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24+ Cute & Simple Christmas Crafts To Do With Kids

Whether you need to make some quick and easy Christmas decorations or want to have fun with some crafts while you’re kids are on winter break, these amazing DIY Christmas crafts are perfect for the Holiday season!

I found a nice variety of popsicles, simple hand painting, ornaments, and everything in between!

So you know you’ll find something fun and creative to do with your kiddos this Holiday break.

Christmas Crafts For Kids

Stick Trees

These are cute and simple, handmade Christmas trees crafted from natural materials, a fun and creative craft that kids can enjoy making during the holiday season. Here’s how to create them:

Materials Needed:

  • A collection of sticks or twigs of various lengths.
  • A sturdy piece of cardboard or cork for the base.
  • Red pom-poms or any small red craft balls for decoration.
  • Greenery or artificial red berries for embellishment.
  • Craft glue or a hot glue gun (to be used by an adult or under adult supervision).
  • Scissors.


  1. Prepare the Sticks: Gather sticks and twigs from outside. Try to find ones that are straight and break them into descending lengths to form the shape of a Christmas tree.
  2. Create the Base: Cut a small piece of cardboard or use a cork to serve as the tree’s trunk. This will be the anchor point for the sticks.
  3. Arrange the Sticks: Start with the longest stick at the bottom, applying glue to the back and pressing it onto the base. Continue layering the sticks above, with each subsequent stick being slightly shorter than the one below it to create a triangular tree shape.
  4. Add the Topper: Once the tree shape is formed with sticks, glue a red pom-pom or craft ball at the top of the tree to act as a festive topper.
  5. Decorate: Embellish the sides of the tree with greenery or artificial berries. You can also sprinkle some glitter for a bit of sparkle.
  6. Let it Dry: Allow the glue to dry completely. Depending on the type of glue used, drying times may vary.
  7. Display: Once dry, these rustic trees can be displayed on a mantle, as part of a table centerpiece, or anywhere you want to add a touch of handmade holiday cheer.

This craft promotes creativity and can be modified with different materials and decorations, such as using colored beads, sequins, or wrapping the sticks with colorful yarn.

Christmas Recycled Bottle Planters Craft

This is such a fun and creative way to repurpose plastic bottles. You can make a Rudolph reindeer, a penguin, or even Santa Clause!

Once done, these adorable Christmas crafts can be placed over the fireplace, under the Christmas tree, or wherever you want!

Pictures & Words Craft Idea

This Christmas craft is a collage-making activity that helps kids learn about different holiday symbols through a fun and interactive process.

Here’s how to recreate this educational (and fun!) Christmas craft:

Materials Needed:

  • A large sheet of construction paper or poster board (green is used here, but any color will do).
  • Images of Christmas-related items such as a Christmas tree, decorations, a wreath, a reindeer, a stocking, lights, a poinsettia, Santa, a sleigh, snowman, and gifts. These can be cut from magazines, printed from the internet, or drawn by hand.
  • Glue stick or liquid glue.
  • Markers or pens to label each item.
  • Optional: Laminator or clear contact paper to preserve the collage.


  1. Preparation: Begin by gathering all the materials you need. If you’re using images from magazines or printed material, pre-cut these into neat shapes.
  2. Layout Design: Plan the layout by placing the images on the construction paper or poster board without gluing them down. Space them out evenly and decide where each image will go.
  3. Labeling: Using a marker or pen, write the name of each Christmas item underneath where you plan to place the image. This helps children associate the word with the image.
  4. Gluing: Once you’re happy with the layout and the labels are written, use a glue stick or liquid glue to attach each image above its corresponding label.
  5. Interactive Learning: As you or the child places each image on the glue, talk about the item, its relevance to Christmas, and any traditions or stories associated with it. This can be an educational conversation.
  6. Finishing Touches: After all the images are glued down, you can laminate the collage or cover it with clear contact paper to make it more durable, especially if it will be used in a classroom setting or as a reference.
  7. Display: Hang the completed collage on a wall or bulletin board for decoration and educational reference during the holiday season.

This craft is not only a creative activity but also an educational one, as it helps kids to recognize and learn the vocabulary associated with Christmas.

Cork Gingerbread Man Ornament

Looking for super easy and cheap DIY Christmas craft projects? These cute Christmas crafts are so easy anyone can do them- even the kids can help! Whether you're looking for Christmas DIY decor ideas to make your home decorations more festive or the best DIY Christmas gifts for family & friends, we’ve you covered with these tips and hacks #christmasdiycrafts #diychristmasdecorations #christmasdecor
Source: Red Ted Art

These little cork ornaments are SO cute!

And they’re really quite simple to make. You just need a cork (duh!), hot glue gun, paint, and buttons to make this adorable little Christmas decoration.

Snowman Boxes

A super easy and fun craft! ActiveLittles says they used:

  • washable kids paint
  • paintbrushes
  • tissue boxes
  • and that’s really all there is to it!

You can add a scarf or hat to your snowman, have your kids decorate it however they like.

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

Craft Stick Christmas Tree Craft

How adorable is this?

The kids will have so much fun painting the ‘Christmas tree’ and creating the little ornaments from dabs of glue.

These make great little centerpieces to show off your children’s creativity to guests!

