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219 Middle Names For Abigail That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Parents these days agonize over baby names. They want something unique but not too weird; elegant, but not stuffy; modern, but not trendy. And they want the name to sound good with their last name, of course. 

It’s no wonder that nearly half of all parents change their child’s name before or soon after birth. 

Abigail is a name that ticks all of those boxes. It is unique but not too out there. And most importantly, it will stand the test of time. 

We’ll explain the origins and popularity of the name and more in this article.

Origin Of The Name Abigail


Abigail is primarily a female given name, although sometimes it can be a surname. The name Abigail is a derivation from the Hebrew name “Avigail.” Avigail comes from the Hebrew words “ab,” meaning father, and “Gail,” meaning to rejoice. 

Therefore, the meaning of the name is “my father is joy or father’s joy.” It could also mean, “my father is exultation .”The first known Abigail was one of King David’s wives, praised for her intelligence, beauty, and loyalty.

The name was first introduced to the English-speaking world by the Puritans in the 16th century. 

Famous People With The Name Abigail

There are plenty of famous people with the name Abigail. Here are a few of them:

  • Abigail Adams;- was the wife of John Adams, who was the second president of the United States. She was a very influential figure in her husband’s presidency. Many often credit her with being one of the Founding Mothers of the United States.
  • Abigail Williams -was one of the initial accusers in the Salem witch trials in the 17th century in Massachusetts, USA.
  • Abigail Fillmore- was another First Lady of the United States to President Millard Fillmore.

There are also a few more contemporary Abigails who are notable in their own right. 

  • Abigail Breslin– is an American actress who has starred in films such as Little Miss Sunshine and Signs. 
  • Abigail Disney -is an American activist and filmmaker who has directed documentaries such as The Armor of Light.
  • Abigail Fisher– is a plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. The case challenged affirmative action policies in university admissions.
  • Abigail Johnson- is the billionaire CEO of Fidelity Investments, one of the largest investment companies in America.

Related Names To Abigail

You may want to consider biblical names for your baby girl. Here are some related names you may fancy;

  • Anna/ Hannah -Anna was one of the prophetesses in the Bible. She was very devoted to God and served Him faithfully. This is an excellent name for a girl you hope will grow to be faithful and devoted to God.
  • Esther-Esther was a brave woman who risked her life to save her people from destruction. She is a great role model for any young woman.
  • Naomi- was a woman who had a difficult life, but she remained faithful to God. She is an excellent example of how to maintain faith in difficult times.
  • Rebecca – was a woman who her husband greatly loved. She was also a woman of great faith and courage.
  • Rachel – was a devoted mother and wife in the Bible.  

Popularity Of The Name Abigail

Abigail is currently among the most famous names in the United States. Its popularity has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Abigail was the 10th most popular name in the United States in 2001, peaking at 4th in 2005. 

It remained consistent in the top 10 in the last decade, although slightly dropped to 13th in 2020. 

Its popularity is likely to increase because it has a soft and sweet sound that many parents find appealing.

Name Variations Of Abigail

Being a biblical name, Abigail has many variations because of translations to different languages. Here are some variations you might like;

  • Abighail
  • Ēbigēla
  • Abigaia
  • Abigael/ Abigaël
  • Abigaïl
  • Abigayèl
  • Apikalia
  • Avigail/Ăḇîḡáyil
  • Abigél
  • Abigaille
  • Abigeiru
  • Aebigeil
  • Abīgēlalē
  • Abīgaila
  • Avigeya
  • Abigejl
  • Abiigayil
  • Abigaíl
  • Abigaeli
  • Ábígẹlì


  • Abbey
  • Abby
  • Abbi
  • Abbie
  • Abi
  • Abs /Aby
  • Gail
  • Gayle
  • Big Gail

Sibling And Twin Name Ideas For The Name Abigail 

If you love Abigail, you may want to name her sibling a name that rhymes. Here are a few recommendations you’ll love;


  • Elizabeth
  • Millie/Milly/Millicent
  • Caroline
  • Evelyne
  • Audrey
  • Aubrey
  • Aria
  • Abia


  • Gabriel
  • Nathaniel/Nathan
  • Andrew
  • Angel
  • Adam
  • Gareth/Garett

Middle Names For Abigail

And our favorite and most popular list, middle names….

As always, make sure to take your time going through this list. There are some amazing names here but not all will be right for you.

Make sure to test the names out with your surname.

My favorite way of picking a middle name is selecting ten I really like and having my partner pick ten they really like themselves.

From there, you can see if there is any overlap.

If not, you can keep going and see which names are an absolute no for you or your partner. Slowly, through process of elimination, you’ll have your perfect middle name for Abigail…

