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222 Strong Middle Names For Owen (& More!)

What could be more important than the name you choose for your child? Many parents agonize over the perfect name for their son or daughter. 

While many babies have traditional names, an increasing number of parents are opting for unique names. 

One such name is Owen. According to the SSA, Owen is among the most popular name for baby boys in the United States. But where did this name come from? What does it mean, and why is it so popular? 

And of course, the perfect middle name for Owen… Let’s dive in…

Origin Of The Name Owen

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Owen derives from the Welsh word “Owain,” meaning “young warrior or brave.” It is also a derivation from the Irish name “Éogan,” which means “born of the yew tree,” which could translate to “noble or high-born.”

Owen is both a male given name and a surname. Parents often name boys born with determination and strength Owen as a first name. These boys are often very successful in life and can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Famous People With The Name Owen

There are many famous people named Owen. Some of the most well-known include:

  • Owen Wilson – He’s an American A-list actor who’s starred in many movies and TV series, including Loki (2021-) and “Marry Me”(2022).
  • Owen Farrell – English rugby player
  • Owen Jones – is a British journalist and author. He frequently appears on British news programs as a commentator and has weekly web series, The Owen Jones Show and The Owen Jones Podcast.
  • Owen Hart- He was a professional wrestler (Canadian) who passed on in ’99. Most of his career was in the WWF, where he competed under his name and as The “Blue Blazer.”
  • Owen Hunt  – a fictional character on Grey’s Anatomy, he’s an American surgeon and the Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.
  • Owen Roberts- was an American associate Justice of the US Supreme Court.
  • (Sir) Owen Willans Richardson- was a British physicist who won the Nobel prize in physics in ’28.
  • Owen Wister- was an American writer known for his western fiction, the Virginian.

Popularity Of The Name Owen

The name has seen a steady increase in popularity since the early 2000s. In 2000, Owen ranked the 145th most popular name for baby boys. By 2002, Owen had climbed to the top 100 most popular list and has since increased in popularity.

According to the Social Security Administration, Owen was the 25th most popular name in the United States in 2018. 

One possibility for the increased popularity is that the name Owen has become more popular due to its association with Owen Wilson, a well-known actor. Another possibility is that Owen is becoming more popular because it is considered a firm, masculine name. 

Whatever the reason for the trend, it is clear that more people love the idea of the name across the United States.

Related Names To Owen

If you’re considering the name Owen for your baby, you’ll want to check out these related names. They are just as cool as Owen!

  • Rowan
  • Knox
  • Harper
  • Aiden/ Aedan/ Ayden
  • Brayden/Braden/ Braeden
  • Colton
  • Dalton
  • Gavin
  • Hayden
  • Jaden/ Jayden
  • Evan
  • Iwan

Name Variations Of Owen

Owen has several variations depending on geographical location. 

So why are there so many variations for the name Owen? One possible explanation is that the name’s original derivation is from a Celtic word meaning. 

Over time, however, its pronunciation and dialect adapted to the areas where people used it. Here are just a few of the most popular variations of the name Owen:

  • Owain
  • Ouen
  • Eugenius
  • Owin
  • Owney
  • Eowyn (Feminine)
  • Owena (Feminine)
  • Ewan
  • Ewen
  • Eoghan

Sibling And Twin Ideas For Owen

If you’re considering Owen for your new baby, you might like to name their siblings a name that rhymes or fits together. Here are a few name ideas you might like:


  • Lucas
  • Elliot
  • Ethan
  • Henry
  • Emmet
  • Benjamin
  • Leon
  • Ian
  • Liam


  • Olivia
  • Rosie
  • Eleanor
  • Eloise
  • Rowena
  • Harlow
  • Winter
  • June

Middle Names For Owen

And here we finally are….

Amazing middle names for Owen! This is the ultimate middle name list because we believe in OPTIONS!

But we also don’t want to overwhelm you. Go through this list slowly and see which (if any) names speak to you. From there, do some simple process of elimination with you and your partner.

Have fun!

