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109 Angelic Middle Names For Gabriel (ONLY LIST YOU NEED!)

As a parent, you have to emphasize picking the perfect name for your child. There are several reasons why baby names matter. They express our character to the world.

Gabriel is a fantastic choice. It is a solid name that exudes bravery and friendliness. The character gets touted as having angelic characteristics.

Gabriel is predominantly a male name. The name is therefore perfect for boys. In some cultures, it is not uncommon to get girls named Gabriel.

The name is not only common in English-speaking countries but also among Latin speakers.

Origin of the Name Gabriel

baby playing in snow

Gabriel is a unique name with beautiful origins.

The name is originally a Hebrew name with Biblical and religious roots. The name is an English variant of Gaḇrīʾēl.

He is one of the most powerful Archangels. He is a high-ranking member of the angelic chain.

He delivered the message of the holy conception of Jesus Christ to Mary.

Today, Gabriel gets used in a less religious context despite its Angelic Origins. It is in the top 500 of the most popular boy names globally.

As we shall see later in the piece, the name has female variants.

Famous People Named Gabriel

People named Gabriel always seem destined for success. Under the proper guidance, they tend to flourish and do amazing things.

The name seems to attract some degree of stardom. There are several people named Gabriel who are very successful in different fields. Here are some of them

Gabriel Jesus: Gabriel Jesus is a talented and versatile forward who plays for Manchester City. The Brazilian has won multiple trophies at the club and international levels.

Gabriel Teichner: He was a famous Israeli Basketballer who played in a Center. The talented Teichner played in the Israeli Basketball Premier League.

Gabriel Norwood: He is a Filipino-American basketballer who plays in the Pilipino Basketball Premier League. He represents the Philippines at the national level.

Gabriel Von Seidl: He was a famous art critic. Von Seidl was also a skilled architect who created in the historicist style. The German is a well-respected figure in the architecture community.

Gabriel Faure: He is one of the most famous French musicians of his generation. He was a skilled pianist and organ player. He also taught music.

Gabriel- Belgian Prince: He is a member of the Belgian Royal Family. Gabriel is second in line to the Belgian throne. He is King Phillipe’s eldest son.

Gabriel Bryne: He is a famous film director. He has also produced several popular and critically-acclaimed films. He’s made appearances in ‘The Riodans.’

Gabriel Iglesias: Gabriel Iglesias is one of the best comedians in the world. The actor famously goes by the stage name fluffy. Fluffy has several shows airing on Netflix. He also hosts Fluffy’s Food Adventures on comedy central.

Gabriel Bateman: Bateman is a renowned actress. He began his acting career in 2014. He is most famous for his role in the horror movie Anabelle. 

Names Related To Gabriel

Gabriel is one of those unique names compatible with several others—having such a name gives you several options.

Similar names give you options. If you love the name Gabriel, there are other beautiful suggestions. They include:

  • Kelvin
  • Dennis
  • Cyril
  • Castillo
  • Royal
  • Middleton
  • Trenton
  • Hensley
  • Don
  • Lang
  • Ellis
  • Wall

Variations Of The Name Gabriel

Gabriel has several variations. These variants stem from the country or region. Having a name with variations offers you the flexibility of choice.

The name is certainly adaptable. The variations all have similar origins. The a big difference between the variations in the pronunciation and intonations. The variants are:

  • Gabi
  • Gabri
  • Gael
  • Garbryel
  • Gabrielle
  • Gabriella
  • Gebriel
  • Gabrielli

Sibling Name Suggestions for Gabriel

It is always great for parents to pick pretty similar sibling names. It is especially true for parents with twins.

You can have many sibling name suggestions because Gabriel relates well to different combinations. Here are some of them

Male Names

  • Sylvester
  • Gregory
  • Burl
  • Silva
  • Wilma
  • Camacho
  • Kelsey
  • Cruz
  • Williams
  • Berry
  • Brant
  • Snow

Female Names

  • Lacey
  • Hays
  • Rebekah
  • Haynes
  • Amanda
  • Catalina
  • Diaz
  • Leticia
  • Munoz
  • Casandra
  • Vaughn
  • Lynnette

Middle Names For Gabriel

And now without further ado, here are some gorgeous middle names for Gabriel….

