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6 Best Baby Carriers For Plus-Size Moms

Looking for a baby carrier as a plus-size mom?
These are the best baby-wearing carriers on the market and are very adjustable and comfortable for new moms of all sizes…

Leaving the house with a baby seems like you are carrying enough with you to last a few days. With all the extras that your baby needs when you leave the house, it is so helpful to have a baby carrier which is hands-free and super easy to use.

The problem with baby carriers however is that they are not all one-size-fits-all, and plus-size moms often battle to find a baby that is comfortable for them to use.

Thankfully, there are some absolutely wonderful baby carriers that cater to plus-size moms and their baby’s, and which really do make life with a baby that much simpler.

Whether you are using your baby carrier for running errands, or to keep your baby happy and held, and your hands-free, at home to get some chores done, these baby carriers are all a perfect option.

The Best Baby Carriers For Plus-Size Moms

Below are the 6 best baby carriers that are suited and comfortable for plus-size moms. They are all adjustable and offer extra comfort for your little one, while still evenly distributing weight to make it an easy carry for you.

With the material being machine-washable, you can simply throw the wrap into the washing machine when it needs a little clean, and use it over and over again.

When wrapped using the simple instructions, it creates a comfortable seat for your little one, and the ergonomic weight distribution allows it to be completely comfortable for mom to wear for ages.

The Boba Wrap Baby Carrier will be your go-to baby carrier for whenever you leave the house or need to be hands-free at home.

The stretchy and soft material will keep your baby close, and there is more than enough material to suit all shapes and sizes.




The wrap is easy to tie when following the simple instructions, and it even provides a safe and easy space for your baby to breastfeed in.

You can pull the fabric over slightly to increase privacy when breastfeeding in public, but as the material is breathable, your baby will not overheat.

Using the wrap, you can carry your baby around with ease, while still being able to bond beautifully with your little one as they are held tight against your body.

From running errands to easy breastfeeding when out, this wrap really does cover it all, and it is available in a wide range of colors!

Some moms find it difficult to use a baby wrap, and if you are one of those moms, then the Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier is exactly what you need.

It is suited for babies weighing 8-32 pounds and offers up 4 different ways to carry your baby, all with a simple clip harness system for you to use.

The different positions include an in-facing narrow seat for newborns, an in-facing wide seat for older babies, an out-facing narrow seat for babies with head control, and a back-carry wide seat for older babies and even toddlers.

The harness comes included with a cover 2-in-1 bib to protect both the carrier and your clothes from dribble, food, and milk, keeping it in tip-top condition.

The seat of the harness is adjustable, and you are able to adjust the leg straps as your baby grows. For your comfort, the waist belt is completely customizable and helps to distribute the weight evenly so you can carry your baby for an extended period.

What makes this such a handy harness is that it is completely machine washable as well!

The Moby Evolution Baby Wrap Carrier was created to promote bonding, with baby-wearing being recognized as the best way to nurture a strong, beautiful bond between mother and baby, which leads to a calm and happy baby, reducing stress and colic and promoting breastfeeding.

The wrap is created to see to all of this, allowing you to keep your baby close, warm, and secure.

The comfortable baby wrap carrier is loved for its comfort and style, and for its adaptability to grow with your baby.

The stretchable and durable material can be wrapped in different ways to suit your baby’s needs as they grow, and the long piece of fabric accommodates for many different sizes.

Wrapped around the back, shoulders, and hips, the wrap helps to distribute weight evenly, allowing you to comfortably carry your baby confidently while being completely hands-free.

You can breastfeed using the wrap, and use the stretchy material to cover up if you are feeding in public and feel like you need some extra privacy.

Available in a few different colors, this wrap will soon be a must-have in your baby-wearing wardrobe!

This versatile carrier adapts with your baby, from a newborn to a toddler, and can be used in all different carrying positions, from facing inwards to facing outwards, and in the front, the back, or even carrying on the hip.

It allows for all-day comfort, with a padded lumbar support waist belt for maximum lower back comfort.

The baby carrier also comes with extra-padded shoulder pads, to protect you when you are baby-wearing for a longer time.

Made from premium cotton, the wrap is gentle and soft on your baby’s skin, while still being warm and cozy all day.

The premium materials are all machine washable and can be used for multiple babies throughout the years, staying as strong as it was on day one.

The wrap comes with a large built-in storage pouch and a UPF 50+ tuck-away hood that allows for protection on sunny and windy days, as well as for extra privacy when breastfeeding in public.

With an adjustable fit, the carrier is perfectly suited for plus-size moms and fits moms from petite to larger body shapes and types.

It is comfortable, versatile, and durable, everything you could want from a reliable baby carrier!

The Beco Gemini Baby Carrier allows you to keep your baby close as you travel around town, getting through all your errands and chores hands-free.

It is suitable for all-day use, and you can go from shopping to working at home, all while your baby sits snuggly in the carrier. It offers a seat that is comfortable and safe for both you and your baby.

Featuring 5 different carrying positions, the wrap is tailored to suit a busy lifestyle, and the 5 different positions can accommodate your baby from a 7lb newborn to a 35-pound toddler.

The shoulder straps are adjustable, and can be worn similar to a regular backpack, or crisscrossed to give a better hold and to alleviate back pain by distributing weight evenly.

The wide, supportive waist belt is adjustable, and transfers your baby’s weight to your hips, to allow for most of the weight to be taken on by your waist and legs, giving your back a break.

The adjustable seat can be snapped together to suit a newborn, or adjusted to suit an older baby. With your baby’s legs facing out, the harness does not restrict circulation and your little one’s hips are allowed to develop normally.

With a large pocket found in the waist belt for keys, your phone and other indispensables, a built-in headrest for your baby and a breastfeeding release buckle under your arm, there really is nothing missing in this versatile carrier!

The innovative design of the Baby Tula Discover Carrier is suited for all shapes and sizes and ensures that your baby has the most comfortable seat when being carried around hands-free.

The body panel adjusts in three width settings, and in two height settings, allowing for an ergonomic snug position that caters from newborn to toddlerhood.

There is no infant insert needed, as the carrier is fully adjustable to suit your baby’s needs.

There are multiple ergonomic positions available for your baby, including back carry and front carry positions which are both perfect for long term, comfortable carrying.

These positions both help to promote healthy hip and spine development for your baby and don’t restrict circulation.

The dual-adjustment padded straps fit all sizes and provide optimal neck and shoulder support for moms.

A wide padded waistband is also used to distribute weight evenly for a comfortable carry, and comes with a large front pocket to keep all your valuables which are usually lost when rushing around with a baby!

Made from breathable and lightweight cotton, the carrier is incredibly gentle for your baby and you.

All of these baby carriers are wonderfully suited for plus-size moms and will give you and your baby a comfortable solution to hands-free carrying throughout the day.

Make sure to look for a baby carrier that can accommodate for your baby from newborn to toddler, and which is adjustable to suit being worn by you or by your partner.

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Finding the perfect baby carrier as a plus-size mom can be tricky but not impossible! There are plenty of adjustable babywearing carriers available that new moms will absolutely LOVE! They give you the ability to be hands-free while keeping your baby (or toddler) close by #newmom #newmomtips #babycarriers
Finding the perfect baby carrier as a plus-size mom can be tricky but not impossible! There are plenty of adjustable babywearing carriers available that new moms will absolutely LOVE! They give you the ability to be hands-free while keeping your baby (or toddler) close by #newmom #newmomtips #babycarriers