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12 Ways To Get Free Baby Samples and Gifts Every New Mom Will Love

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I know I’m not the only one who loves free things! Plus, (spoiler alert) babies are expensive! If you are looking for free baby samples and gifts, I have compiled the ultimate list of companies that offer free goodies for expecting mothers.

From baby bottles, diaper, travel gear and everything that you will forget to take into account, a baby can be financially difficult to say the least.  

If you decide to use a daycare or at home-nanny, your babies first year can cost up to a whopping $10,000! 

When I had my firstborn, I wasn’t shy about getting all the help I could get. Clipping coupons, asking family and friends for any cloths their kids outgrew, and budgeting like an absolute pro. 

Where To Get Free Baby Products

Huggies - Get Free Diapers

A trusted and beloved brand since 1978, Huggies has been around for years. Although we’re all familiar with the brand, did you know you can get free baby diapers from Huggies? 

They offer a Huggies Reward Program where you can get points by taking online surveys, sharing on social media, referring friends, linking a loyalty card, or even purchasing Huggies diapers and wipes. 

Once you rack up the points, you can redeem them for gift cards, diapers, or a bunch of other goods.

Also, you get 500 points just for signing up, how cool is that?!

How to Get Free Huggies Diapers

Head on over to Huggies Rewards Program to sign up. Start taking surreys, link your loyalty card, and refer friends. Once you get enough points, exchange your points for free baby samples. Easy – Peasy.

Pampers - Get Free Toys and Gift Cards

Of course, if Huggies has a rewards system, Pampers does too. Pampers vs. Huggies is just like Coke vs. Pepsi. They’re almost identical but everyone has a clearcut favorite. 

Pampers rewards is a bit different than Huggies. Instead of taking surveys for points, you get ‘rewarded’ for purchasing Pampers. 

Every Pampers product has a code that you enter into the app to collect points.

You can exchange those points for giftcards, baby toys, and even electronics!

How To Get Free Toys With Pampers

Head on over to Pampers Rewards and click ‘Text Me The App’ or simply look for the app in in the app store. 
Create an account and start entering codes for goodies!
Once you get enough points, head to the rewards section and choose your reward. 

Amazon Baby Welcome Box

This is a baby registry incentive offered by Amazon. If you shop at Amazon, it’s pretty easy to take advantage of this one.

1. All you have to do is create an Amazon Baby Registry
2. Add items to the registry. Add anything you like, strollers, diapers, bottles, etc.
3. Add any item with a value of over $10 from your baby registry to your cart and buy it.
4. Once purchased, log back into your account and add the Welcome Box.

(Also, you don’t have to be the one to make the $10 purchase. If any of your family or friends makes a purchase from your registry, you also get the Welcome Box for free.)

The welcome box changes constantly, it can be anything from pacifiers to onesies.

Note: the Welcome Box will appear to be $35, but once you get to the checkout page, you’ll see a box for a $35 credit. Click the credit and voila the box is free.

What I love about Amazon is they will give you a 15% coupon for any item off your registry. 


Target Baby Gift Bag

This is another Baby Registry incentive. This ones pretty neat as you get a box of goodies valued up to $70 and a bunch of coupons you will most likely use for your baby.

All you have to do is head on over to Target’s Baby Registry  page and create a registry. Add a couple of items to your registry, just like with Amazon.

Now on your next visit to target, head on over to the customer service and let them know you created a registry. They will then hand you your box of goodies. Make sure you have your registry confirmation number handy as you may have to show it

Walmart Free Baby Sample Box

Head over to Walmart and create a baby registry. Once you are done, Walmart will ship you a sample box of goodies. It usually takes about a week to arrive. 

The samples vary but you can expect things like baby lotion, baby oil, and pacifiers (among other goodies).

Get Free Baby Formula Samples

Even if you plan to breastfeed exclusively, it’s always smart to have some baby formula on hand. You never know what curve balls life can throw at you. I remember one day I was so exhausted that my body just wasn’t producing any milk and I had to supplement with baby formula.

A lot of companies will send you samples and coupons so you can get free baby formula easily. Here are some of the best deals you can snag for yourself…

Free Enfamil Baby Formula

Enfamil has a pretty awesome rewards program! Completely free to join and you get over $400 in goodies (including coupons).

All you have to do is head on over to Enfamil Family Beginnings and create an account. It takes less than two seconds and the goodies ship to your house for free.

Free Similac Baby Formula

This is another baby rewards program that you can get baby formula from easily. Register with Similac StrongMoms Rewards and they will send you a welcome box. 

The boxes vary greatly, but you can expect nutritional guidance, coupons, and baby formula samples.

Nestle Baby Formula

Nestle also has a rewards program called Nestle Baby & Me. Sign up in two minutes and receive infant samples and formulas. Being a member also gets you coupons, special guides, and more!

Note: This program is only available to those who live in Canada. 

More 'Free-Ish' Baby Goodies

I use the word ‘free-ish’ here because a lot of these companies will offer you free goods, but charge a somewhat high shipping price. I suppose that is how they offset their cost of goods. 

Some of them are a great deal though and a nice way to try out new companies you probably haven’t heard off.

Five 'Free' Pairs Of Baby Leggings

You can get five ‘free’ pairs of baby leggings at BabyLeggings. Simply add the five sets you like to your cart and use the code GIVEME5FREE. 

Note, the shipping is $14.99. So in reality, it’s as if you’re paying $2.99 per legging which is a pretty good deal. 

Up To Three 'Free' Custom Pacifiers

Head on over to CustomPacifiers to create your own one-of-a-kind pacifier for you baby. The custom pacifiers vary from $9.95 to $14.95 and offer a variety of customization options!

Use the code 93A9EB744 to get $30 off at checkout. Standard economy shipping is $13.97 for shipping. 

I know the regular price for pacifiers is around $7 for three, so you’re paying almost double. But I’m a sucker for customization and getting a cute pacifier with my babies name on it. 

'Free' Baby Carseat Canopy

Head on over to CarSeat Canopy and add your favorite canopy to your cart. The carseat canopys cost $49.95 and I’ve got a coupon for you for $50 off. 

Use the code PJBABY to get $50 off your order.

Standard shipping costs $14.95 making this a meh-deal.

Definitely think there are better carseat canopies available for the same or equal value. For just a couple bucks more you can buy this one from amazon, which has free returns if you hate it. 

Free Breast Pump

This varies from insurance to insurance, but if you are under the Affordable Care Act you most likely can get a free breast pump. 

Most other insurances also do cover it and I encourage you to give your provider a call to double check. Some insurances will have you send them a copy of your purchase receipt and reimburse you.


If you qualify, sites like Ameda and Medela make the entire process rather easy and ship the breast pump directly to your door.

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A Baby is EXPENSIVE! That isn't a secret. However, many new moms don't know you can get a bunch of FREE baby samples and gifts from many retailers! From free baby bottles, free baby breast pump, and even baby formula! Take advantage of these sweet deals and save money #baby #babyonabudget #freebabythings
A Baby is EXPENSIVE! That isn't a secret. However, many new moms don't know you can get a bunch of FREE baby samples and gifts from many retailers! From free baby bottles, free baby breast pump, and even baby formula! Take advantage of these sweet deals and save money #baby #babyonabudget #freebabythings