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109 Hippie Baby Names For Your Free Spirit

Searching everywhere for the perfect hippie names for your baby?!

I absolutely love reading through lists of baby names and imagining what I’d name my next baby.

And I especially love earthy names that give me a bohemian, free-spirit vibe.

I have found some amazing boho names that I’m sure you will love! All these names are inspired either the 1960’s, where love, peace and a connection to nature were important to most people.

Although some of these names weren’t common in the 60’s, a lot are nature-inspired. You’ll see some classic hippy names like Lily, but much more uncommon ones you haven’t heard of yet!

Find the perfect boho name for your beautiful baby.

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Beautiful Hippie, Bohemian Names For Your Flower Child

Hippie Names Starting With A

Baby Girl Names


Just as it sounds, Archer is an English name meaning ‘bowman’ or ‘one who excel at archery.’ It is considered a boy name but has been growing in popularity as a baby girl name in recent years.


Asher is the Hebrew word for ‘Happiness’ and ‘Blessed.’ Asher is a unisex name and quite popular for both boys and girls.


This latin name means ‘the golden one.’


The beautiful baby girl name Aurora is of latin-origin and means ‘Goddess of the Dawn.’


This beautiful name is a favorite when searching for boho baby names. Autumn is derived from the latin word ‘Autumnus,’ which means ‘Fall’ or ‘Autumn.’


Originally a male name, nowadays Avery is more common for girls.


A beautiful and feminine baby girl name, Azalea is a greek-name meaning ‘flower.’ A great boho girl name if you want to name your baby after a flower but find ‘Rose’ and ‘Lily’ to be too common.

Baby Boy Names


Of latin origin and meaning ‘white.’
Although an ancient name, we can thank J.K. Rowling for bringing back the Albus. The baby boy name Albus has grown in popularity ever since the Harry Potter novels were published. Can a muggle pull it off though?


Just as it sounds, Archer is an English name meaning ‘bowman’ or ‘one who excel at archery.’


Arlo (pronounced AR-loh) is a beautiful Spanish name that means ‘barberry tree.’ Very popular in the mid-1900’s, it has been growing in popularity in recent years once more. Although a boys name, it is being given recently to many baby girls as well.


Asher is the Hebrew word for ‘Happiness’ and ‘Blessed.’ Asher is a unisex name and quite popular for both boys and girls.


Atticus is a latin name meaning ‘from Attica.’ Most people associate the name with Atticus Finch from ‘To Kill A Mockingbird.’

Boho Baby Names Starting With B

Baby Girl Names


This is a common English name that means ‘brook’ or ‘stream’


This is the name I think of when I think ‘hippie.’ Blossom means literally to bloom or blossom in flowers.


Brook is an English name and means ‘small stream.’ A lovely name for nature-loving parents.

Baby Boy Names


Baris is a Turkish name that means ‘peace.’ The perfect name for a hippie-loving mama.


A derivative (and at times nickname) of Benjamin,


A classic French name that means handsome or beautiful.


For all the David Bowie fans. This name just scream 1960’s. ‘Bowie’ means ‘yellow’ or ‘fair-haired.’


Name your baby boy after one of the most famous men in the 1960’s, Buzz Aldrin. And if you don’t think that’s a ‘hippie’ name, buzz is also the word used to describe a common pastime in the 60’s the hippies were known to love, if you know what I’m referring to.

Bohemian Baby Names Starting With C

Baby Girl Names


Celeste means heavenly or celestial.


Crystal is a name of latin origin and has different meanings as it’s been very popular throughout history. In Latin it means ‘follower of Christ’ and in English we have used it to refer to jewels. I have yet to meet a hippie who doesn’t love and own dozens of crystals.


A very unique baby girl name. A Cypress is a beautiful type of tree and your boho baby girl will be sure to love nature with such a strong name.

Baby Boy Names


This adorable baby name is of English origin, it is often short for Clayton. It is of Hebrew origin and means ‘Lord of soil and happiness’


Coyote is a Mexican-Spanish name and means ‘trickster.’

Hippie Names Starting With D

Baby Girl Names


The perfect name for a flower-child. Daisies have a lot of significance as well, symbolizing innocence and purity.


Beautiful baby name meaning daybreak or the first light of the day.


A popular baby name in the 1930’s. Its seems like a very spicy name for your flower girl. I also think Dixie gives the vibe of a saucy waitress who moonlights as a singer.

Baby Boy Names


Not the rapper in this case. Drake is an English name that means ‘dragon.’


A beautiful baby name. The word dusk is used to describe the time between day and night.


This baby name never goes out of style. Dylan means ‘son of the wave, born near the sea.’

Baby Names Starting With E

Baby Girl Names


A very unique name for a baby girl. Echo is of Latin and Greek origin and means ‘reflected sound.’


As in the garden of Eden. Eden means pleasure, delight, or paradise.