  1. Abigail Acadia
  2. Abigail Alanna 
  3. Abigail Alexa
  4. Abigail Amara
  5. Abigail Amelia
  6. Abigail Anna
  7. Abigail Anne
  8. Abigail Arden
  9. Abigail Aryn
  10. Abigail Ava
  11. Abigail Blaine
  12. Abigail Blair
  13. Abigail Blake
  14. Abigail Blythe
  15. Abigail Bree
  16. Abigail Brigid
  17. Abigail Brooke
  18. Abigail Bryn
  19. Abigail Caitlin
  20. Abigail Camryn
  21. Abigail Candace
  22. Abigail Caris
  23. Abigail Caroline
  24. Abigail Carrie
  25. Abigail Carys
  26. Abigail Cate
  27. Abigail Catherine
  28. Abigail Charisma
  29. Abigail Charlotte
  30. Abigail Chase
  31. Abigail Chloe
  32. Abigail Christine
  33. Abigail Claire
  34. Abigail Clara
  35. Abigail Claudette
  36. Abigail Constance
  37. Abigail Cora
  38. Abigail Daphn
  39. Abigail Daphne
  40. Abigail Dawn
  41. Abigail Daylin
  42. Abigail Dee
  43. Abigail Delaney
  44. Abigail Delphine
  45. Abigail Devorah
  46. Abigail Diana
  47. Abigail Dior
  48. Abigail Dominique
  49. Abigail Doris
  50. Abigail Dream
  51. Abigail Edith
  52. Abigail Eileen
  53. Abigail Elaine
  54. Abigail Eleanor
  55. Abigail Elena
  56. Abigail Elise
  57. Abigail Eliza
  58. Abigail Elizabeth
  59. Abigail Elizabeth 
  60. Abigail Ella
  61. Abigail Eloise
  62. Abigail Emmeline
  63. Abigail Eve
  64. Abigail Evelyn
  65. Abigail Ezra
  66. Abigail Faith
  67. Abigail Faye
  68. Abigail Fern
  69. Abigail Finn
  70. Abigail Fiona
  71. Abigail Fleur
  72. Abigail Frances
  73. Abigail Frost
  74. Abigail Georgia
  75. Abigail Giselle
  76. Abigail Glenn
  77. Abigail Grace
  78. Abigail Grace 
  79. Abigail Grant
  80. Abigail Gray
  81. Abigail Haley
  82. Abigail Hannah
  83. Abigail Harlow
  84. Abigail Harriet
  85. Abigail Haven
  86. Abigail Hayes
  87. Abigail Haze
  88. Abigail Hazel
  89. Abigail Honor
  90. Abigail Hope
  91. Abigail India
  92. Abigail Ines
  93. Abigail Irene
  94. Abigail Iris
  95. Abigail Isabel
  96. Abigail Isabella
  97. Abigail Isabelle
  98. Abigail Isadora
  99. Abigail Jacklyn
  100. Abigail Jade
  101. Abigail Jaidyn
  102. Abigail Jane
  103. Abigail Jean
  104. Abigail Jewel
  105. Abigail Jo
  106. Abigail Joan
  107. Abigail Joelle
  108. Abigail Josey
  109. Abigail Joy
  110. Abigail Joyce
  111. Abigail Judith
  112. Abigail Juliet
  113. Abigail June
  114. Abigail Kate
  115. Abigail Katharine
  116. Abigail Katherine
  117. Abigail Kathryn
  118. Abigail Krystan
  119. Abigail Laine
  120. Abigail Lane
  121. Abigail Lark
  122. Abigail Laurel
  123. Abigail Lauren
  124. Abigail Laurette
  125. Abigail Leah
  126. Abigail Leandra
  127. Abigail Lee
  128. Abigail Leigh
  129. Abigail Lily
  130. Abigail Louise
  131. Abigail Lucille
  132. Abigail Lydia
  133. Abigail Lynn
  134. Abigail Mabel
  135. Abigail Madeleine
  136. Abigail Madison
  137. Abigail Mae
  138. Abigail Maeve
  139. Abigail Mairin
  140. Abigail Maisy
  141. Abigail Makayla
  142. Abigail Makenna
  143. Abigail Maren
  144. Abigail Margaret
  145. Abigail Marie
  146. Abigail Marlowe
  147. Abigail Mary
  148. Abigail May
  149. Abigail Melissa
  150. Abigail Meredith
  151. Abigail Mia
  152. Abigail Miriam
  153. Abigail Monique 
  154. Abigail Monroe
  155. Abigail Naomi
  156. Abigail Nicole
  157. Abigail Noelle
  158. Abigail Noor
  159. Abigail Nora
  160. Abigail Nova
  161. Abigail Odessa
  162. Abigail Odette
  163. Abigail Olivia
  164. Abigail Ophelia
  165. Abigail Ozell
  166. Abigail Paige
  167. Abigail Paisley
  168. Abigail Palmer
  169. Abigail Patience
  170. Abigail Pearl
  171. Abigail Penelope
  172. Abigail Persephone
  173. Abigail Phoebe
  174. Abigail Piper
  175. Abigail Plum
  176. Abigail Quinn
  177. Abigail Rachael
  178. Abigail Rae
  179. Abigail Rain
  180. Abigail Raine
  181. Abigail Reese
  182. Abigail Renee
  183. Abigail Riley
  184. Abigail Rosalie
  185. Abigail Rose
  186. Abigail Rose 
  187. Abigail Rosemary
  188. Abigail Rowan
  189. Abigail Ruby
  190. Abigail Ruth
  191. Abigail Sade
  192. Abigail Sage
  193. Abigail Sarah
  194. Abigail Savannah
  195. Abigail Sawyer
  196. Abigail Serena
  197. Abigail Shae
  198. Abigail Shaw
  199. Abigail Sienna
  200. Abigail Simone
  201. Abigail Skye
  202. Abigail Skyler
  203. Abigail Sloan
  204. Abigail Sloane
  205. Abigail Snow
  206. Abigail Sophia
  207. Abigail Starr
  208. Abigail Sue
  209. Abigail Taylor
  210. Abigail Tess
  211. Abigail Vera
  212. Abigail Victoria
  213. Abigail Violet
  214. Abigail Willa
  215. Abigail Willow
  216. Abigail Wren
  217. Abigail Yael
  218. Abigail Zara
  219. Abigail Zoe

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There is no doubt that the name “Abigail” will stand the test of time. It is both classic and modern, and it is sure to be famous for many years to come. You should pick a sturdy name like Abigail for your daughter-one that will always sound au courant.

Furthermore, it’s a great example of a beautiful name with deep meaning. It also fits in with different middle names, so you’ll have a large pool of names to work with.