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How To Create A Homeschool Room In Your Home

Looking to create a homeschool room in your home?! Even if your child goes to school, having a specific ‘learning center’ in your home is a great way to promote learning and also have all the school supplies in one spot.

Creating a homeschool room at home is essential to ensure that both you and your child get into a proper routine of schoolwork, and helps to make things feel a little more official, while still boasting the comforts of home.

The success behind creating the right homeschool room is to make it suit yourself and your children. Work with what will help you and your child the best, and what best fits into your space!

Choose a room to set up your homeschool area, and stick to it. That way you don’t have to constantly clean up and set up, and you can build on what you have already established in that area.

Even if your child isn’t homeschooled, having a designated ‘school’ room for homework and learning is a great way to create a positive learning environment.

Having kids do their homework in the living room table or their rooms can be counterproductive and creates opportunity for a lot of distractions. 

To help you create the ideal homeschool room, here are some great ideas:

Homeschool Room Must-Haves

Setting up a homeschool room in your home doesn’t have to be difficult! It is quite easy to create a learning center for your kids, even if your homeschool room is in a small space and on a budget! #homeschool #classroom #homeschoolroom #smallspaces

Desk and Chairs

Your homeschool room needs to mimic a classroom as best possible, and you need to give your child the right equipment to work and learn with.

One thing they really need to have is a desk and a chair to sit comfortably on while they learn. Make sure the chair is designed to support good posture, and that the desk is large enough to fit their books and stationery.

The Flash Furniture desk is a good option, as it has an adjustable height to grow with your kid, and anti-slip floor caps to prevent noises and slipping.

It can be used all the way from elementary to high school.


A good bookshelf is also needed to home all your reading books.

It should be accessible to the kids, and it should allow the books to be front-facing so your kids can easily identify the books and choose the one they want to read.

Make sure the sleeves have enough space to hold books of any size.

A Whiteboard

To be able to demonstrate new ideas and lessons to your children, you need somewhere to illustrate and write.

A whiteboard is the perfect tool to have to help teach your children. You can write, draw, and erase, and your kids can also use the board as well.

It is a good interactive tool for you and your child and will last through their own homeschooling career.

Educational Posters

Classrooms are bright and colorful, and you should try to recreate this at home. Educational posters are great to hang on the wall to add some extra educational content. The posters you hang up will depend on your child and their age.

Look for a set of educational posters that includes it all. This way you can be sure you have the complete set that you need, and that all your posters will match!

Toddler posters should include different colors, shapes, numbers, weather, and seasons in colorful designs to help keep their very fleeting attention.

As your child begins to learn to read, they will need some visual help to recognize words and letters.

The Dr. Seuss Word Poster is fun and easy to understand for children. If your child loves Dr. Seuss, they will be excited to learn from this!

Older children and high school kids will start learning more about science and chemistry, and one main component of that is the periodic table.

Place this large visual on the wall for them to refer back to when they need to, and to help you teach them.

Teaching Clock

Every classroom needs to have a clock, and why not choose a clock that can be an educational piece for your child as well.

There are some great time teaching clocks available that have the necessary bits and bobs to help your little one learn how to tell the time on an analog clock.

If you want to take on a more hands-on approach to helping your child learn the time, get them a write and wipe demonstration clock.

You can move the clock hands independently and get them to tell the time on their own.

File Organizer

You more than likely won’t have as much space in your homeschool room as you would in a normal classroom, so you need to make the most of the space you have.

Filing can take up so much space in a classroom, but you will still need to file work and projects. The older your children get, the more filing space you will need, but it is better to set it up as early as possible.

A cascading wall organizer will help you color-code your children’s work, and keep it neatly filed away while saving a whole lot of space.

You, as the teacher, need to keep yourself organized as well.

A desk organizer, where you can file your papers and work, which has space for stationery as well is a must-have.

It gives you your own space to keep organized.

Arts And Craft Supplies

Schoolwork doesn’t have to be boring!

There is always time for some arts and crafts, and you need to have the right tools to show off the beautiful artwork your child creates.

The tools you need are fairly simple, some strong string or twine and some craft pegs. These can be hung on the walls or across the room.

Your child will also need the right art supplies to get their work done, and a good art set can last a long time.

The Crayola Inspiration Art Case has absolutely everything your child needs to get creative, in almost every color imaginable!

The set will last for years and the carry case keeps all the colorful tools safe.

Creating Your Own Homeschool Room

All the essential items you need are listed above to create a homeschool room, but you also need to ensure that you create the room to cater for you and your child. What you use to create your homeschool room will depend on the age of your child and the level of learning they are at.

It is always a good idea to purchase items that will last a few years, so you don’t have to replace them every year and spend a fortune.

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