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11 Tips To Recover From A C-Section Quickly & Painlessly

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Finally, that moment is over!! You have become the proud mother of a little bundle of joy. You did not have to go through all the aches and pains as everything ended at the prick of a needle. Whether you planned or not, you have undergone a C-section. 

Though a C-section is a painless affair, recovering after the surgery is not a pleasant experience. The pain of the operation and the after-effect of the powerful medication can take a toll on your body. But you need not worry as the recovery can be fast if you take proper care.

If you are wondering how to recover from a c section quickly, here are a few tips…


Take Proper Rest

Rest is the best medicine that helps you recover faster after a C-section. Your body has gone through major surgery, and it needs proper care and time to recover.

I know it may seem like you have a million things to do now that you’re a new mom, but you don’t have to do them all immediately postpartum

Lie down whenever your baby is taking a nap. You can (and should!) ask your friends or family to help you out with housework and diaper changes till you recover completely.


Take Your Medication/Painkillers

A lot of new moms worry about taking painkillers because they’re breastfeeding, but you will likely be in a lot of pain for the first two weeks if you don’t.

The amount of the medication that actually makes it to your breastmilk is a tiny fraction and won’t harm your baby.

The first few days after the c-section can be especially tough as the incision hurts a lot. You can take a painkiller like ibuprofen after consulting your doctor, but in most cases, your physician will prescribe the painkiller.


Take Care Of Your Incision

You want to keep the incision dry and clean. Clean the incision with warm, soapy water. You can use a soft washcloth towel and clean the incision area. Lightly pat the area dry.

You must take proper care of the incision so that you do not suffer from any infection. It is quite natural that once the scar begins to dry, you will feel itchy.

Do not scratch the area! Touching or scratching can cause an infection or even hurt you.

Wear comfortable clothes so that it does not rub against the scar. These C-section recovery pantys provides proper support to your belly and help reduce discomfort. It’s a great asset for a speedy recovery after a C-section.


Do Not Lift Heavy Objects

A C-section is major surgery!

Lifting heavy objects before you’re fully healed can result in the wound opening up and bleeding.

You should absolutely refrain from lifting heavy objects until the wound heals. Similarly, make sure that you do not bend to lift things from the floor or climb the staircase, lest the wound starts bleeding.

You should also be very careful while picking up the baby and make sure that you do it in a comfortable position.


Be Careful With Constipation

Constipation and gas are very common after a C-section. You want to eat a well-balanced, fiber-rich diet that helps to fight constipation.

Include a lot of protein, iron, calcium, and vitamin C in your diet.  Similarly, drink plenty of water to flush out all the medication that has accumulated in your body.

Carbonated and caffeinated drinks, alcohol, fried, and spicy items are food to avoid after cesarean. Similarly, avoid cold food and drinks as you may not be able to take any medication if you fall sick.

If constipation is troubling you a lot even after taking fiber-rich food, then you can ask your OB to prescribe a stool softener.


Take Prenatal Vitamins

Even if you are taking a balanced diet or not, remember to consume your prenatal vitamin and calcium tablets.

Taking vitamins helps your body recover fast and also provides the necessary nutrients for breastfeeding your baby.

Vitamins are a great way to bridge the gap in your daily diet so you can ensure you’re getting everything you need on the days you aren’t eating as healthy as you should ?


Start Walking

Once your OB gives you the okay, you can start walking a very short distance.

The first few days after the catheter is removed, you will be able to walk only up to the washroom. But slowly you can increase the distance.

Walking helps in better blood circulation and helps the body to heal fast.

We’re not recommending you take a 30-minute walk in the park postpartum, but getting up and moving a bit will help you feel better and get the blood flowing.


Home Remedies for Recovering from C-Section

In addition to taking care of your body, there are certain home remedies for c section recovery that can be very helpful and require almost no extra effort on your part.


Eat Balanced and Healthy Food

Your body requires nutrient-rich foods to replenish and rejuvenate itself after the major surgery. You should include a lot of colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet that provides the required vitamins for your body.

In addition to this, you can include poultry and meat for protein and rice and potato for carbohydrate. Include a lot of herbs and spices in your diet as it helps in rebuilding your body fast.


Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water helps to replenish the water lost during delivery. In addition to this, it also helps in relieving constipation.

Try to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. You can also include fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies in your diet, just make sure they’re natural and not a sugar bomb!


Get a Massage

Massages help to increase blood circulation, rejuvenate your body after the C-section, and even reduce swelling.

You can undergo the massage with or without oil. If you are using oil, you should wait for a few weeks until the scar is healed completely.

You can also use an essential oil like chamomile or lavender for massage. But remember to dilute the same with a carrier oil before applying it on the body.


Apply Heat

Applying heat improves blood circulation and helps the wound to heal faster.

It helps relax your muscles and is very effective if you suffer from backaches.

You can apply heat either with a heating pad or take a hot water bath. But before taking a bath, it is better to consult your OB as there are conflicting views regarding hot water baths after a C-section.


Since C-section is a surgical procedure, you should be very careful about your health. If you notice pus or blood coming out of the incision or if you suffer from high fever, then you should consult your doctor without delay. 

C-section not only tires your body but your mind as well. The chances of going into a depression after a C-section is high. Try to get a sound support system which makes your recovery faster.

Make sure to open about to your loved ones about what you’re going through and don’t be shy to ask for help!


Have you undergone a C-Section? How was your experience?

Feel free to send us stories, thoughts or just say hi over at [email protected]

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Learn the best postpartum tips to recover quickly from a c-section. Food to avoid after cesarean.How to recover from a c section quickly & easily. Easy home remedies for c section recovery at home. things I wish I had know before my first C-Section, and some C-section recovery tips #csection #csectionrecovery #postpartum
Learn the best postpartum tips to recover quickly from a c-section. Food to avoid after cesarean.How to recover from a c section quickly & easily. Easy home remedies for c section recovery at home. things I wish I had know before my first C-Section, and some C-section recovery tips #csection #csectionrecovery #postpartum
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