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10 Postpartum Essentials & Necessities You’ll Regret Not Buying | Mom Care

Looking for postpartum essentials and necessities? You absolute need these if products if you want to make the 4th trimester slightly more tolerable….

I remember when I thought labor was the hardest part of pregnancy. Ha!

Not so say labor can’t be brutal, but postpartum recovery is sometimes over a month of being in pain, uncomfortable, and sleep deprived. 

You want to be prepared and be sure you have your postpartum essentials ready.

A couple of postpartum necessities for mom can go a long way in making you more comfortable and make the entire process easier. 

Even if you have the most magical labor imaginable (what is that even like?!), you’re going to feel sore, tired, and just want to rest.

These are a couple of things you’ll want to have at home before you deliver your baby, so once you get home, you can be as comfortable as possible.

New Mom's Postpartum Necessities & Must Have's

You won’t have the luxury of a shower in the first days postpartum but you’ll need to keep your stitches clean so that’s where a peri bottle comes in handy.

You might get one at the hospital, but regardless they are really cheap and you’ll want to have two or three just in case.

Highly recommend using these in lieu of toilet paper as well. Trust me, toilet paper will feel like sandpaper the first couple of days postpartum.

Also, if peeing hurts postpartum (it’s common for many women) try putting some warm water in your peri bottle to help ease the pain.

No one tells you how painful the car ride home is going to be. Or just sitting in front of the tv. That’s where the donut cushion comes in handy.

If you tear badly or have an episiotomy you’re going to wish you had purchased this little cushion.

Make sure to always take it in the car with you, speed bumps are NOT fun postpartum.


Some moms love mesh undies and a pad, however, I think these disposable underwear are perfect and get the job done.

You don’t have to worry about leaking or changing your pad as it gives you full coverage.

I find pads uncomfortable and even more so when you’re recovering, disposable undies feel just like regular ones and give you peace of mind.

Always Discreet is likely the best undies for postpartum care and the one most new moms trust.

These ice packs are a LIFESAVER. Do not make the mistake of ordering them after labor. You’re going to want them the second you get home and even Amazons 2-day shipping will be too slow.

These will help with the swelling and take away a lot of pain. It will even help with the burning sensation you feel while peeing.

You thought your swelling would go away after giving birth, huh? Hate to break it to you, but postpartum swelling is a thing.

Buy a couple of compression socks to prevent blood clots, especially if you aren’t very mobile the first couple of days after labor.

A postpartum sitz bath soak contains herbs, essential oils, and ingredients that help relieve discomfort and pain in the perineal area.

A sitz bath helps with hygiene, speeds up the healing process, and offers relief from pain, itching, and irritation caused by the stitches.

You’ll want to have nipple cream on hand if you’re breastfeeding. After the first couple of weeks, you nipples will ‘toughen up’ and you won’t need it (atleast not as much).

During the first few weeks, you’ll feel as if your nipples are being abused and you’ll want to lather up on this stuff.

Just make sure your nipple cream is alcohol free and does not contain petroleum, anesthetics, or parabens. Also, go for a basic nipple cream free of scents or flavors.

Once your breast starts filling up, sleeping will become more and more uncomfortable. A sleep bra helps keep you comfortable and the pressure will help avoid leaking.

Sleep nursing bras have the added benefit of offering quick access for late night feedings.

It might seem obvious, but many women forget or underestimate how sore they will be postpartum.

Make sure you have a couple of painkillers on hand for when you get home, such as ibuprofen (Advil) or paracetamol (Tylenol),

Don’t assume your doctor will prescribe you something and be prepared beforehand.

Although you should be trying to eating a healthy, balanced diet; new moms find themselves exhausted and unmotivated to cook (who can blame you?!).

Prenatal vitamins will help bridge the gap and make sure you’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients you’re missing. It’ll also help you recover and promote breastfeeding.


What are you stocking up on for your postpartum recovery? You shouldn’t be scared of postpartum recovery, just be prepared!

Share your best tips and tricks for a speedy recovery in the comments below or email us at [email protected]

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Photo Courtesy: @alliupham

Photo Courtesy: @alliupham