Holding little snowman cookies in front adds a sweet and festive touch.

This charming setup perfectly captures the joy of their first Christmas season.

Gingerbread Baby

Celebrate the season with a gingerbread-themed photo featuring your baby adorned in gingerbread attire.

Surround them with gingerbread cookies, candy canes, and festive decorations for a sweet and festive scene.

Capture their lovely smile amidst the sugary delights for a charming and memorable Christmas photo.

Santa Baby

Baby wearing a "Santa Baby" outfit for his first Christmas photoshoot

Embrace the magic of your baby’s first Christmas by dressing them in a lovely “Santa Baby” outfit.

Set the scene with festive decorations and watch as your baby spreads joy in their adorable holiday attire.

First Christmas with Mom

Celebrate the warmth and love of baby’s first Christmas by posing with mom beside the glowing Christmas tree.

Capture the magic of the moment as you cuddle up together in festive attire for a cherished holiday photo.

First Christmas with Sibling

Capture the joy of sibling love by snapping a precious photo of baby’s first Christmas with their sibling.

Dress them in matching holiday outfits and pose them together amidst twinkling lights and festive decorations for a heartwarming holiday moment.

Cherish the bond between siblings as they share in the magic of the season, creating lasting memories to treasure for years to come.

Christmas Lights Baby

Illuminate your baby’s first Christmas with a magical photo surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights

Dress them in a cozy outfit and place them amidst the glowing lights for a festive and enchanting scene.

Capture their wide-eyed wonder as they marvel at the sparkling display, creating a cherished holiday memory to treasure forever.

Milk and Cookies

Indulge in the sweetness of the season by setting up a milk and cookies-themed photo shoot for your baby’s first Christmas.

Place a tray of these festive treats beside them and capture their adorable reaction as they explore the delicious spread.

This delightful photo idea captures the magic of the holidays and creates a timeless memory to look back on fondly.

Her Cute Little Green Outfit

Baby wearing cute green outfit for her first Christmas photoshoot
Source: crystalll.e

Have your baby pose in a cute green Christmas outfit for a festive and charming holiday photo.

Capture their adorable smile as they don the seasonal attire, spreading joy and cheer in their first Christmas photo.

Swaddled Santa Baby

Swaddled in a Santa blanket, your baby captures hearts with festive charm.

This warm wrap adds a touch of Christmas magic, making every snapshot memorable.

It’s a cozy and charming way to celebrate your little one’s first holiday season.

Baby Claus’ Kitchen

Transform your home into a merry workshop as Baby Claus explores their first Christmas photoshoot in the kitchen.

Dress your little one in a little chef’s attire and capture the joy of the season amidst festive decorations and cooking delights.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to capture every precious moment of your baby’s first Christmas.

Cherish the joy, laughter, and love that fill this special time.

Don’t forget to share your festive photos with us – we can’t wait to see your little one’s holiday magic.