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15 Real Jobs For Stay At Home Moms (So You Can Be With Your Kids!)

Wondering how you can stay home with your kids? There are plenty of legit stay at home mom jobs you can go into so you don’t have to go back to work and can spend time with your kids!

For many moms, being able to stay at home with their children is an absolute dream.

However, for most of us, staying at home and not earning an income just isn’t an option. Not only do most households need 2 incomes to live comfortably or even just get by, but it is also a good feeling to earn your own money and have some independence.

Wanting to stay at home with your children and still earning money isn’t some far-off, unreachable dream.

Many moms have become a stay at home mom with jobs that allow them to be there with their kids all day but still earn enough to pay bills and contribute towards the household.

As a stay at home mom, you don’t have to just do jobs that earn you some pocket money on the side. 

There are some legitimate jobs and ways to earn money that will help you contribute substantially to the household, and depending on how much work you put in, even become the main breadwinner!

The below list of jobs for stay at home moms are all completely doable, and each suits a different mom and her unique situation.

Have a look through the below list to see if there are any stay at home mom jobs that suit you – you are sure to find something that allows you to work from home while raising your kids!

Stay At Home Mom Jobs

These jobs are all completely doable from home, have a read through, and choose the one that spikes your interest!

1. Start A Blog

Starting a blog is possibly the best job a stay at home mom can have. The blog can be about absolutely anything, whether you choose to write about your experience as a mom, cooking, saving money, whatever you are interested in.

The best thing about starting your own blog is that you are your own boss, and you don’t have to meet anyone else’s deadlines. You set your expectations and your workload, and if you feel like some time off, you don’t have to ask anyone for permission!

When starting your own blog, it is important to look for a niche that would get readers to visit your site, but you are also able to write on what you love.

This makes working fun, and you will be excited to create content and think of new ideas to improve your blog. You are also able to work at your own time. Work at night, first thing in the morning, when your baby naps, it is completely up to you.

There are many, many blogs out there, but with some effort and some love, your blog can become successful and end up making you some very decent money!

2. Buy And Sell Items

If you have a knack for finding discounts and cheap items, then this might be the best option for you. Use your money-saving talents to find cheap items on the clearance aisles and the best bargains around to purchase items and then sell them again on Amazon.

Use your hustling skills to build up an inventory of items, or even just procure them for clients, and sell them for a profit. This way you can still enjoy shopping and looking for bargains, but make money out of it as well!

3. Flip Items For Profit

Many people flip items for a hobby, but some people make some great money doing this. Flipping items include scouring flea markets or Facebook market place for items of furniture or similar, doing them up and renovating them, and reselling them for a much higher price.

It is important to note though that you will need some time to go look through thrift stores and flea markets to find some items to flip, so you would either need to take your kids with you or go on weekends when someone can babysit for you.

If you have a skill and talent of bringing life to old items, you can really make some good money from flipping items, and you can build a great reputation for yourself to the point where people might bring you their own items to redesign and redecorate – at a fee of course!

4. Take Up Freelance Writing

Freelance writing can be intimidating for those who have no experience in the field, but if you have a way with words and are skilled at internet research, you can make some great money from freelance writing.

There are sites that you can join online, that work as a meeting point for freelance writers and clients looking for work to be done. These sites are safe to work through and ensure that neither the writer nor the client is ripped off.

If you love writing and have experience in a niche such as parenting or cooking, you will definitely be able to find some work, and earn some good money, if you are just willing to put yourself out there and look for some work.

5. Teach English Online

For moms with a bachelor’s degree and a semi-neutral English accent, teaching online is a wonderful opportunity to earn money. It is also suited for moms who were teachers before, and have a passion for teaching but are looking for an opportunity to teach from home.

Teaching English online is usually done through an online school with whom you apply, and then are either accepted or not. It also usually entails teaching English to younger children in China or the surrounding areas, and you can be paid really well.

You are able to put as many hours during the day to teach English as you can, and this will affect how much earning potential there is. You also get to meet people from the other side of the world and still fulfill your teaching desires without having to have a full-time job.

Be sure to do some research on the company you apply to teach through to ensure they pay good rates and treat their teachers well!

6. Be A Virtual Assistant

As a mom, you need to be organized and know how to run a tight ship. You can also use this skill to make some money.

Becoming a virtual assistant online means running the show behind the scenes for someone else, who is probably also working from home. There are many, many opportunities for virtual assistants to work from home, and you will be helping someone else run their business and keep them organized.

There are also sites online which help you look for virtual assistant jobs, and short courses you can take to learn more about how to be the best virtual assistant, and you will probably earn more money if you have done a course or two.

You can also take on as many clients as you want or as you can manage, so the earning potential is quite varied. You just need to be aware of how much time you have spare to work.

7. Become A Day Mom

Not all moms can be stay at home moms, and that means they will need somewhere to send their kids for the day.

Many parents are wary of sending their children to a large daycare, where their child might not have enough one-on-one attention, and where germs spread quickly, and they might be looking for somewhere more intimate for their children.

