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27 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms No One Told You About

Morning sickness and tender breasts are just two of the many symptoms you might experience when you are pregnant! Every woman experiences pregnancy differently, but many share the same symptoms, some common, and some quite weird.

During my first pregnancy, I experienced SO many odd pregnancy symptoms that no one told me about.

I was mentally prepared for the common ones, you know, the nausea, bloating, and weird cravings.

But a lot of what happened during my pregnancy actually caught me completely off guard.

Hopefully, you’re better prepared for what’s to come these amazing 40 weeks and there are less surprises.

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

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1. Mood Swings

Mood swings and moodiness are really quite common with pregnancy.

One minute you are on top of the world, and the next you feel close to breaking down into tears.

Even if you are quite level-headed, you might experience mood swings. This is due to your changing hormones and nothing to be ashamed or worried about!

I’m typically a pretty level-headed gal and rarely get emotional, but during my pregnancy OH-MY-GOD!

I was crying three times a week over the most ridiculous things. I remember one occasion where I started bawling because I couldn’t fine the remote control and I didn’t like what was on the t.v.

That was one of the ugliest, ugly cries ever and my poor husband was so confused (LOL). I don’t think either one of us expected the mood swings to be so erratic.

2. Acne

You might not have had to deal with acne for many, many years, and then all of a sudden wake up one day with a breakout!

Your changing hormones due to pregnancy are to blame (for almost everything).

You might find one or two spots, a worsening complexion, or quite a bad breakout.

I made sure to be on top of my skin-care routine to keep my breakouts to a minimum, but even then I would get some bad zits along my chin.

I used a few drops of this directly on the blemishes and I could see a noticeable difference the next day. Especially if you have the bad habit of popping your zits (guilty!), this will dry it up quickly.

I also added azeleic acid at the end of my night-time routine and can’t say enough good things about the product! If anyone ever complimented me on my ‘pregnancy glow’ it was because of that cream.

3. Crazy Dreams

Many moms-to-be experience some crazy dreams when they fall pregnant.

Most often, you are able to recall each and every detail of these dreams, and they can either be good, or horrid nightmares.

I had dreams that could compete with the Harry Potter series. They were just SO out there and elaborate. I wish I would have written them down!

If I’m ever pregnant again, I’ll keep a pen and notebook next to my nightstand to jot down the crazy dreams I have. Some were really quite marvelous and others….. well, not for the faint of heart,

Some people think it is your mind’s way of reacting to the huge change in your life coming up, and the worries that come with becoming a parent.

4. Swelling

Swelling doesn’t only happen in the last trimester, for some women, swelling can start as soon as they fall pregnant.

Your ring might not fit as well, your jeans are tighter than usual, and your shoes aren’t as comfortable as they used to be – all thanks to swelling! 

There are a lot of ways to reduce swelling that aren’t difficult to do. Simple additions to your day like drinking more water, sleeping on your side, and keeping your legs raised will do your body good.

5. Darkened Areolas

The areola, which is the area around your nipples, darkens during pregnancy.

Some women notice this straight away, and it can sometimes be the first sign of pregnancy. The are might even look bumpier than usual.

It’s all perfectly normal as your body is preparing your nipples for breastfeeding.

It is one of the more noticeable symptoms of pregnancy, but still one of the weirder ones!

6. Breast Sensitivity

Breast sensitivity happens very early on in pregnancy. It is your body getting ready to help sustain a little human.

This was one of the first signs of pregnancy I encountered. Regular things like wearing a bra or working out felt difficult on my breasts.

Your breasts might feel sensitive to the touch or uncomfortable in your favorite bra, it’s all normal.

My sensitivity went away during the second trimester so there’s hope at the end of the tunnel!

7. Cramps and Pains

Joint and back pains are common in early pregnancy and can continue throughout the nine months.

You might also experience ‘implantation cramping’ when the embryo attaches to the uterus, and headaches that come with a change in hormone levels.

