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17 Baby Shower Games That Are Hilarious and Fun

Are you planning a baby shower?! Get ready for a one-of-a-kind shower with these incredibly fun and unique games.

Whether you’re expecting or at that age where there are baby showers on the go almost every other weekend, you will be in need of some fun baby shower games!

And after having been to more baby showers than I can count, I honestly feel like I can become a party planner, specializing in baby showers.

I can throw the perfect party for an expectant momma, everything from the baby shower menu and activities to the decorations!

Ditch the boring old Baby Bingo and Guess The Present, we have listed some baby shower games that are hilarious, and which will get everyone involved in the fun!

These games are perfect for all ages, are quick to set up, and are better than all the other games you have sat through at baby showers in the past!

Baby Shower Games and Ideas

1. Marshmallow Suck Up

This game can be played while sitting down at a table – and is one for all ages. Purchase some cheap nasal aspirators, baby bottles, and some mini marshmallows.

Players use the nasal aspirators to suck up mini marshmallows one at a time and place them into the baby bottle. After a minute, the player with the most marshmallows in their baby bottle wins the game!

Guests could play in teams so that you do not have to purchase too many game items.

2. Draw The Baby Game

The paper plate game is always a hit at baby shower parties and is a good way to get everyone involved.

Each guest is given a paper plate and a marker or pen. They place this plate on the top of their head, and using the marker, try to draw what they think the baby will look like. This might sound simple – but have you ever tried drawing a picture on the top of your head? The outcomes are hilarious!

The mom-to-be can have a look at all the drawings at the end and choose her favorite, as the winner of the game!

3. Pacifier Pick Up

For this game, you will need some cheap pacifiers that have handles large enough to fit a chopstick through.

Place two bunches of pacifiers on the table, and have two players sit next to each other (you could do more than two players at a time, but then you would need more pacifiers). Give each player a clean chopstick and get ready to set the timer.

Each player will place the chopstick in their mouth, and try to pick up and place as many pacifiers on the chopstick as possible. At the end of 30 seconds or a minute, the player with the most pacifiers on their chopstick wins!

4. Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop is a little more physical than other games, but it is still suited for most ages, and always ends up producing lots of laughs!

You can split the guests into two or three teams for this game, with each team getting different colored balloons. Blow up enough balloons for each player in the team and keep them in a bucket next to a chair.

Each team lines up, and when the game starts, one team member at a time runs up and places a balloon on the chair, and tries to pop it by sitting on it!

This is not as easy as it sounds and is a hilarious game to watch and be a part of.

The first team to pop all of their balloons will be the winning team!

This is a great game for a baby shower on a budget, as your only expense is balloons!

5. Guess The Food

Food tasting and guessing can be fun to partake in, but take it up a notch at the baby shower by having guests taste food smashed into a diaper and guess what it is!

This game is quite adaptable – all guests could take part, or it could be reserved just for the mom-to-be.

Purchase some cheap diapers for the game and a few different food items. Melted chocolate, prune puree, pumpkin puree, and other similar color/texture foods are all ideal for the game.

Spread the food inside the diaper and close it up. The mom or the guests open the diapers one by one and have to guess what the food is – whether by smell or taste!

Whoever gets the most answers right is the winner of the game.

6. Baby Match

The Baby Match game is super easy to set up, and shouldn’t cost you anything at all, as you would be using clothes that the baby has already.

Take complete sets of baby clothes – socks, pants, baby grow, and beanie, and throw them into a laundry basket filled with other baby clothes, towels, and blankets.

Players must dig through the laundry basket and find as many matching sets of baby clothes as they can, from the socks to the hat.

At the end of the allotted time, the player or team with the most complete sets gets a prize, or just bragging rights!

You will need to ask two or three other guests or family members to bring washing baskets from home if you do not have enough to use on the day.

7. Bath Pong

Most of us are familiar with beer pong, but that isn’t a very appropriate game for a baby shower, so instead, you can play bath pong!

To do this, fill up a baby bath with water and place it at the end of a long table. Each player gets a chance to bounce or throw ping pong balls into the bathtub, and whoever gets the most ping pong balls into the water in 1 minute will be the bath pong winner.

