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195 Beautiful Middle Names For Stella (Stunning!)

There are many things to think about when you are naming your child. You want something unique but not too out there. However, there are many beautiful baby names, and it cannot be easy to choose.

But if you’re looking for something truly special, why not consider Stella? This lovely name has a beautiful origin and meaning, and it’s perfect for your newest arrival. 

We’ll be looking at the meaning and origin of the name in depth. We’ll also give you some recommendations on similar names and sibling names.

Origin Of The Name Stella

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Stella has Latin origins, and it means star. It was originally a name given to girls born in December, which is also the month of the winter solstice. This is the year when the nights are longest and the days are shortest.

The constellation Orion (the hunter) is one of the most visible stars. Some think Stella to be its brightest star. 

Another possible origin is Greek, from the name “Stylianos.” It may be the feminine version of Stylianos which means “pillar.” 

Famous People With The Name Stella

There are a surprising number of famous people with the name Stella. Some of the more notable ones are:

  • Stella McCartney- she’s an English fashion designer and the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney.
  • Stella Tennant– was a famous British model whose rise to fame came in the 90s. Her modeling career spanned over 30 years.
  • Stella Rimington– a British author and retired intelligence officer. She was Director-General of MI5.
  • Stella Young– was an Australian disability advocate. She was also a journalist and comedian.
  • Stella Donnelly-she’s a Welsh-Australian singer/songwriter
  • Stella Hudgens–  actress and sister of Vanessa Hudgens
  • Stella Maxwell– a New Zealand model and Victoria’s Secret Angel.
  • Stella Parton– Country singer Stella Parton is the younger sister of Dolly Parton. Born in 1949, Stella Parton is the sixth of twelve children.

Other Stellas

  • Stella– she’s a French bulldog in the ABC comedy series “Modern Family.”
  • Stella Artois-a Belgian pilsner beer 

Popularity Of the Name Stella

According to the Social Security Administration, “Stella” has been consistent in popularity. The name has been in the top 100 since 2010 and in the top 50 since 2016. Its peak popularity was 38th in 2018. It has since fallen slightly to 43rd in 2021.

The name has increased in popularity due to its celestial meaning and association with the winter season. 

Cultural icons such as Stella Nina McCartney have also influenced the popularity of the name.

Related Names To Stella

If you love the night sky and celestial objects, these are some related names to Stella that you may enjoy:

  • Aurora-A Latin name meaning “dawn.” It is the name of the Northern Lights.
  • Lyra-The Lyra constellation is home to the star Vega.
  • Polaris- A Latin word meaning pole star, in the constellation Ursa Minor.
  • Sirius-a boy’s name from Latin meaning bright or shining. This star belongs to the constellation Canis Major.
  • Arcturus -a boy’s name from the Greek word that means bear guardian, found in constellation Boötes.
  • Betelgeuse -an Arabic word that means giant’s shoulder, found in the constellation Orion.
  • Aster- the Greek word for a star- gender-neutral.
  • Nyota- Swahili word for Star
  • Astra -Greek; means star or from stars)
  • Draco-a boy name from the Draco constellation
  • Caelum- a boy name derived from the Latin word for heaven.

Name Variations For Stella

There are a few different ways to spell the name “Stella.” These variations are unique, and you can choose to use one of them instead of Stella. These variations include:

  • Estella
  • Estrella
  • Estelle
  • Stela
  • Stellah
  • Starla

Sibling And Twin Name Ideas For The Name Stella

You may want to name your children with names that rhyme. It’ll make it easier for them to remember each other’s names. When siblings and twins have similar names, it might make them feel more connected.

Consider these siblings and twin name suggestions for your little one:


  • Ella
  • Bella
  • Elle
  • Emma
  • Aaliyah
  • Marcella
  • Gabriella
  • Daniella


  • Jonah
  • Elijah
  • Ezra
  • Edward
  • Terrence
  • Sterling

Middle Names For Stella

And now without further ado, here are some gorgeous middle names for Stella….

Remember to go through this list slowly and say the name out loud. Pair it with your last name and see which stand out to you.

All of these pairings are so gorgeous, you can’t make a mistake…..