A beautiful, feminine baby name. Ella means ‘beautiful fairy woman.’


Ember is a unisex name and means spark, burning low.


Evie is of Hebrew origin and means ‘life.’

Baby Boy Names


Ember is a unisex name and means spark, burning low.


Ezekial is a strong boy name that means ‘God’s Strength.’ A great nickname for Ezekial is Zeke.

Hippie Names Starting With F

Baby Girl Names


Fauna is the Roman goddess of the Earth. It really doesn’t get more bohemian than that.


Faye is if English origin and means ‘fairy.’

Baby Boy Names


I always think of Atticus Finch from How To Kill A Mockingbird when I hear this name. Finch is an English name that means ‘to swindle.’


Forrest means ‘dweller or worker in the forest’


A strong and original baby boy name. Foxes are known to be intelligent and cunning.

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Original Baby Names Starting With G

Baby Girl Names


The perfect flower child name, Gaia is of Greek-origin and means ‘the earth’ or ‘earth mother’


This name just feels like ancient hippie royalty to me. Goldia means ‘gold.’

Baby Boy Names


Griffin is often a nickname given to a fierce or dangerous person. It is Welsh for ‘strong lord.’ It is also the famous, mythical creature that has a birds head and a lions body.


One of the most popular Scottish names, it means ‘windy place.’

Beautiful Baby Names Starting With H

Baby Girl Names


A unisex name that means ‘rock hill’ or ‘army hill.’


This name is growing in popularity in recent years, and who can blame it? It’s the perfect hippy baby name.


Harper means ‘harp player’ and I just associate a harp with angels and world peace. Just me?!


Meaning a ‘place of safety or refuge’ but also. associated with heaven on earth, which your daughter will surely be for you.


I’ve always loved the name Hazel. Did you know it means ‘the hazelnut tree?’ Perfect for parents looking for earthy baby names.

Baby Boy Names


One of the most popular bird names for boys. This name is perfect for your strong-willed, ambitious son.


A unisex name that means ‘rock hill’ or ‘army hill.’


Heath means ‘the heathland dweller.’ This is a very popular name but has dropped in recent years after the tragic death of Heath Ledger.

Creative Baby Names Starting With I

Baby Girl Names


Ida was a very popular name about a century ago. If you’re looking for a less common name, this one is it. Ida is of german-origin and means ‘industrious one.’


I absolutely love this name. It is very hippie. Although unisex, it’s become very popular with girls because of the folk music duo ‘Indigo Girls.’ This name is of greek-origin and means ‘indian dye.’


A beautiful bohemian name meaning ‘rainbow.’ It’s also the iconic Goo Goo Dolls song.

Baby Boy Names


I absolutely love this name. It is very hippie. Although unisex, it’s become very popular with girls because of the folk music duo ‘Indigo Girls.’ This name is of greek-origin and means ‘indian dye.’

Bohemian Baby Names Starting With J

Baby Girl Names


Juniper is of Latin origin and means ‘Juniper berry.’ If you’re looking for a very unique earthy name, this may be it!

Baby Boy Names


An English name that means ‘Treasurer.’ I’m sure your little Jasper will be your own treasure.

Cute Baby Names Starting With K

Baby Girl Names


Kaia is Scandinavian and means ‘pure.’


A beautiful Hawaiian name meaning ‘Sea and Sky.’ Just the name give an image of a bohemian beauty with long hair and sun-burnt skin.

Baby Boy Names


Kai (pronounced Kye) is of Welsh, Scandinavian, and Greek origin. It means ‘keeper of the keys; earth.’

Lovely Baby Names Starting With L

Baby Girl Names


An English name for the color light purple color and also a popular flower, Lilac Bush.


One of the most common flower names for your flower girl.


A strong and shimmery name, Luna is of Italian origin and mans ‘moon.’

Baby Boy Names


Like the jeans, Levi is of Hebrew-origin and means ‘joined, attached.’

Unique Baby Names Starting With M

Baby Girl Names


A very common tree, but a less common name. Maple brings an attractive image and just rolls off the tongue.


A latin name meaning ‘from the sea.’ This is a beautiful, earthy name for your baby girl.


Marlowe is an English-origin name that means ‘driftwood.’ It can be spelled a variety of ways, such as Marlo and Marlow, but I strongly believe Marlowe is the most beautiful versions.

Baby Boy Names


Can you believe Marley means ‘pleasant seaside meadow?’ That mental image is just worth the name alone.


Will your child be out of this world? Mars is actually the Roman mythology god of War, which is the opposite of a hippie, earth-loving mom. But you can’t have peace if war never existed. I say, have two kids, Mars and Pax (the Roman God of Peace). A Yin and Yang.

