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197+ Most Handsome Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

Everyone wants to pick a strong, confident baby name for their little bundle of joy.

it can be hard to pick THE perfect name for your baby, especially if you want a handsome baby boy name.

From traditional names to modern takes, we’ve collected the best of the best boy names that will add charm and uniqueness to your little one.

Go through this list and I’m confident you’ll find the perfect name for your baby boy…

What Makes A Boy Name Handsome

Gorgeous baby boy in a basket with a yellow hat

When selecting a name for your little boy, you may want to consider the definition behind it. While some parents simply like the sound or look of a particular name, other parents may be drawn to the deeper meanings that are associated with certain names.

Research suggests that a name can actually affect how others perceive us and our child’s future success.

Handsome boy names typically have a positive connotation associated with them. The fashion in which these names are pronounced may also serve to signify strength and leadership qualities.

Certain handsome bay boy names originate from Ancient Greek and Latin roots, emphasizing their distinguished value through antiquity. Some handsome baby boy names also have meanings stitched into them related to dignity, honor, power, bravery, or even gracefulness.

When picking out the perfect manly name for your child, consider searching for one with elegance attached to it.

Here is a list of some handsome boy names for you to consider:

Popular Handsome Baby Boy Names

Little boy in a sheet of yellow smilng

Finding the perfect name for your baby boy can be a tricky task.

What makes it even harder is when you’re looking for a name that is both handsome and timeless.

Thankfully, there are plenty of different attractive boy names to choose from.


Aiden is an anglicized version of the Gaelic name Aodhán, which means “little fire”. This handsome name is unrelated to Aidan, which has another Gaelic origin and is generally considered a male version of Aidan.

Aiden has been rising in popularity since the early 2000s and still remains one of the most beloved and handsome names.

In addition to being used as a given name, it may also be used as a surname. Aiden is also a common unisex (used for both males and females) name in other countries such as Ireland, Scotland, England and Australia.

Though its roots are Gaelic-based, it’s most closely associated with English culture due to its association with St. Aiden of Lindisfarne, an English monk.

There are many famous people who have been named Aiden over recent years including Aiden Turner from All My Children and musician Ava Max’s brother Ayden Stone.

Aiden is a classic Irish/English name that combines both classic sophistication as well as modern appeal—making it perfect for your newborn baby boy!


Alexander is an incredibly popular ancient Greek name, which means “protector of mankind”. It has been used since the time of Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC. The name was so popular during the ancient Hellene times that three kings in Macedonia bore it and four emperors of Rome had this name.

Today, it is still among some of the most popular handsome boy names, and can be found on those born in many countries, with variations such as Alexender or Aleksandr.

Alexander is considered a classic and traditional baby boy name, with a strong regal presence. Names like this help to evoke images of chivalry and heroic deeds.

Alexander was also a favorite in literature, especially after being used as a main character for many books such as Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell, Mary Stewart’s Madam Will You Talk?, Lord Byron’s Don Juan canto 10 and works by several British playwrights like Oliver Goldsmith and Shakespeare’s Cymbeline.


Benjamin is a name that has been around since the Hebrew Bible of the Old Testament. It is derived from the Hebrew Binyamin and means “son of the right hand.”

It has been popular in Europe, especially in England and Germany, ever since it was brought to Britain by Jews fleeing persecution during medieval times. The name Ben was used for generations by royal and noble families in Europe but was made more widely known when Benjamin Franklin rose to fame in colonial America.

Today, Benjamin is a popular name in many English-speaking countries, ranking within the top 40 or higher on baby-naming charts all over the world.

A few variations have also become popular, such as Benno, Bennie, Bernhard and Jedidah. The use of shortened forms like Ben have also increased in popularity over recent years.

The character of Benjamin from the classic novel ‘The Catcher in The Rye’ by J.D Sallinger may well have attributed to its growing presence on modern lists worldwide as readers will often adopt popular names from their favorite books as they become excitedly engrossed while traveling through a storyline with characters they love or connect strongly with.

All this combined can make just one name truly timeless when looking for that perfect handsome boy name!


Little boy standing up near a couch

Caleb, a variation of the Hebrew name Kaleb, means “full of devotion.” The biblical Caleb (or Kalev in the Bible) was a companion and subordinate of Moses. He was brave and strong-willed and his faith helped him accomplish great things. Due to this association it’s been a popular name since colonial America.

Celebrities who use the name Caleb include singer/songwriter Caleb Followill, outfielder Caleb Joseph and actor Caleb McLaughlin.

Cute nicknames include Cal, Cabe, Zabe or Bay. This classic boy’s name can never go wrong; suitable for any handsome baby boy who will grow into a man of strength and conviction.

It is also typically ranked in the top 10 most popular boy name lists in many countries worldwide including Australia, Canada and the United States!


Elijah is a popular choice for the handsome man in your life. Its Hebrew origin signifies strength and character, with a meaning of “the Lord is my God.”

From Elijah Wood to Elijah Cummings, there are many celebrated people that have carried the name. Its popularity has kept growing since its peak back in 2012 — so you won’t be alone in picking it for your child.