Although cramping is to be expected, call your doctor if you have any concerns, especially if your cramps are accompanied with bleeding (which can be a sign of a miscarriage.)

8. Increase In Mucus Production

An increase in mucus production is one of the symptoms of pregnancy that often go unnoticed.

You might find yourself blowing your nose much more than usual, but you could just write it off as a common cold or sniffle, but this increase in mucus production is an early sign of pregnancy!

Beyond your nose, you will likely have more cervical discharge as well.

Perfectly normal to notice more wetness in your underwear than normal. Large amounts of dry whitish-yellow discharge in your underwear is to be expected.

9. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the most well-recognized pregnancy symptoms out there, and one of the most hated!

Before you make a pregnancy announcement or even know yourself, morning sickness could start rearing its ugly head.

Many women experience morning sickness from around 6 or 8 weeks pregnant, and it can either present itself as a nauseous feeling, or actual throwing up.

Contrary to the name, it also does not only show up in the morning but can be any time during the day.

Some women are lucky enough to never experience morning sickness at all!

Also, if you are on your second or third pregnancy, note they won’t all be the same. I had absolutely no morning sickness during my first pregnancy and was hunched over the toilet for a month straight during my second.

There are a lot of ways to prevent pregnancy nausea you could try.

Ginger helps with the nausea and there are some ginger candies specifically made to battle morning sickness.

10. Bleeding Or Spotting

Most women rely on a missed period as the first indication that they are pregnant.

However, some women do also experience implementation bleeding or spotting early in pregnancy, and this can be mistaken for a period as well.

About one-in-four woman experience spotting, so although it may be very common, you should tell your doctor at your prenatal appointments to ensure everything is okay.

Spotting can happen from conception until you give birth, but it should be very light, barely covering a panty-liner.

Heavy bleeding can be a sign of a miscarriage, so be sure to contact your doctor if your bleeding is as heavy as a regular period.

11. Frequent Urination

Another early and weird symptom of pregnancy is frequent urination and a change in how often you visit the restroom.

Many pregnant women find they visit the restroom more often early in pregnancy, while others only experience this later on when their baby is putting increased pressure on their bladder.

It’s also not uncommon to experience urinary leaks when exercising, laughing, or even sneezing. You can use a panty liner to help combat these slightly embarrassing moments.

12. Pain From Hunger

Going without food or water for a short period can actually be painful when you are pregnant, but the amount of pain experienced does differ between women.

If you have skipped your usual lunch meal and find that it hurt to do so, you might want to take a pregnancy test!

13. Sensitivity

Pregnant women do seem to be more sensitive than normal, and this ranges from sensitivity of smell to sensitive teeth.

You experience things differently when pregnant. Gum sensitivity can also lead to pain when brushing and flossing, and even bleeding.

The sensitivity of smell can also result in you hating a food you usually love or going off a certain taste for the duration of your pregnancy.

Smells you never even noticed before become a problem too.

Normally, I’m an egg-lover I can have eggs for breakfast, on a salad, as a snack, anywhere! But when pregnant, I could not stomach the smell at all. It would immediately bring up my nausea.

This went away towards the end of my second trimester, but isn’t uncommon to be an issue throughout the whole pregnancy.

14. Change In Body Temperature

It is common to experience a fluctuation in body temperature throughout pregnancy. You could have hot flushes, or cold chills, in the middle of the day out of nowhere.

You might feel more inclined to keep the house cooler during pregnancy, or to wear thicker pajamas at night.

The preference of temperature does vary between women.

15. Sleep Changes

Pregnancy does have quite an effect on your sleeping pattern, and you can expect some significant sleep changes over the 9 months you are pregnant.

This could mean you sleep better than ever before, or you find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Some women find that they fall into a deep sleep every night, and others might even battle with slight insomnia.

It is different for each woman, but you can expect even a slight change in your sleeping patterns when pregnant.

If you are having trouble falling asleep, especially due to discomfort during your last trimester, make sure you get a pregnancy pillow. They are a COMPLETE game-changer and offer support for your growing belly.