As a mom, other moms will probably trust you more to look after their children during the day. You can play and care for your own kids, and someone else’s, and not have to worry about any other work. You can charge your own rate and earn as much as you would want during the month.

You can then also extend this to babysitting after hours to earn even more!

This is a great way to make money and work from home for something you are ALREADY doing.

8. Take Up Photography

Photography is a hobby enjoyed by so many, but you can take it seriously and make some substantial money from it.

There are a few options of ways to earn money from photography. The one would be to do wedding photography on the weekends, but for this, to work you would need to have a good portfolio and someone to watch the kids while you work. However, as most weddings are on the weekend, you and your partner can come up with a plan for the weekends.

Another option is to submit photos to online sites that pay photographers to build up their inventory. You can take photos of pretty much anything and make money by selling these online.

9. Do Transcriptions

Transcription is incredibly easy to do from home, and there are some courses that you can take that help you transcribe quickly. It is a great option for when your little one goes down to sleep at night or has their nap during the day.

You can do it totally at your own time and whenever it suits you. There are lots of transcription opportunities online, and some platforms that help connect transcribers to potential clients.

10. Proofreading

If written English is your thing and you are very particular about grammar, then proofreading is very much suited to you.

You can also take a course that allows you to up your skills (and your rates). There are a few sites online that facilitate the meeting of clients and proofreaders, so you will not have to do much searching.

With proofreading, you can set your hours and take on as much work as you can handle. Once you have more experience under your belt, you can increase your rates and look for some higher-paying clients.

11. Sell Items On Etsy

For moms who have a craft hobby such as cross-stitch or crochet, you could sell your items on Etsy.

Any craft you can do to create a unique item, even making invitations, can earn you great money online. You can make items at your own pace and sell them at whichever price you feel comfortable with. It is such an ideal way to do what you love and earn money from it.

It is also the perfect way to practice your favorite craft every day and have somewhere for all your finished items to go!

12. Offer A Laundry Service

Nobody enjoys doing laundry, and you can use this to your advantage to offer a laundry service from home to earn extra money. You can wash, dry and iron clothes for neighbors and even family and friends.

The best bit is that you can do it while the kids are awake and playing, and the washer and dryer do most of the work for you. It is the ideal way to fill a need in your community, offering to do something that not many people want to, with minimal work and resources.

13. Become An Esthetician

Many moms do hair, nails, massages, and facials from home. You need a room to set up your studio, someone to help with the kids during the appointments, and to advertise your services in your area. You will need to do a course in the service you are offering, such as nails or hair, but it is such a great way to make money daily, set your schedule, and spend time with friends and clients on a regular basis!

You are able to enjoy the social aspect of working, while still being able to do it all from home.

14. Rent Out Baby Items

If you live in an area frequented by tourists, you can make money by renting out baby gear. Those who travel with a baby or child might not be able to take strollers, cots, or car seats with them, and would need to hire them for the duration of their travel. You can start small by hiring out the items you used for your baby, and build on your inventory from there.

15. Tutor Neighborhood Kids

There are always parents looking for afterschool tutors for their kids, and if you have the skills to do so, you can offer tutoring services in your area.

Choose a category that you are good at, such as math, and an age that you are comfortable teaching, set your rates, and advertise your services.

How I Created My Legitimate And High Paying Work From Home Job So I Could Stay Home With My Girls

When I first got pregnant, I didn’t want to just be a mom.

Don’t get me wrong. I was excited and beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a mom. But I loved my career and my life before getting pregnant and wanted to maintain some level of normalcy with the baby.

My husband and I had a whole plan. I would take my maternity leave and return to work after the three months.

I was even blessed enough to have my mom live 15 minutes away. and she would take care of my baby while I was at work.


And then I held my angel in my rms for the first time and realized…. I couldn’t go back to work.

I wanted to be there for EVERY moment of my daughters life.

Her first steps, her first words. I wanted to be there for it ALL!

I just couldn’t go back to work. At some point, my daughter would start school and I could return to work, even if part time, but I just refused to separate myself for the first few years.

So I dove head first into making an income online. 

I realized I could help moms with what I was experiencing and also make some money on the side.

I read countless blogs before getting started! I was hesitant to spend money on pricey courses but decided I was going to take this blogging thing seriously.

 I signed up for this course when it first came out and dove head first into the blogging world! What I loved about it was how Claudia broke down the steps and helped me understand Pinterest traffic. She gave me a clear guide for how to get started and what to do along the way.

After putting her course into practice and learning as much as I could from countless other bloggers, I started making a part-time income within three months! I had NO experience prior

 I know I may be an outlier and for some people it can take a lot longer to make a full-time (or even part-time) income blogging, but I firmly believe you can do it!

I didn’t start blogging until mid-2019 which is waaaay late in the game and I’m also in the mommy-niche which is considered heavily saturated! But those are just excuses and limiting beliefs we have.

What are your favorite stay at home mom jobs?! Did I miss any legit work from home jobs?! 

Don’t forget to like, pin, and share me!