To make it more challenging, you could put some obstacles in the way, such as building blocks or baby toys!

8. My Water Broke!

For a slower-paced game to play while enjoying snacks and opening presents, this is the ideal game.

The night before the baby shower, place small plastic baby figurines into ice trays and fill them with water. How many you do will depend on the number of guests you are expecting.

When all guests have arrived, hand one ice cube with a frozen baby to each guest with their drink. They can carry their drink around and keep a close watch.

When the ice has melted and their baby is completely free, they need to shout “my water broke!”

Hopefully, this is the only time you hear this shouted during the baby shower!

9. Baby Shark

All you need is Swedish fish or gummy sharks to play this game!

Split everyone up into pairs and have the across the room from oner another. If you’re in a park, I’d suggest at least 6 feet apart.

Give players a small bag of our ‘baby sharks’ and put one minute on the timer!

The goal is for one player to throw the baby sharks across the room and the second player catches them in their mouth.

Once the player catches one, they switch and they start throwing gummies at the first player.

The team at the end who caught the most gummies wins!

10. Sugar Baby

Get read to dig through sugar!

For this game, you can either have sheets of paper with the letters B-A-B-Y or use gummy letters.

Place the letter in a bowl of sugar.

Now, to win this game, player will need to dig through the sugar to find the letters.

The catch? They can only dig with a spoon in their mouth. No hands!

First player to find all the letters and spell out baby wins!

11. Play The Price Is Right

The incredibly popular gameshow has nearly 50 season! Everyone just loves it.

Bring a little Price is Right fun to your baby shower with this fun game.

Grab ten or more baby items, anything from diapers to car seats, and have guess try to guess the correct price without going over.

If your party is co-ed, it’s so much fun to see how out of touch a lot of men are with baby items!

12. Baby Pictionary

Download FREE Baby Pictionary Word List

Break into teams and take turns sketching baby-themed words.

Let’s see who had the best art skills!

If you’ve never played pictionary, it’s quite simple (and loads of fun!)

You just need a whiteboard (or paper and everyone huddles around the artist) and a timer.

The teams elect their artist for the round. Once elected, they pick a word from the list at random.

All the artists try to draw the word to the best of their ability. The team that first gets the correct answer wins the round!

The team that guesses the most words, wins!

You can write up the words yourself or simply print this simple worksheet and cut out the words I used for my baby shower.

13. Baby Wipe Out

Buy some cheap baby wipes for this game and pass them out to the participants.

Players must remove all the wipes from the container only using one hand. First player to empty his container, wins!

Seems simple, but only having one hand actually makes this game very humous to observe (and play!)

14. Bottle Top Toss

All you need for this game is baby bottles and chopsticks.

Separate the bottle from the top part, where the baby sucks on. (You can also just purchase these that come without the bottles)

Now, this is played in pairs as well. One person has a chopstick and the other the tops of the baby bottle.

One player will have all the bottle tops and throw them to the second player. The second player has to catch them on her chopstick.

The ones they catch, go in their ‘caught’ bucket.

At the end, the player with the most baby bottle tops in the bucket, wins!

15. Blind-Folded Diaper Changing

This one is one of my favorites!

And it’s self-explanatory as well.

Simply blindfold your guests (you can do two at a time) and see who can change the baby dolls diaper the fastest!

This one is an absolute blast to do with dads.

Psssst: Still haven’t decided on a baby name? Consider one of these beautiful hippie baby names for your free-spirit!

16. Don’t Say Baby!

I feel like this is a classic baby shower game!

When guests arrive, you give them three clothespins. The expectant-mom chooses a word that is not allowed during the baby shower.

If you hear someone say the word that’s a no-no, they can take your clothespin.

Whoever has the most clothespin at the end of the game wins!

Typically, this game is played with the word ‘baby’ but you can tweak the rules and add words like ‘cute’ or ‘gift.’

17. Clever Diapers

This is such a fun and cute idea for any baby shower!

Since new parents will be changing a million diapers, why not customize the diapers with a lovely message?

The messages can be encouraging, funny, or gross (haha!)

The mom-to-be just picks her favorite diaper and declares a winner. Whoever was the creative thinker behind that diaper, wins!

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