  1. Stella Abigail
  2. Stella Addison
  3. Stella Adelaide
  4. Stella Adeline
  5. Stella Alice
  6. Stella Alise
  7. Stella Alya
  8. Stella Amelia
  9. Stella Amira
  10. Stella Annabelle
  11. Stella Anne
  12. Stella Arae
  13. Stella Aria
  14. Stella Ariel
  15. Stella Astra
  16. Stella Atlas
  17. Stella Atria
  18. Stella Aubrey
  19. Stella Audrey
  20. Stella Aura
  21. Stella Aurora
  22. Stella Ava
  23. Stella Avery
  24. Stella Beatrice
  25. Stella Bella
  26. Stella Bellatrix
  27. Stella Bethany
  28. Stella Blair
  29. Stella Blythe
  30. Stella Boheme
  31. Stella Bree
  32. Stella Brielle
  33. Stella Brooke
  34. Stella Brynn
  35. Stella Camila
  36. Stella Camille
  37. Stella Cara
  38. Stella Catherine
  39. Stella Catherine/Katherine
  40. Stella Celeste
  41. Stella Celestial
  42. Stella Charlotte
  43. Stella Chloe
  44. Stella Christie
  45. Stella Claire
  46. Stella Colette
  47. Stella Cosima
  48. Stella Cosmo
  49. Stella Cosmo/Cosma/Cosme
  50. Stella Dawn
  51. Stella Dove
  52. Stella Dream
  53. Stella Drew
  54. Stella Eden
  55. Stella Eleanor
  56. Stella Electra
  57. Stella Electra/Elektra
  58. Stella Elise
  59. Stella Elizabeth
  60. Stella Ella
  61. Stella Ellie
  62. Stella Elyse/Elise
  63. Stella Emersyn
  64. Stella Emilia
  65. Stella Emily
  66. Stella Emma
  67. Stella Eve
  68. Stella Evelyn
  69. Stella Everly
  70. Stella Francesca
  71. Stella Freya
  72. Stella Gabrielle
  73. Stella Galaxy
  74. Stella Genevieve
  75. Stella Grace
  76. Stella Grey
  77. Stella Gwen
  78. Stella Hannah
  79. Stella Harley
  80. Stella Harlow
  81. Stella Harmony
  82. Stella Harper
  83. Stella Hazel
  84. Stella Hope
  85. Stella Irene
  86. Stella Iris
  87. Stella Isabella
  88. Stella Isabelle
  89. Stella Ivy
  90. Stella Jade
  91. Stella Jae
  92. Stella Jane
  93. Stella Jasmine
  94. Stella Jay/Jae
  95. Stella Jean
  96. Stella Josephine
  97. Stella Josie
  98. Stella Joy
  99. Stella Juliet
  100. Stella Juniper
  101. Stella Justice
  102. Stella Kate
  103. Stella Keila
  104. Stella Lake
  105. Stella Lark
  106. Stella Laure
  107. Stella Layla
  108. Stella Leah
  109. Stella Leigh
  110. Stella Lennon
  111. Stella Libra
  112. Stella Lillian
  113. Stella Lily
  114. Stella Liv
  115. Stella Louise
  116. Stella Love
  117. Stella Lovie
  118. Stella Lucy
  119. Stella Luna
  120. Stella Luna1
  121. Stella Luz
  122. Stella Mabel
  123. Stella Macy
  124. Stella Madeline
  125. Stella Madison
  126. Stella Mae
  127. Stella Maeve
  128. Stella Maple
  129. Stella Maren
  130. Stella Margo
  131. Stella Mariam
  132. Stella Marie
  133. Stella Marina
  134. Stella Mars
  135. Stella Maud
  136. Stella Maven/Mayven
  137. Stella Mia
  138. Stella Mila
  139. Stella Mira
  140. Stella Miriam
  141. Stella Natalie
  142. Stella Noelle
  143. Stella Nora
  144. Stella Nova
  145. Stella Nova/Novah
  146. Stella Oakley
  147. Stella Odette
  148. Stella Olive
  149. Stella Olivia
  150. Stella Open
  151. Stella Ophelia
  152. Stella Orion
  153. Stella Paige
  154. Stella Paisely
  155. Stella Palmer
  156. Stella Pearl
  157. Stella Penelope
  158. Stella Piper
  159. Stella Polaris
  160. Stella Quinn
  161. Stella Rae
  162. Stella Rae/Ray
  163. Stella Raine
  164. Stella Raye
  165. Stella Renee
  166. Stella Riley
  167. Stella Rosalie
  168. Stella Rose
  169. Stella Rosemarie
  170. Stella Rosemary
  171. Stella Rowan
  172. Stella Ruth
  173. Stella Scarlett
  174. Stella Skye
  175. Stella Sofia
  176. Stella Sophia
  177. Stella Stella
  178. Stella Taylor
  179. Stella Tess
  180. Stella Tessa
  181. Stella Vega
  182. Stella Venus
  183. Stella Victoria
  184. Stella Vida
  185. Stella Violet
  186. Stella Vivian
  187. Stella Vivid
  188. Stella Vivienne
  189. Stella Waverly
  190. Stella Willow
  191. Stella Winter
  192. Stella Wren
  193. Stella Zaniah
  194. Stella Zoe
  195. Stella Zoey

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If you are looking for a unique and beautiful name for your baby girl, you should consider Stella. There are countless reasons why Stella is a great choice for your child. 

It’s unique and timeless, making it perfect for babies who want to stand out from the crowd. Stella is not too common, but it is not unheard of either. In addition, it will still be stylish years down the road. Furthermore, it has been increasing in popularity in recent years.

And what could be more special than giving your daughter a name that means star?