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How to Clean a Pack and Play?! (EASY CLEANING SOLUTION!)

The Pack and Play is a nifty playpen and bassinet that can be used from your baby’s birth to toddler age. It’s a portable area for both sleep and play. Although versatile, I found myself searching how to clean a Pack and Play?!

Cleaning a Pack and Play is rather easy. One of the simplest methods is to soak it for a while, then scrub, and let it air dry. Just make sure you pick a sunny day to air-dry it, as it can take awhile.

Although hand-washing and air-drying can be a hassle, still absolutely love the Graco Pack and Play.

Whether you visit family members, go on a playdate, want something to secure your baby when you’re not looking, or aren’t satisfied with a traditional crib, the Pack and Play is perfect and just what you need. 

Since cribs have to be assembled and can’t be moved easily, the versatile Pack and Play is a convenient alternative that can be folded up and tucked in the trunk.

But raising a baby is a messy occupation regardless.

If your baby is at all average, their play place will still be fouled by food, dirt, drool, vomit, and everything else in between.

The somewhat elaborate nature of the Pack and Play’s components can make it daunting to clean up, so don’t be unprepared.

Can You Wash The Pack And Play?

Can You Wash The Pack And Play?

Yes, you can, and it’s a cinch with a bit of effort and forward planning.

If it’s summer, choose the hottest, sunniest day there is for cleaning time.

The cleaning itself probably won’t extend past two hours.

Naturally, you’ll want to read the Pack and Play instructions for the temperatures and cleaning solutions it can withstand. 

Get started by filling your bathtub with hot water.

Mix together a special deep-cleaning solution comprising one-fourth a cup of Oxiclean, one-fourth a cup of baking soda, half a cup of vinegar, and half a cup of your usual baby-safe detergent for everyday things.

Pour the concoction into the tub and use a spatula to stir, making sure all of it mixes in and dissolves.

Obviously, you should be careful of your hands so you don’t get burned by the hot water.

With the chemical cocktail dispersed, dip the Pack and Play and its components into the tub.

Leave the device to soak for an hour, and if it can’t be submerged fully, turn it over after a half hour.

Next, drain out the tub so you can start scrubbing away any remaining stains. Use a large brush for this, maybe one normally suitable for cleaning a bathtub.

Once it’s rubbed down, rinse the playpen with cold water, possibly using a detachable showerhead or a hose. 

Now it’ll be clean and ready to be air-dried for a day.

You have to let it dry properly so that mold doesn’t form on it.

If it’s warm out, set up the spick-and-span Pack and Play on the front lawn so that it can dry in the sun.

Otherwise, place it over a vent in your house and turn it when necessary to dry each side.

If you were using a mattress with the Pack and Play and have cleaned that, it has to be air-dried too, arranged in a way that allows for easy air circulation.

You might place it atop two chairs, and it should be turned over every few hours until it’s completely dry.

How Do You Clean A Pack And Play Without A Tub?

How Do You Clean A Pack And Play Without A Tub?

But what if you can’t clean the Pack and Play in a tub?

You’ll have to get hands-on.

Set aside time and space, maybe in your backyard, to manually scrub the thing down.

Be mindful of the mess, as you’re liable to get foam and water all over.

Mix together the same cleaning solution you would have used to soak the Pack and Play in the tub, and pour that into a large bucket of hot water. 

There is a variety of tools you could use for cleaning.

A cleaning brush with stiff bristles, like a carpet and upholstery scrub brush, or a heavy-duty detailing brush, is a good choice.

If not that, there are tough sponge cloths, microfibre grouting cloths, plush non-abrasive microfibre cloth towels, and all-purpose refined loop woven microfibre cloths to try. 

Whatever you choose, slip on disposable gloves and soak your cleaning utensil in the cleaning solution.

Use it to soap up and scrub the Pack and Play thoroughly, alternating between straight, angular, and circular motions.

You may douse the whole thing with water and reapply the cleaning solution all the way through to really tackle the grime and germs.

Once you’ve buffed it to a sheen, whip out your hose and set it to jet stream so you can deluge the Pack and Play from inside and out.

Spray down every surface until the water runs clear.

Circle around it, turn it upside down, anything to get it unmistakably purified.

Of course, it must be left to dry when you’re sure it’s ready.

How Do You Get Stains Out Of A Pack And Play?

How Do You Get Stains Out Of A Pack And Play?

Rule of thumb: babies can be messy! As they’re growing up, many dirty incidents occur, with parents sometimes discovering them a little too late.

Your kid is bound to smirch the Pack and Play with all manner of substances, so stay vigilant.

Make no mistake, we can’t protect our kids from every scrap of dirt. That, however, doesn’t mean you can’t keep a watchful eye on their favorite places, to be sure germs don’t fester. 

You don’t want to become too paranoid, nor spend hours cleaning up using a litany of products and chemicals.

Make it simple and tidy.

Dutifully keep up with spot cleaning so that blemishes, filth, and bacteria don’t accumulate and overwhelm you.

If there’s a drink or food spill, use paper towels to sop up as much as you can before trying to more rigorously clean that bit. 

Remember to carefully select safe cleaning products.

Dab the soiled area with a spray mixture that’s part water and part white vinegar, or consider gentle and all-natural spray cleaners from the department store.

Wipe up with something sturdy like a sponge towel, and disinfect if you think it’s really necessary.

You especially need to wipe down any plastic and metal parts that get dirty! This can be done with the help of dish soap and baby or mineral oil.

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