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160 Beautiful Middle Names For Ruby (Absolutely Precious!)

Choosing a baby name is not easy. You have to get it right the first time. Though names can be changed later, it is painful and complicated.

Ruby is one of those names that stands out, as it is unique. The name is derived from a beautiful red gemstone from the hexagonal crystal system.

The name is not only elegant but hints at preciousness and royalty. It is a pretty and simple name that’s timeless and awe-inspiring.

Origin Of The Name Ruby

two babies

Ruby is a great and fairly rare name. The name has Latin and French origins. The name means jewels with a having striking red color.

Ruby comes from the Ruber, which means red in Latin. The name also roughly transcribes to being vibrant and stunning. These are all characteristics of the gemstone.

The earliest known period where the name was common was in the 19th century. It was popular in English-speaking countries in Europe. The name was fairly unisex, but later on, it became popular for girls.

Ruby is undoubtedly a unique name with good origins and lacks negative connotations. It is, therefore, a great choice for your loved one.

Famous People Named Ruby

There are several famous people named Ruby. It is in the top 1000 popular names in the United States.

  • Ruby Dee

Ruby Dee was a famous actor, journalist, and Civil Rights, activist. She was born in October 1922. The actor made several appearances on Broadway before transitioning to film. She had many famous roles in popular films such as ‘The Jackie Robinson Story.’

Her accolades include the National Medal of Arts, Kennedy Center Honors. She won the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award.

Ruby won many Grammy awards and Screen Actor Guild awards.

  • Ruby Lin

Ruby Lin is a renowned actress, singer, and producer. She was born in January 1976.

The actor has had many famous roles in popular TV series. She was cast in ‘My Fair Princess,’ ‘The way We Were,’ ‘Boy and Girl, among others.

Lin began her music career in 1999. She is successful and has since released five studio albums. Lin has several career accolades, including Best Producer at the 2012 TV Drama Awards. She also won  Best Television Series at the 50th Golden Bell Awards.

  • Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges is an American Civil Rights Activist and a philanthropist. She was the first African American to attend an all-white school in Louisiana. It was during a major desegregation crisis and heightened racism in 1960.

Ruby Bridges had to be escorted to school by federal marshals. There was a lot of pushback regarding enrolling black students at all-white institutions. 

  • Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is an actor, a TV presenter, and a  co-host. She has been on several major films and projects, including ‘Resident Evil,’ ‘John Wick Chapter 2’ and ‘Orange is The New Black.’

Ruby is also cast in Batwoman. Aside from acting and film, she is a famous model. She has had collaborations with many brands and fashion lines.

  • Ruby Barker

Ruby Barker is an award-winning actress. She is loved for her longevity and contributions to the industry’s growth.

She won the British Urban Film Festival Award for Best Actress.

Ruby Barker has been in several films and shows, including Netflix’s Bridgerton.

  • Ruby Payne-Scott

She is one of the scientists of her generation. Ruby Payne-Scott was the first female radio astronomer.

She was a renowned radio physicist and researcher at the University of Sidney.

  • Ruby Winters

Ruby Winters was a popular Soul and RnB singer. She had several great hits and chart-toppers in the seventies.

She had a successful career, with her most iconic single, ‘I Will,’ featuring in the UK top ten.

Names Similar to Ruby

If you love Ruby, here are other names that you might like:

  • Olivia
  • Alice
  • Jade
  • Perl
  • Grace
  • Lilly
  • Daisy
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Garnet

Name Variations For Ruby

There are a few variations for Ruby. They are nearly similar in meaning and have similar origins. They are:

  • Robi
  • Robby
  • Reba
  • Rubi
  • Rupa
  • Robin
  • Rooney

Siblings and Twin Name Ideas

Several names are compatible with Ruby. Here are some examples.

Boy Names

  • Robert
  • Liam
  • Roy
  • Sam
  • Walter
  • Joseph
  • Oliver
  • Archie
  • Andrew

Girl Names

  • Ruth
  • Lily
  • Emerald
  • July
  • Scarlet
  • Hazel
  • Ivy
  • Laurel
  • Patience

Middle Names For Ruby

And our favorite and most popular list, middle names….

As always, make sure to take your time going through this list. There are some amazing names here but not all will be right for you.

Make sure to test the names out with your surname.

My favorite way of picking a middle name is selecting ten I really like and having my partner pick ten they really like themselves.

From there, you can see if there is any overlap.