Baby Names Starting With N

Baby Girl Names


Where are my Lion King lovers at?! Nala has a different meaning depending on its origin, but in Swahili it means ‘Queen; Lion and Successful woman’

Baby Boy Names


Nico is such a cool name. A creative twist on Nick with endless charm. Nico is of greek origin and means ‘people of victory.’


A name that has stood the test of time, the first famous Noah is in the Old Testament, Noah’s Ark. In recent years, Noah held the number one spot (three years running; 2014-16) for boy baby names. Og Hebrew origin, it means ‘rest, repose’

Baby Names Starting With O

Baby Girl Names


Olive is of English origin meaning ‘Olive tree.’ It may seem to be overshadowed by its trendy cousin, Olivia, but Olive has a quiet yet powerful presence of its own.

Baby Boy Names


As sturdy as Oak, Oakley is an English name meaning ‘Oak wood or clearing.’


Just like Olive, Oliver is of Latin origin and means ‘Olive tree’

Baby Names Starting With P

Baby Girl Names


A popular name in the nineteenth century, Pearly is making a comeback among thos eof us who love history and the old, simpler times.


The queen of hippie-bohemian chic, Phoebe (from Friends) is a name hat will go down in hostory.

Baby Boy Names


Pax is the Roman mythology god of peace. The perfect name for a hippie baby. (If you have two kids, I vote you name the one Pax and one Mars. Scroll up to see why.)


Can the name Phoenix be any cooler? It crosses a lot of trends into one: it’s a bird name, a city name, and has the incredibly popular ‘x’ in it. Also, as a mythic bird that rose from the ashes, a Phoenix is a symbol of immortality.

Baby Names Starting With Q

Baby Girl Names


A beautiful and strong name for a girl, Quinn means wisdom and intelligent

Baby Boy Names


An unorthodox name (I mean, just think Quentin Tarantino), Quentin is a strong, masculine name. It’s latin for ‘fifth.’

Baby Names Starting With R

Baby Girl Names


A gorgeous nature name perfect for a boho mom.


What is more hippie than a rebel? The meaning of Rebel is just what you thought, a defiant, strong-willed person


A unisex name perfect for a nature-loving, earthy baby.


A deep red, precious jewel. This name just sounds sassy and sultry.

Baby Boy Names


Typically a girl name, Rainn Wilson of ‘The Office’ gave this name a huge boost of popularity among boys. It’s a beautiful name for earth-loving parents.


Rex is of Latin-origin and means ‘King.’ It’s definitely less-than-common name that is sure to appeal to many unorthodox parents.


A unisex name perfect for a nature-loving, earthy baby.

Baby Names Starting With S

Baby Girl Names


And English unisex-name meaning ‘Herb’ or ‘Prophet’


Savannah is a ‘flat, tropical grassland.’ A deeply Southern name, Savannah has grown in popularity in recent years greatly.


Sierra is a name borrowed from the western mountain range. It has a calm, cowboy vibe to it. It is of Spanish origin and means ‘Saw.’


Stella is the Latin word for ‘Star.’ Stella is both celestial and earthy at the same time.

Baby Boy Names


An English unisex-name meaning ‘Herb’ or ‘Prophet’


Silas is of latin-origin and means ‘man of the forest’

Baby Names Starting With T

Baby Girl Names


Terra is a latin-origin name meaning ‘Earth.’


Tianna is a Russian variation of Tatiana and means ‘fairy queen.’ Can there be anything more hippie than that?!

Baby Boy Names


And English name derived from ‘leather tanner.’ Ithas become one the popular two-syllable T names (like Tyler and Taylor).

Baby Names Starting With U

Baby Boy Names


Although your mind might jump to the singer, Usher is a beautiful name that means gate-keeper.

Baby Names Starting With V

Baby Girl Names


Vienna is one of my all-time favorite cities and this name is high on my list. Vienna is from latin-origin and means ‘from Wine Country’


A beautiful flower name, Violet has been around for centuries and still going strong (in fact, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner chose it for their daughter).

Baby Boy Names


Derived from Vincent, which means ‘Conquering.’ Vinny was given a bad rap thanks to Jersey Shore, but it just may be the name (or nickname) for you.

Baby Names Starting With W

Baby Girl Names


Named after ‘Willow tree,’ This is a unique nature-name that carries a succulent hipster vibe.


Fresh and brisk, Winter is my favorite of the seasonal names.

Baby Boy Names


A great nature name, Wolf is a strong and fierce animal name. It’s sure to draw attention wherever your son goes.

Baby Names Starting With Z

Baby Girl Names


Zara is of Hebrew, Arabic origin and means ‘blooming flower; God remembers.’


A beautiful name with a gorgeous meaning. Zella is of African origin and means ‘lacking nothing, one who knows the way.’

Baby Boy Names


This may seem like a nickname, but give Ziggy some credit! Of german origin, it means ‘victorious peace.’

Which one of these hippie, boho, earthy names is your favorite?!

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