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219 Gorgeous Middle Names For Penelope (Elegant & Timeless!)

Penelope is a gorgeous and melodic name. It is lovely and has a nice ring to it. The name is popular in Britain and North America. It is unmistakably a girl’s name.

People named Penelope tend to be kind and cheerful. They are lovely and homely. The name evokes warmth and friendliness.

Penelope is a trendy name. It is in the top 30 of America’s most popular girl names. Though it is common, it is charming.

Origin Of The Name Penelope

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The name Penelope traces its origins in Greek mythology. It is a timeless name with unique origins.

Penelope is a character’s name in Homer’s Odyssey. Homer’s Odyssey is one of the oldest pieces of literature. The poem speaks of the life and times of King Ithaca and his family.

Penelope was Ithaca’s wife. She was stunningly beautiful. Many men were envious of her and desired her but remained faithful to Ithaca. She vows never to remarry and waits for her husband ten years after the legendary Trojan war.

Penelope also has routes in Germany. It roughly translates to Weaver. It is, therefore, suitable for a creative character.

The name is common in Greece but more so in English-speaking countries. Its popularity has increased in the 21st century.

Famous People Named Penelope

There are several famous people named Penelope. These are athletes, global icons, and famous scientists.

Penelope gets associated with stardom and influence.

These people are exceptional and gifted folk who have left their mark on the world. Here are some that you might have heard of:

Penelope Aubin: She was a famous poet and novelist. She also translated many popular titles from French to English. She is a controversial figure. People discovered plagiarism in her work long after her death.

Penelope Delta: She is one of the most popular children’s literature authors. Her works are famous and still used today. She also wrote multiple books about Greek nationalism and Greek culture.

Penelope Cruz: She is one of the most popular actresses. Penelope Cruz has starred in several films. She also has many awards, including multiple Golden Globes and an Oscar.

Penelope Carwardine: She was a legendary painter of her time. Carwardine learned how to paint from her mother. She focused mainly on tiny paintings. 

Penelope Lively: Lively is a famous and respected author. She has written many famous fictional titles for both adults and kids. Penelope Lively has several awards, including Booker Prize.

Penelope Keith: She is a popular entertainment personality. She is most famous for her part in The Good Life. She is the current president of the Actor’s Benevolent Fund.

Penelope Mortimer: She was a famous author and journalist. She has written several novels and is critically acclaimed. Mortimer also wrote Queen Elizabeth’s autobiography, which got published in 1986.

Name Variations for Penelope

Penelope is a name that is similar to several others. These names are similarly related and have similar pronunciations.

The names have similar roots. They are either German or Greek.

There are various reasons why people use name variations. The most typical reason is to distinguish it from the more common name. Here are some minor tweaks you might enjoy:

  • Pinelope
  • Pennelope
  • Penny
  • Penelopa
  • Penni
  • Panelopy

Names Related to Penelope

Several names are closely related to Penelope. The names have similar intonations and translations. The name Penelope is flexible and adaptable.

Having alternatives is good as it opens your choices. If you love the name Penelope, here are other great suggestions: 

  • Poppy
  • Charlotte
  • Hazel
  • Cindy 
  • Phoebe
  • Adelaide
  • Alice
  • Lisa
  • Lola
  • Matilda 
  • Beatrice
  • Elanor
  • Eloise
  • Violet

Sibling and Twin Name Ideas

If you have twins or if your child has siblings, you should consider ideal names with Penelope.

Luckily, there are many good options that you can use for Penelope. The name is flexible and goes well with the following names:

Boy Names

  • David
  • Charley
  • Hampton
  • Tristen
  • Levi
  • Jim
  • Luca
  • Rodger
  • Ethan
  • Christopher
  • Robert
  • Zachery
  • Isaac
  • Simmons

Girl Names

  • Clementine
  • Georgina
  • Ramona
  • Franchesca
  • Lila
  • Alexis
  • Magdalene
  • Willow
  • Alicia
  • Isabel
  • Esther
  • Gwen
  • Scarlett

Middle Names For Penelope

Annnnnd what you have all been waiting for, the best middle names for Penelope.

Remember to go through this list slowly and see which really resonate with you and your partner.