16. Indigestion

Indigestion is so common during pregnancy. It might start right at the beginning or only present itself later on.

Some women are lucky enough to not experience indigestion at all.

Indigestion, and other stomach issues, are mainly due to an increase in progesterone levels.

Most antacids are safe but you want to avoid any magnesium-containing ones during the end of your pregnancy as they can interfere with contractions during labor.

You can chat with your doctor about any options available to help with indigestion, as it can become quite a worry if it is present often! They will recommend the best course of action if it’s an ongoing problem for you.

17. Increased Tiredness

It is common to feel more tired when you are pregnant and to find yourself yawning more often than normal.

You could find that keeping up with your normal routine feels next to impossible, and you find it difficult just staying awake at night.

Your body goes through quite a bit of adjustment in the early days, and this does lead to increased tiredness.

It also doesn’t help that you shouldn’t be drinking much caffeine while pregnant. As a coffee-holic who cut down to one cup of jo a day while pregnant, the tiredness was REAL.

You’d be wise to cut down your caffeine-intake before getting pregnant as it’s an easier transition (but if you’re reading this, I’m assuming it’s probably too late now, LOL.)

18. Food Cravings

Food cravings on their own aren’t all that weird, but the food cravings that some pregnant women have are very strange!

Strong cravings are not unusual during pregnancy, and they can range from craving simple peanut butter to craving anchovies and chocolate sandwiches.

One of my weirder pregnancy cravings was twizzlers with peanut-butter. I have no idea how the two popped into my head, but once it did I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I had some! I thought it was so delicious 🤦‍♀️

Just beware – some strange cravings, such as craving chalk or washing powder (basically anything that isn’t food), can be signs that you are mineral deficient, so bring this up with your doctor.

19. Luscious Locks

Hair fall decreases during pregnancy, and you might find that your hair has never looked better than what it does during pregnancy!

This is another aspect of that ‘pregnancy glow’ we all want.

If you haven’t had to clear out hair from your hairbrush in a while, you might just be pregnant!

20. Increased Cervical Mucus

As your body gets ready to accommodate a baby, you might notice an increase in cervical mucus.

This could be a sign of a few other conditions but it is common in early pregnancy.

21. Itchiness

There are a few different reasons why you might feel itchier when pregnant.

Conditions such as PUPPPS, eczema, or related rashes can all cause intense itching.

If it becomes unbearable, speak to your doctor about the condition. They might be able to prescribe some creams or medication to help ease the itchiness where possible.

22. Sex Drive Changes

You will more than likely experience a change in your sex drive as well.

Some women find their sex drive increases, while others notice it drops significantly.

Sex drive also changes at different stages during pregnancy, and you might notice a change in the early days, or much later on.

23. Bumps Near Areolas

Montgomery tubercles, which are tiny bumps, will begin to develop around your areolas early in pregnancy.

These are found on the surface of the skin, either on the nipple or on the areolas. They are fairly noticeable when the nipple is stimulated.

24. Elevated Basal Temperatures

If you chart your temperature levels, you will notice a rise in your basal temperature.

Many women chart their temperature to find the times of contraception and conception and will notice a rise in their basal temperature when they fall pregnant.

25. Metallic Taste

So many pregnant women report a metallic taste in their mouth.

It can show up in the very early stages and sometimes last throughout the 9 months.

The strength of the metallic taste does vary, but it is one of the odder pregnancy symptoms!

26. Yeast Infections

It is common to experience yeast infections early on in pregnancy.

A yeast infection might occur in the early weeks of the first trimester.

If yeast infections are not common for you and you suddenly experience one, you might want to take a pregnancy test.

27. Gag Reflex

Brushing your teeth might cause you to gag!

An increased gagging reflex is common early on, and you might find it difficult to brush your teeth.

To make it worse, an increase in estrogen and progesterone can cause your gums to bleed during brushing as well!

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