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19 Extremely Fun Games To Play At A Sleepover For Teens

Games help make sleepovers incredibly fun and ensure that everyone has a good time! If there is a sleepover happening at your home soon, take a look at these fun games to play at a sleepover for teens that will make the night one to remember.

The only thing you need to worry about is the snacks!

Sleepover Games For Teens

Girls in bed having pillow fight in pajamas at slumber party in bedroom

Blindfolded Makeover

Nothing is more hilarious than a makeover done by someone who is blindfolded! Place all makeup essentials on a table, such as blush, foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, etc.

Blindfold one of the girls and sit another in front of her.

Let the girl in the blindfold apply the makeup to the girl sitting in front of her. Don’t forget to take photos of the results!

Just avoid mascara and eyeliner as this is not too safe to apply while blindfolded!

Truth Or Dare

Truth or Dare is a game that never gets old.

The girls all sit around in a circle with a bottle placed in the middle.

One of them spins the bottle, and whoever the mouth of the bottle points at, has to choose between truth or dare.

Once they have answered a truth question, or gone through with a dare, they have to spin the bottle next!

Movie In A Bag

Bring the actors in the girls out for the evening with this game!

In bags, place items such as wigs, shoes, costumes, props, etc. Divide the group into different teams, and each team picks a bag.

Using the props and costumes in the bag, each team needs to come up with a little skit or movie to perform for the others.

Nail Polish Spin The Bottle

This is the best way to land up with funky nails at the end of the night!

Place a good number of nail polish bottles in the center of where the group is sitting.

The first player chooses a color and spins that nail polish bottle.

Whoever the bottle is pointing at needs to paint one of their nails that color.

That person then spins another nail polish color and so on.

The person who lasts the longest without having all of their nails painted wins!

Create A Song

Nothing gets people in a good mood more than singing, so why not have everyone at the party take a turn at making their own song!

Get everyone to write down a few funny song titles on pieces of paper, fold them up, and place them in a bowl.

Place this bowl down in the center of everyone and each person gets to take a turn choosing a piece of paper with a song title, and then make up a song from there!

Bin Bag Dress Design

Bin bags are cheap and you most likely have more than a few sitting at home.

Place a bunch of clean bin bags on the table, along with ribbons, glitter, threads, and other craft decorations, and let each girl design her own dress using the bin bags and the supplies!

You could let it be a design of their own, or give it a theme, such as a prom dress or high fashion.

Video Games

Sometimes the simple things can be the most fun!

Pick a video game that allows for two people to play against each other at once.

Place everyone’s name onto a list and go through round by round, eliminating the loser of the games in each round.

In the end, there should be a final battle between the two players who won all of their games.

Cotton Ball Pick-Up

For this game, you need some petroleum jelly, a big bowl, and lots of little cotton balls.

Each player takes a turn one at a time.

They need to place some petroleum jelly on the tip of their nose, and then when the timer starts, dip their nose into the bowl containing the cotton balls, and see how many they can pick up before the timer ends!

Scavenger Hunt

If it is a good evening outside, and you feel comfortable with the girls being outside, you could set them a scavenger hunt to do.

This could be in the garden, on the road, or in the general neighborhood.

They need to tick items off the list and take photos of each as they find them.

Items can include a blue car, a spider web, a for sale sign, a lawn gnome, etc.


Karaoke is such fun, no matter how old you are.

You can either buy a karaoke mic for the night or download a karaoke app on your phone and connect it to a speaker.

Whoever is brave enough can take a shot at singing their favorite song and you can even have some amazing duets!

Would You Rather?

Would You Rather? is a game that doesn’t require anything other than a group of friends sitting around and chatting!

Each person gets to ask the group a Would You Rather? question, which can be one that they have made up or ones that you have found online. 

The answers are hilarious!

Blindfolded Drawing

Blindfolded Drawing is a super fun activity that requires some paper and markers.

The girls all stand in a single line, facing the back of the person in front of them. Everyone needs to be blindfolded.

Everyone needs to place a piece of paper on the back of the person in front of them.

The person at the back then starts drawing a picture of their choice, such as a heart or rainbow, onto the back of the person in front of them.

This person then has to try to copy this on the paper on the back of the person in front of them, and so on.

The last picture drawn is usually so far from the original, it makes for some great laughs!

Photo Shoot Props

Lay out some cardboard and a whole lot of craft supplies on the table, and let the girls create some fun photoshoot props.

Then hang a white sheet on a wall and let them get shooting!

They can get really creative with the props they come up with, and the photos make great memories of the night.

Blindfold Food Tasting

Blindfolded food tasting is an interesting way to get everyone tasting different foods!

Lay out a platter of different types of food where nobody else can see, and get everyone to put on blindfolds.

Give each person a taste of what is on the platter, one at a time, and let them write down what they thought each food item was.

The person who guessed the most correct is the winner of the game.

Make A Story

Everyone sits in a circle and chooses someone to start the story.

The first person is only allowed to start the story using one sentence, and then the next person has to add to the story using only a sentence.

Go around the circle with each person adding on a sentence of the story, and see what hilarious, scary, or interesting story lands up being created at the end of the game!

Lipstick Guessing Game

Give each girl at the sleepover a piece of white paper, and some bright lipstick.

They need to kiss the paper a few times, and then write their name on the back.

One person collects all of these and hides the names from the other guests.

Everyone needs to guess whose kisses are whose, and whoever gets the most correct guesses wins!

Cupcake Decorator

Not only does this game provide some entertainment, but everyone gets to enjoy a delicious cupcake at the end of it all!

Place baked cupcakes out on the table, along with different frosting flavors and colors, and a whole lot of decorations.

Each person needs to decorate their own cupcake as best they can, and at the end, everyone votes on who has created the best cupcake out of the lot!

If you don’t want to bake cupcakes, you can also get everyone to decorate ice creams on cones, they will love being able to eat these as well!

Sleepover Auction

Sleepover auction is a great way for teens to get new things, and to get rid of things they maybe don’t need anymore.

Tell each girl to bring something to the party that she doesn’t mind not having anymore, such as a special blanket or book.

Give each girl fake money, and start auctioning off each item. You can also add in some fun items such as makeup or chocolate for them to bid on as well.

Blindfolded Obstacle Course

Blindfolded obstacle courses are another way to use blindfolds for fun at your sleepover!

Set out a simple obstacle course with pillows, blankets, and cushions, and place girls onto teams of two.

One player is blindfolded, and one is not.

The blindfolded player has to make it through the obstacle course with the guidance of their friend, who will be waiting on the other side.

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