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30+ DIY Pencil Toppers: From Monster Mashes to Smiley Splashes

Get ready to add some flair to your writing utensils with these fun DIY pencil toppers!

Transform ordinary pencils into whimsical works of art with just a few simple materials and a touch of imagination.

These fun and easy-to-make creations are perfect for adding a personal touch to your school supplies or gifting to friends and family.

From cute animals to colorful characters, DIY pencil toppers are the perfect way to unleash your creativity and make everyday writing a little more fun.

Let’s explore and get inspired with a variety of easy and exciting designs to inspire your next crafting adventure!

DIY Pencil Toppers

Monster Pencil Topper

This fun and easy-to-make project is perfect for kids and adults alike.

With colorful felt, googly eyes, and a touch of imagination, you can craft your own adorable monster to adorn your pencils.

It’s a fantastic way to add a personalized touch to your school supplies or office accessories.

Plus, it’s a great activity for parties or rainy days indoors.

So grab your crafting supplies and let’s bring these little monsters to life!

DIY Heart Pencil Topper

Crafted with love and adorned with vibrant colors, these charming toppers add a sweet touch to your writing essentials.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, special occasions, or simply spreading love all year round.

Let your artistic side shine as you create adorable heart-shaped toppers that are sure to make every writing session a little more joyful.

Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, these DIY pencil toppers are a delightful way to express your affection and creativity!

Paper Bird Pencil Topper

Dive into creativity, craft your whimsical companions, and add a touch of flight to your writing adventures.

Perfect for quick crafting sessions and spreading a little joy with every jot and scribble.

Let your imagination soar with these charming paper bird toppers!

DIY Felt Bird Pencil Topper

Elevate your pencils with DIY felt bird toppers!

Simple, fun, and bursting with personality perfect for adding a dash of whimsy to your everyday writing.

Fly into crafting bliss with these adorable feathered friends!

Crochet Pencil Topper

Craft cute and quirky crochet pencil toppers!

Get creative with colorful yarn and simple stitches to make personalized accessories for your favorite pencils.

Perfect for beginners and seasoned crocheters alike, these DIY pencil toppers are fun, quick, and oh-so charming!

Mini Book Pencil Topper

Create your own miniature book pencil toppers for a touch of whimsy to your writing adventures.

These DIY creations are perfect for book lovers and craft enthusiasts alike.

Dive into the world of tiny tomes with this fun and easy project!

Mickey and Minnie Pencil Topper

Add a sprinkle of Disney magic to your pencils with these adorable Mickey and Minnie pencil toppers!

Perfect for Disney fans of all ages, these DIY creations bring a touch of whimsy to your writing routine.

Get ready to bring the iconic couple to life in a fun and creative way!

Halloween Pencil Topper

DIY hairy monsters pencil toppers for Halloween in different colors
Source: Pinterest

Get into the spooky spirit with these DIY Halloween pencil toppers!

Whether you’re crafting creepy creatures or cute pumpkins, these easy-to-make toppers are perfect for adding a touch of Halloween fun to your pencils.

Get creative and let your imagination run wild as you design the perfect pencil topper for the season!

Minion Pencil Topper

Add a touch of minion madness to your pencils with these adorable DIY Minion pencil toppers!

Perfect for fans of the beloved yellow characters, these easy-to-make toppers are sure to bring smiles to the faces of young and old.

Get ready to get crafty and create your little army of minions to keep you company while you work or study!

Flower Pencil Topper

DIY paper flower pencil toppers in different colors
Source: Pinterest

Easy to make and bursting with color, these DIY flower pencil toppers add a cheerful touch to your stationery collection.

Brighten up your writing routine and get ready to channel your inner florist and create a garden of blooming pencils!

Pinwheel Pencil Topper

DIY glittery pinwheel pencil toppers
Source: Pinterest

Add a playful spin to your pencils with these DIY pinwheel pencil toppers!

They’re easy to make and oh-so-fun to use.

So, watch your ideas take flight with these charming creations!

Apple Pencil Topper

These DIY apple pencil toppers are a delightful way to inject some sweetness into your stationery stash.

Simple to create and bursting with charm, they’ll instantly elevate your writing experience.

Whether you’re a teacher looking to jazz up your classroom supplies or just want to bring a smile to your desk, these fruity accessories will surely do the trick!

Space Rocket Pencil Topper

DIY colorful space rocket pencil toppers
Source: Pinterest

Whip up these DIY space rocket pencil toppers for a cosmic touch to your writing essentials!

Quick and simple to craft, they’ll launch your creativity to new heights.

Perfect for little astronauts and big dreamers, these quirky toppers are sure to bring smiles wherever they go!

Smiley Pencil Topper

DIY felt smiley pencil toppers
Source: Pinterest

Brighten up your writing routine with these cheerful DIY smiley pencil toppers!

Simple to create and bursting with personality, they’re sure to bring a smile to your face every time you pick up a pencil.

Spread joy and positivity with every stroke of your pen – it’s as easy as a smile!

Sloth Pencil Topper

DIY sloth pencil toppers in different pastel colors
Source: Pinterest

Get ready to slow down and add some cuteness to your pencil topper collections with these adorable DIY sloth pencil toppers!

Perfect for bringing a touch of relaxation and charm to your daily writing tasks.

Let these sleepy sloths hang onto your pencils and brighten up your day with their laid-back vibes!