If not, you can keep going and see which names are an absolute no for you or your partner. Slowly, through process of elimination, you’ll have your perfect middle name for Ruby…

  1. Ruby Adelaide
  2. Ruby Adeline
  3. Ruby Alexandra
  4. Ruby Alice
  5. Ruby Amber
  6. Ruby Amelia
  7. Ruby Anastasia
  8. Ruby Ann
  9. Ruby Annabel
  10. Ruby Anne
  11. Ruby Arabella
  12. Ruby Araminta
  13. Ruby Ariana
  14. Ruby Beth
  15. Ruby Blake
  16. Ruby Brielle
  17. Ruby Camille
  18. Ruby Carolina
  19. Ruby Caroline
  20. Ruby Cate
  21. Ruby Catherine
  22. Ruby Cecilia
  23. Ruby Celeste
  24. Ruby Charlotte
  25. Ruby Claire
  26. Ruby Clementine
  27. Ruby Corinne
  28. Ruby Crystal
  29. Ruby Danica
  30. Ruby Dawn
  31. Ruby Dee
  32. Ruby Delphine
  33. Ruby Diana
  34. Ruby Dorothea
  35. Ruby Eden
  36. Ruby Elaine
  37. Ruby Eleanor
  38. Ruby Elise
  39. Ruby Eliza
  40. Ruby Elizabeth
  41. Ruby Ellen
  42. Ruby Emma
  43. Ruby Emmeline
  44. Ruby Esme
  45. Ruby Evangeline
  46. Ruby Eve
  47. Ruby Evelyn
  48. Ruby Fay
  49. Ruby Faye
  50. Ruby Fern
  51. Ruby Fiona
  52. Ruby Fleur
  53. Ruby Flora
  54. Ruby Florence
  55. Ruby Frances
  56. Ruby Francesca
  57. Ruby Francine
  58. Ruby Gabriella
  59. Ruby Genevieve
  60. Ruby Georgia
  61. Ruby Georgiana
  62. Ruby Georgina
  63. Ruby Gianna
  64. Ruby Grace
  65. Ruby Greer
  66. Ruby Gwendolen
  67. Ruby Hannah
  68. Ruby Harper
  69. Ruby Hazel
  70. Ruby Helen
  71. Ruby Helena
  72. Ruby Hope
  73. Ruby Imogen
  74. Ruby Iris
  75. Ruby Isabel
  76. Ruby Isabella
  77. Ruby Isabelle
  78. Ruby Isadora
  79. Ruby Ivy
  80. Ruby Jacqueline
  81. Ruby Jane
  82. Ruby Jean
  83. Ruby Jess
  84. Ruby Jessica
  85. Ruby Jill
  86. Ruby Josephine
  87. Ruby Joyce
  88. Ruby Juliana
  89. Ruby June
  90. Ruby Karen
  91. Ruby Kate
  92. Ruby Katherine
  93. Ruby Kristie
  94. Ruby Lark
  95. Ruby Leigh
  96. Ruby Liliana
  97. Ruby Liv
  98. Ruby Lou
  99. Ruby Louise
  100. Ruby Lucille
  101. Ruby Lydia
  102. Ruby Lynne
  103. Ruby Mae
  104. Ruby Mae/May
  105. Ruby Maeve
  106. Ruby Margaret
  107. Ruby Margo
  108. Ruby Margot
  109. Ruby Maria
  110. Ruby Marie
  111. Ruby May
  112. Ruby Mia
  113. Ruby Michele
  114. Ruby Mirabel
  115. Ruby Mirabella
  116. Ruby Miranda
  117. Ruby Miriam
  118. Ruby Natalia
  119. Ruby Nell
  120. Ruby Nicole
  121. Ruby Noelle
  122. Ruby Nola
  123. Ruby Nora
  124. Ruby Olive
  125. Ruby Olivia
  126. Ruby Ophelia
  127. Ruby Pauline
  128. Ruby Pearl
  129. Ruby Quinn
  130. Ruby Rachel
  131. Ruby Ramona
  132. Ruby Rayne
  133. Ruby Rose
  134. Ruby Sarah
  135. Ruby Seraphina
  136. Ruby Simone
  137. Ruby Skye
  138. Ruby Sofia
  139. Ruby Sophia
  140. Ruby Starr
  141. Ruby Susanna
  142. Ruby Sylvia
  143. Ruby Tabitha
  144. Ruby Tallulah
  145. Ruby Tess
  146. Ruby Tessa
  147. Ruby Theresa
  148. Ruby Vera
  149. Ruby Veronica
  150. Ruby Victoria
  151. Ruby Violet
  152. Ruby Violetta
  153. Ruby Viviana
  154. Ruby Vivienne
  155. Ruby Vrai
  156. Ruby Willa
  157. Ruby Winifred
  158. Ruby Wren
  159. Ruby Wynne
  160. Ruby Zara

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Ruby is a great choice for a child’s name, and it’s perfect for girls. It is unique and has pleasant origins. The name has many variations. 

The name is trendy and timeless. Ruby is one of those names that sticks out even though it is relatively popular. The name comes from a lovely red gemstone from a hexagonal crystal structure.