Remember to go through this list slowly and say the name out loud. Pair it with your last name and see which stand out to you.

We scoured the web and even asked some ‘Gabriels’ what their middle names are (and what they wish they were!) when compiling this list.

All of these pairings are so gorgeous, you can’t make a mistake…..

  1. Gabriel Adam
  2. Gabriel Alexander
  3. Gabriel Anders
  4. Gabriel Andrew
  5. Gabriel Anthony
  6. Gabriel Archer
  7. Gabriel Asher
  8. Gabriel Ashton
  9. Gabriel August
  10. Gabriel Barrett
  11. Gabriel Benjamin
  12. Gabriel Blake
  13. Gabriel Bryson
  14. Gabriel Cade
  15. Gabriel Charles
  16. Gabriel Chase
  17. Gabriel Christopher
  18. Gabriel Cole
  19. Gabriel Colton
  20. Gabriel Connor
  21. Gabriel Cooper
  22. Gabriel Curtis
  23. Gabriel Dane
  24. Gabriel David
  25. Gabriel Declan
  26. Gabriel Devin
  27. Gabriel Devon
  28. Gabriel Donovan
  29. Gabriel Drake
  30. Gabriel Drew
  31. Gabriel Edward
  32. Gabriel Ethan
  33. Gabriel Evan
  34. Gabriel Everett
  35. Gabriel Ezra
  36. Gabriel Finley
  37. Gabriel Finn
  38. Gabriel Fletcher
  39. Gabriel Flynn
  40. Gabriel Francis
  41. Gabriel Frederick
  42. Gabriel George
  43. Gabriel Gregory
  44. Gabriel Harrison
  45. Gabriel Heath
  46. Gabriel Howard
  47. Gabriel Ian
  48. Gabriel Isaac
  49. Gabriel Ivan
  50. Gabriel Jacobi
  51. Gabriel James
  52. Gabriel Jared
  53. Gabriel Jasper
  54. Gabriel Jaxon
  55. Gabriel Jensen
  56. Gabriel Jonah
  57. Gabriel Jonas
  58. Gabriel Jonathan
  59. Gabriel Jordan
  60. Gabriel Joseph
  61. Gabriel Jude
  62. Gabriel Keith
  63. Gabriel Kenneth
  64. Gabriel Kennon
  65. Gabriel Kenyon
  66. Gabriel Lane
  67. Gabriel Lawrence
  68. Gabriel Liam
  69. Gabriel Luke
  70. Gabriel Marcus
  71. Gabriel Matthew
  72. Gabriel Michael
  73. Gabriel Nathan
  74. Gabriel Nicholas
  75. Gabriel Oliver
  76. Gabriel Owen
  77. Gabriel Patrick
  78. Gabriel Pax
  79. Gabriel Presley
  80. Gabriel Preston
  81. Gabriel Reed
  82. Gabriel Reese
  83. Gabriel Reeve
  84. Gabriel Rhys
  85. Gabriel Richard
  86. Gabriel River
  87. Gabriel Robert
  88. Gabriel Ruben
  89. Gabriel Ryan
  90. Gabriel Sean
  91. Gabriel Seth
  92. Gabriel Silas
  93. Gabriel Simon
  94. Gabriel Skyler
  95. Gabriel Spencer
  96. Gabriel Steven
  97. Gabriel Theo
  98. Gabriel Thomas
  99. Gabriel Tiernan
  100. Gabriel Tierney
  101. Gabriel Tobin
  102. Gabriel Tyler
  103. Gabriel Vincent
  104. Gabriel Warren
  105. Gabriel William
  106. Gabriel Wyatt
  107. Gabriel Xavier
  108. Gabriel Zachary
  109. Gabriel Zane

Not that nobody asked, but my personal favorite middle names for Gabriel are Gabriel Simon, Gabriel Flynn, and Gabriel Cooper (in no particular order.)

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As a parent, you must place a high value on selecting the perfect name for your child. There are various reasons why names are important. They represent our personality to the rest of the world.

Gabriel is an excellent pick. It’s a firm name that screams boldness and kindness. The name is said to have celestial undertones.

Gabriel is primarily a boy’s name. As a result, the term is ideal for males. It is not unusual in certain cultures to have a female named Gabriel.

The name is famous not just in English-speaking nations but also in Latin-speaking ones.