Shooting Star Pencil Topper

DIY paper shooting stars pencil toppers in pastel colors
Source: Pinterest
DIY felt shooting stars pencil toppers in different colors
Source: Pinterest

Transform ordinary pencils into magical wands that whisk you away to distant galaxies with every stroke.

A dash of glitter, a sprinkle of stardust, and voila!

You’ll be ready to write your next adventure among the stars.

Yarn Pompom Pencil Topper

DIY yarn pompom pencil toppers
Source: Pinterest

Upgrade your pencils and add a playful pop with these adorable DIY yarn pompom toppers!

Just a few simple steps, and you’ll have a charming accessory that’s sure to add a bit of fun to your writing routine.

Get ready to spread some cheer with every stroke!

Kawaii Rainbow Pencil Topper

DIY felt kawaii rainbow pencil toppers
Source: Pinterest

Add a splash of color and cuteness to your pencils with these DIY felt rainbow pencil toppers.

Perfect for brightening up any workspace or study session, these adorable companions are a fun and easy craft project for all ages.

Let your creativity soar with these delightful companions!

Paper Flamingo Pencil Topper

DIY paper flamingo pencil toppers
Source: Pinterest

Craft your way to tropical vibes with these DIY flamingo pencil toppers!

Perfect for adding a bit of fun to your everyday writing routine or gifting to fellow flamingo fans.

Let your imagination take flight with this adorable and easy-to-make craft!

Paper Kite Pencil Topper

DIY colorful paper kite pencil toppers
Source: Pinterest

Create a little sky-high magic with these DIY paper kite pencil toppers.

Quick to craft and bursting with charm, they’ll make your pencils stand out in style.

Let your creativity take flight with this delightful project!

Paper Fan Pencil Topper

DIY paper fan pencil toppers in different colors
Source: Pinterest

Whip up some whimsy with these DIY paper fan pencil toppers.

Simple yet captivating, they’re sure to add a touch of fun to any pencil.

Perfect for a quick crafting session!

DIY Felt Dinosaur Pencil Topper

DIY felt dinosaur pencil toppers in different kinds and colors
Source: Pinterest

Bring the Jurassic era to your desk with these fun DIY felt dinosaur pencil toppers.

Perfect for adding a pop of color and roar-some fun to your writing utensils, these cute creations are sure to make studying or doodling a dino-mite experience!

Felt Car Pencil Topper

DIY felt car pencil toppers in different colors
Source: Pinterest

Transform your pencils into mini roadsters with these DIY felt car pencil toppers!

With their vibrant colors and cute designs, they’re sure to rev up your writing adventures.

Perfect for kids and car enthusiasts alike, a playful way to customize your stationery essentials.

Felt Feather Quill Pencil Topper

DIY felt feather quill pencil toppers in different colors
Source: Pinterest

Crafted from soft felt and shaped like delicate feathers, they bring a touch of old-world charm to your pencil collection.

Perfect for writers, artists, and dreamers alike, these toppers make every stroke feel like poetry in motion.

Let your creativity take flight with these colorful and easy-to-make accessories!

Felt Ladybug Pencil Topper

DIY felt ladybug pencil toppers in yellow and red colors
Source: Pinterest

Spruce up your pencil collection with these darling DIY felt ladybug toppers!

Made from soft felt and featuring vibrant hues, these adorable critters add a dash of charm to your writing utensils.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and bring these cute little bugs to life one stitch at a time!

DIY Cupcake Pencil Topper

DIY felt cupcake pencil toppers in different colors and designs
Source: Pinterest

Sweeten up your writing routine with a DIY felt cupcake pencil topper!

Create a sweet and stylish addition to your stationery collection that’s as fun to make as it is to use.

Add a pop of color to your pencils and a dash of creativity to your day!

Felt Clown Pencil Topper

DIY felt clown pencil toppers in different vibrant colors
Source: Pinterest

Turn your pencils into playful pals with a DIY felt clown topper!

Craft a quirky and colorful companion for your writing adventures

Let’s add a sprinkle of joy to your desk and a whole lot of personality to your pencils!

Paper Butterfly Pencil Topper

DIY paper butterfly pencil toppers with glitters and in different vibrant colors
Source: Pinterest

Transform your pencil into a fluttering work of art with a DIY paper butterfly topper.

Crafted with delicate folds and vibrant hues, each butterfly adds a touch of whimsy to your writing adventures.

It’s more than just stationery—it’s a miniature masterpiece ready to take flight with every stroke.

Batman Pencil Topper

DIY batman pencil toppers with yellow ribbons
Source: Pinterest

Dress up your pencil in the guise of the Dark Knight with a DIY Batman pencil topper!

Crafted with ingenuity and a hint of mystery, this caped crusader brings Gotham’s spirit to your desk.

It’s more than just a writing accessory—it’s a symbol of bravery and resilience, inspiring you to conquer any task with superhero flair.

Air Dry Clay Pencil Topper

Unlock your inner artist with a DIY air-dry clay pencil topper.

Sculpted with flair and finesse, each topper adds a touch of handmade elegance to your pencil.

Elevate your pencil and infuse your writing with a touch of personalized charm—it’s the perfect blend of utility and creativity, right at your fingertips.

Creativity really knows no bounds!

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, these simple and delightful projects offer endless possibilities for personal expression.

So, as you embark on your crafting journey, don’t forget to have fun, experiment with different designs, and most importantly, let your imagination run wild.

With DIY pencil toppers, every writing moment becomes an opportunity to add a touch of whimsy and charm to your day.