Gingerbread Friends

We are OBSESSED with these gingerbread friends!

According to LearnCraftGrow (give them a follow!) on insta, they are very simple to recreate –

🤎 Large brown paper grocery bag⁣
🤎 Newspapers or old tissue papers⁣
🤎 Scissors⁣
🤎 Glue gun or stapler⁣
🤎 Chalk markers⁣
🤎 Googly eyes⁣
🤎 Pom-poms, buttons, ribbon, etc.⁣

1️⃣ Draw a gingerbread man shape on one side of a brown paper bag and cut it out. You should end up with two gingerbread men.⁣
2️⃣ Add a face using googly eyes and chalk markers. Add other details to your gingerbread man using pom-poms, ribbon, buttons and any other items you have at hand. ⁣
3️⃣ Place the two pieces of your gingerbread man together and either glue around the edges or staple them. Start around the head and arms first. Make sure you leave openings so you can add the stuffing.⁣
4️⃣ Crumple small pieces of newspaper or tissue paper and stuff your gingerbread friend! ⁣’

Cupcake Liners Christmas Tree Craft

Wondering what to do with all those popsicles sticks?! Or maybe you made delicious cupcakes and have a bunch of cupcake liners left?

Perfect craft for little kids, these are in fact easy peasy and fun!

DIY Paper Quilling Christmas Tree Ornament

How CUTE is this Christmas tree?! This is such a fun activity for the holidays and all the kids will love it.

You can get some tape or putty tabs to stick these on refrigerators or walls as DIY decor!

Thumbprint Reindeer Ornaments

You’re going to want to keep these adorable ornaments FOREVER! They’re such a great idea and a unique way to decorate your tree but they also provide memories of how much your baby is growing.

Seeing the difference from year-to-year of how tiny their hands were will get you emotional (fair warning 😆 )

Frozen Yarn Wrapped Christmas Trees

Talking about unique Christmas trees, these definitely take the cake! So vibrant and colorful, children will love making them and your guests will love to see them as well!

Everyone will ask you where you bought these.

Hand and Footprint Reindeer Craft for Kids

Everyone loves hand (and foot!) painting. This is a creative way for kids to draw Rudolph and get a little messy in the process. What’s not to love?!

 Christmas Play-Dough

This Christmas craft features a playful snowman made from what appears to be modeling clay or playdough, with various decorative items used to add details and character.

Here’s how to create a similar snowman:

Materials Needed:

  • White modeling clay or playdough.
  • Small buttons (for the eyes and the front of the snowman).
  • Orange colored material for the nose (playdough, paper, or felt).
  • Red pom-poms.
  • Black top hat (could be made from paper or fabric).
  • Brown sticks or small brown pipe cleaners for the arms.
  • Decorative snowflakes.
  • Greenery for the wreath around the neck (real or artificial).
  • Craft glue (if needed to secure items).
  • Any other decorative items you wish to add.

Holiday Button Wreath

Have a box filled with buttons and don’t know what to do with them?

Now you do! A Christmas button wreath is the perfect way for kids to spend an afternoon creating an adorable decoration thats sure to keep them captivated.

Irresistible Santa Claus Craft

This Santa Cone gets me so excited because it’s just such a quirky idea.

My daughters loved making this craft because everything (even making the cone) is so hands on! And not as difficult as I thought it would be.

Christmas Treat Jars

Don’t know where you’ll store all those Christmas cookies? These DIY Christmas jars are the perfect gift idea for family and friends!

Have your little ones decorate the jar and then bake some delicious

Christmas Finger Puppets

These little DIY Christmas puppets are on another level of adorableness! You can get so creative with the different characters available.

Create Santa, Rudolph, and even his little elves to spice up your Holidyas.

Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

There are NO RULES when it comes to wreaths. This creative twist on a classic wreath will show your kids it’s okay to think outside the box!

There is no wrong or right way to get into the Holiday spirit.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Craft

Still looking for the perfect, fun and creative craft?! This just may be it!

These charming little pine cone Christmas trees are a perfect way to slow down and enjoy the Holidays with family and friends doing crafts.

Popsicle Stick Elf Craft

There’s been a lot of Santa crafts, but what about elves?! Santa would not be as successful as he is if it wasn’t for his little helpers, now would he?

Honor his little helpers with these adorable crafts that double as Christmas ornaments.

Santa Handprint 

Another Christmas craft that you should do every year! Put the year and age of your little one on the back of thee ornaments and keep them throughout the years.

This is another craft that will pull on your heart strings.

Santa Binocular

These magical Santa Binoculars will help your kids spot Santa on Christmas Eve! They will be so excited to make these as they will give them the ‘special vision’ to see when Mr. Claus is in town 😉

Terracotta Christmas Tree

A completely customizable craft! You can decorate this Terracotta Christmas Tree as much (or as little) as you want.

If you want to bedazzle it or cover your tree with glitter, there are NO rules.

Reindeer Painted Rocks

Children LOVE painting rocks! Create a seasonal twist on a classic hobby and watch their creativity soar with Rudolph rocks.

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

More cork crafts! This one makes an amazing centerpiece or maybe even funny gift for someone who loves their wine.

If you don’t drink too much (or throw away your corks like a normal human being), you can buy a pack of 100 for less than $15.

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