  1. Penelope Abigail
  2. Penelope Ada
  3. Penelope Adele
  4. Penelope Adeline
  5. Penelope Aisha
  6. Penelope Alexandra
  7. Penelope Alice
  8. Penelope Aline
  9. Penelope Amber
  10. Penelope Amelia
  11. Penelope Amelie
  12. Penelope Anna
  13. Penelope Annabelle
  14. Penelope Anne
  15. Penelope Arabella
  16. Penelope Aria
  17. Penelope Astrid
  18. Penelope Aurora
  19. Penelope Ava
  20. Penelope Avis
  21. Penelope Ayla
  22. Penelope Beatrice
  23. Penelope Bella
  24. Penelope Belle
  25. Penelope Beth
  26. Penelope Bird
  27. Penelope Blythe
  28. Penelope Bonnie
  29. Penelope Brynn
  30. Penelope Camille
  31. Penelope Carson
  32. Penelope Carys
  33. Penelope Cassie
  34. Penelope Cate
  35. Penelope Celeste
  36. Penelope Charlotte
  37. Penelope Chloe
  38. Penelope Christine
  39. Penelope Claire
  40. Penelope Clara
  41. Penelope Coral
  42. Penelope Cristina
  43. Penelope Daisy
  44. Penelope Darcie
  45. Penelope Dawn
  46. Penelope Day
  47. Penelope Delilah
  48. Penelope Delphine
  49. Penelope Demi
  50. Penelope Diana
  51. Penelope Dove
  52. Penelope Eden
  53. Penelope Edith
  54. Penelope Elaine
  55. Penelope Eleanor
  56. Penelope Elise
  57. Penelope Eliza
  58. Penelope Elizabeth
  59. Penelope Ellen
  60. Penelope Elsie
  61. Penelope Emilia
  62. Penelope Emily
  63. Penelope Emma
  64. Penelope Emmeline
  65. Penelope Erin
  66. Penelope Esmae
  67. Penelope Esme
  68. Penelope Esmé
  69. Penelope Estelle
  70. Penelope Eva
  71. Penelope Eve
  72. Penelope Evelyn
  73. Penelope Evie
  74. Penelope Faith
  75. Penelope Fay
  76. Penelope Faye
  77. Penelope Felicity
  78. Penelope Fiona
  79. Penelope Florence
  80. Penelope Frances
  81. Penelope Francesca
  82. Penelope Freya
  83. Penelope Gail
  84. Penelope Gale
  85. Penelope Gemma
  86. Penelope Georgia
  87. Penelope Giselle
  88. Penelope Grace
  89. Penelope Gracie
  90. Penelope Grey
  91. Penelope Hallie
  92. Penelope Hannah
  93. Penelope Hanya
  94. Penelope Harper
  95. Penelope Harriet
  96. Penelope Heidi
  97. Penelope Holly
  98. Penelope Hope
  99. Penelope Imogen
  100. Penelope Iris
  101. Penelope Isabella
  102. Penelope Isabelle
  103. Penelope Isla
  104. Penelope Isobel
  105. Penelope Ivána
  106. Penelope Ivy
  107. Penelope Jade
  108. Penelope Jane
  109. Penelope Jasmine
  110. Penelope Jean
  111. Penelope Jennifer
  112. Penelope Jessica
  113. Penelope Joelle
  114. Penelope Joy
  115. Penelope Jude
  116. Penelope Jules
  117. Penelope June
  118. Penelope Kate
  119. Penelope Katherine
  120. Penelope Kay
  121. Penelope Kim
  122. Penelope Kismet
  123. Penelope Laine
  124. Penelope Lara
  125. Penelope Lark
  126. Penelope Laurel
  127. Penelope Lauren
  128. Penelope Layla
  129. Penelope Lilliana
  130. Penelope Lily
  131. Penelope Linda
  132. Penelope Lola
  133. Penelope Lottie
  134. Penelope Lotus
  135. Penelope Louise
  136. Penelope Louise/Louisa
  137. Penelope Lucia
  138. Penelope Lucy
  139. Penelope Luna
  140. Penelope Lyla
  141. Penelope Lynne
  142. Penelope Mabel
  143. Penelope Maeve
  144. Penelope Maisie
  145. Penelope March
  146. Penelope Margot
  147. Penelope Mari
  148. Penelope Maria
  149. Penelope Marie
  150. Penelope Martha
  151. Penelope Maryam
  152. Penelope Matilda
  153. Penelope May
  154. Penelope Maya
  155. Penelope Meg
  156. Penelope Mercedes
  157. Penelope Mia
  158. Penelope Mila
  159. Penelope Millie
  160. Penelope Molly
  161. Penelope Myla
  162. Penelope Nancy
  163. Penelope Nevaeh
  164. Penelope Nora
  165. Penelope Olivia
  166. Penelope Opal
  167. Penelope Orla
  168. Penelope Pearl
  169. Penelope Phoebe
  170. Penelope Priscilla
  171. Penelope Quinn
  172. Penelope Quitterie
  173. Penelope Rae
  174. Penelope Raelin
  175. Penelope Rain
  176. Penelope Raine
  177. Penelope Raye
  178. Penelope Reece
  179. Penelope Renee
  180. Penelope Robin
  181. Penelope Robyn
  182. Penelope Rosalind
  183. Penelope Rose
  184. Penelope Rosie
  185. Penelope Ross
  186. Penelope Rowena
  187. Penelope Ruby
  188. Penelope Rue
  189. Penelope Ruth
  190. Penelope Sage
  191. Penelope Sara
  192. Penelope Scarlett
  193. Penelope Selena
  194. Penelope Shea
  195. Penelope Sienna
  196. Penelope Skye
  197. Penelope Sloane
  198. Penelope Sofía
  199. Penelope Sophia
  200. Penelope Sophie
  201. Penelope Starr
  202. Penelope Sue
  203. Penelope Summer
  204. Penelope Tanith
  205. Penelope Tate
  206. Penelope Tess
  207. Penelope Thea
  208. Penelope Tulip
  209. Penelope Ursule
  210. Penelope Vera
  211. Penelope Victoria
  212. Penelope Viola
  213. Penelope Violet
  214. Penelope Vivi
  215. Penelope Willow
  216. Penelope Wren
  217. Penelope Wynn
  218. Penelope Zara
  219. Penelope Zoe

There are so many great middle names on this list. My personal favorite middle names for Penelope are Penelope are Penelope Belle and Penelope Estelle. They both just sound so elegant and exquisite to me.

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Penelope is a lovely and melodious name. It’s pretty and sounds great. The name is popular in the United Kingdom and North America.

The name Penelope is from Greek mythology. It’s a classic name with exciting origins. Penelope is the name of a character in Homer’s Odyssey. One of the earliest works of literature is Homer’s Odyssey.

Penelopes are kind and cheerful people. They are beautiful and welcoming. The name inspires feelings of warmth and kindness.

Penelope has routes in Germany as well. It translates approximately as “Weaver.” As a result, it is ideal for hardworking girls.