  1. Owen Abraham
  2. Owen Adam
  3. Owen Aidan
  4. Owen Alden
  5. Owen Alder
  6. Owen Alexander
  7. Owen Alfred
  8. Owen Allen
  9. Owen Aloysius
  10. Owen Alvin
  11. Owen Amos
  12. Owen Anderson
  13. Owen Angelo
  14. Owen Ansel
  15. Owen Anthony
  16. Owen Armand
  17. Owen Arthur
  18. Owen Asher
  19. Owen Ashton
  20. Owen Augustus
  21. Owen Barnaby
  22. Owen Barrett
  23. Owen Bartholomew
  24. Owen Basil
  25. Owen Benjamin
  26. Owen Bennet
  27. Owen Bennett
  28. Owen Bernard
  29. Owen Bertrand
  30. Owen Blair
  31. Owen Blaise
  32. Owen Blake
  33. Owen Bradley
  34. Owen Brandon
  35. Owen Bravery
  36. Owen Brennan
  37. Owen Brett
  38. Owen Brooks
  39. Owen Bryce
  40. Owen Caleb
  41. Owen Callum
  42. Owen Calvin
  43. Owen Charles
  44. Owen Chase
  45. Owen Christian
  46. Owen Christopher
  47. Owen Clarke
  48. Owen Cornelius
  49. Owen Craig
  50. Owen Curtis
  51. Owen Dalton
  52. Owen Daniel
  53. Owen David
  54. Owen Dominic
  55. Owen Dylan
  56. Owen Easton
  57. Owen Edmund
  58. Owen Edward
  59. Owen Elias
  60. Owen Elijah
  61. Owen Elliot
  62. Owen Ellis
  63. Owen Elmer
  64. Owen Emerson
  65. Owen Ephraim
  66. Owen Ernest
  67. Owen Ethan
  68. Owen Eugene
  69. Owen Eustace
  70. Owen Evander
  71. Owen Everett
  72. Owen Ezekiel
  73. Owen Ezra
  74. Owen Fabian
  75. Owen Forest
  76. Owen Francis
  77. Owen Franklin
  78. Owen Frederick
  79. Owen Gabriel
  80. Owen Garnet
  81. Owen Gavin
  82. Owen Geoffrey
  83. Owen George
  84. Owen Gerard
  85. Owen Gethin
  86. Owen Gideon
  87. Owen Glen
  88. Owen Gordon
  89. Owen Grady
  90. Owen Grant
  91. Owen Grayer
  92. Owen Gregory
  93. Owen Hale
  94. Owen Harlan
  95. Owen Heath
  96. Owen Henry
  97. Owen Hezekiah
  98. Owen Hugh
  99. Owen Hunter
  100. Owen Isaac
  101. Owen Isaiah
  102. Owen Ivan
  103. Owen Jake
  104. Owen James
  105. Owen Jasper
  106. Owen Jeffrey
  107. Owen Jethro
  108. Owen Jonah
  109. Owen Joshua
  110. Owen Josiah
  111. Owen Julius
  112. Owen Keiran
  113. Owen Keith
  114. Owen Kieren
  115. Owen Kirk
  116. Owen Kyle
  117. Owen Landon
  118. Owen Lawrence
  119. Owen Layton
  120. Owen Lazarus
  121. Owen Leander
  122. Owen Leland
  123. Owen Lemuel
  124. Owen Leo
  125. Owen Leonardo
  126. Owen Levi
  127. Owen Liam
  128. Owen Linden
  129. Owen Lionel
  130. Owen Llewelyn
  131. Owen Lloyd
  132. Owen Lorenzo
  133. Owen Lucas
  134. Owen Lucian
  135. Owen Lukas
  136. Owen Luke
  137. Owen Luther
  138. Owen Marcus
  139. Owen Mark
  140. Owen Marvin
  141. Owen Matteo
  142. Owen Matthew
  143. Owen Matthias
  144. Owen Maurice
  145. Owen Maximus
  146. Owen Maxwell
  147. Owen Maynard
  148. Owen Melvin
  149. Owen Michael
  150. Owen Millard
  151. Owen Milo
  152. Owen Moses
  153. Owen Nate
  154. Owen Nathan
  155. Owen Nathanael
  156. Owen Neil
  157. Owen Nicholas
  158. Owen Noel
  159. Owen Norman
  160. Owen Oliver
  161. Owen Orlando
  162. Owen Oscar
  163. Owen Patrick
  164. Owen Paul
  165. Owen Percival
  166. Owen Peter
  167. Owen Philip
  168. Owen Preston
  169. Owen Quentin
  170. Owen Quincy
  171. Owen Randall
  172. Owen Raphael
  173. Owen Raynard
  174. Owen Reginald
  175. Owen Reid
  176. Owen Reilly
  177. Owen Reuben
  178. Owen Rex
  179. Owen Rhys
  180. Owen Richard
  181. Owen Robert
  182. Owen Roderick
  183. Owen Ryker
  184. Owen Samson
  185. Owen Samuel
  186. Owen Saul
  187. Owen Sawyer
  188. Owen Schuyler
  189. Owen Scott
  190. Owen Seamus
  191. Owen Sean
  192. Owen Silas
  193. Owen Spencer
  194. Owen Stephen
  195. Owen Sterling
  196. Owen Talbot
  197. Owen Thaddeus
  198. Owen Theodore
  199. Owen Theseus
  200. Owen Thomas
  201. Owen Timothy
  202. Owen Tobias
  203. Owen Travis
  204. Owen Troy
  205. Owen Tyler
  206. Owen Tyrone
  207. Owen Ulysses
  208. Owen Victor
  209. Owen Vincent
  210. Owen Wade
  211. Owen Walden
  212. Owen Walter
  213. Owen Warren
  214. Owen Wesley
  215. Owen William
  216. Owen Winston
  217. Owen Wyatt
  218. Owen Xavier
  219. Owen York
  220. Owen Zachariah
  221. Owen Zander
  222. Owen Zane

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In this article, we have explored the origin, meaning, and inspiration behind Owen. This name has Celtic and Gaelic origins and means young warrior. Owen is also associated with being a high-born or noble.

This name is perfect for a baby boy who is strong and adventurous. It’s a timeless and classic name that won’t go out of style. If you consider this name for your child, check out our other siblings and related names recommendations.

We have a ton of great options that you’ll love. Thanks for following us on this exploration of baby names.