In literature, Elijah features prominently in the Bible as a Prophet of God and bearers of other variations have been used throughout film and books over the years — adding an exotic historical appeal. If you’re seeking something unique but that won’t shock grandparents, this is an excellent option.

Alternatives include Elliott or Emanuel if you don’t want to commit directly to this spelling of Hebrew name.

If you love the idea but don’t want to use an obvious variation why not take inspiration from The Chronicles Of Narnia by calling him Caspian or Aslan.


Baby boy smiling at camera

Ethan is a popular choice for a handsome boy name. Once a Hebrew name meaning “strong” or “firm,” it gained popularity in England after being mentioned in the Old Testament – specifically in the Book of Genesis.

In addition to its religious significance, Ethan has been associated with immortality and strength, making it an excellent choice for your child’s name.

Since its resurgence in the early 1990s, Ethan has been steadily climbing to one of the top 10 most popular boys’ names; just one of many reasons why parents may love this timeless name.

It’s modernized feature offers peacefulness too – with several spelling variations like Eythan or Ey than, this well-liked name allows you to make it your own.

Variations of Ethan can also be found around the world as well — Étienne in France, Esteban in Spain and Etienno in Italy to name a few.

Other variations include Eithne (Irish), Etan (Hebrew) and Edun (African). Its wide variety, coupled with the power it emanates, makes this classic an awesome pick for any parent-to-be searching for that special baby boy’s name!


The name Gabriel has been around for centuries, and its popularity as a boy’s name continues to rise. It’s an elegant name that represents strength, intelligence, and leadership. It also carries spiritual overtones with its definition of “God is my strength.”

The name originates from the Hebrew language, but is commonly used in many cultures today including French, Spanish, Portuguese and German-speaking countries.

Often associated with architecture and art due to the stylish designs created by the archangel Gabriel in heaven when according to Catholic tradition Building Heaven was being constructed by God.

The timelessness of this charming name makes it perfect for any modern baby boy.

With influences from religious culture and mythology, Gabriel embodies a aura of sophistication that transcends generations and can be seen throughout popular culture such as literature (Gabriel Oak in Thomas Hardy’s Far From The Madding Crowd) or movies (Gabriel Lowen played by Robert Pattinson in Twilight).


Cute baby boy smiling at cameraa on a persons lap

Jack is a common variant of John, of Hebrew origin, and one of the most popular name in English-speaking countries. Its popularity saw a steep rise during the middle of the 20th century and it continues to hold its place firmly.

The nickname for Jack is “Jackie” which implies an air of cuteness and innocence, making it irresistible as a name for little boys. It’s easy to say and can also be used as a pet name. Other variants are Jackson, Jacques, or Jaco.

Jack has been a common feature in popular culture such as books, documentaries, television shows and movies all over the world. In literature Jack (often in the form of Jack the Giant Killer or Jack and the Beanstalk) symbolizes courage, bravery and adventure.

In movies like Titanic or Pirates of Caribbean, he is seen as an independent thinker with strong will power who never backs away from difficult situations.


Jacob, which comes from the Hebrew meaning of “supplanter,” has been a popular name for many years. The name was first used in the Bible and is believed to be derived from Jacob’s struggle with the angel for his blessing.

Commonly associated with loyalty, strength, and steadfastness, Jacob has become a favorite name for boys throughout history. It is often shortened to Jake or even JC, although the full form remains popular among parents.

An elegant yet simple name, Jacob’s popularity hasn’t diminished despite being around since biblical times; it is still consistently among the top 20 names given to baby boys in America each year.


James is one of the most popular handsome boy names, derived from the Hebrew Ya’aqov, which means “he who supplants.”

The name was brought to England by the Normans as Jacques and since then has been a long-standing favorite in many countries, including the United States where it’s held steady in the Top 15 since 1963. From James Dean to James Franco, there have been a large number of notable people with the name.

Other variations of James include Jaimeson and Jaime. In classic literature, there are characters such as Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick Dr. John Watson (Watson always referred to him as “James”), Prince Florizel in William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, and James Harthouse in Charles Dickens’ Hard Times.

Popular nicknames for James also make great stand-alones—Jim and Jimmy are both popular diminutives that make great independent options!

Unique Handsome Boy Names

Handsome baby boy on the floor

Are you looking for a unique, handsome name for your son? If yes, you’ve come to the right place!

Here, you’ll find a list of unique, handsome boy names that are perfect for your little bundle of joy. You can choose from classic, timeless names like William, or opt for something more unique like Knox or Levi.

No matter what your preference is, you are sure to find something suitable for your baby boy here.


One of the most unique yet handsome boy names, Asher is a name that originates from Hebrew and has an interesting meaning behind it.

The name Asher is derived from the Hebrew word ‘asher’ which translates to ‘blessing’ or ‘happy one’. These meanings create a powerful connotation of positivity and optimism to the child’s overall persona.

Naming your child Asher will also give them a unique sound and look when it comes to their name as not many people will have this particular name. It has only become popular in the past couple of decades and can now be found on the local school rolls across some everyday countries.

Asher creates an interesting concept for your son’s life; one of hope, joy, luck, optimism and blessings — all of which you could wish for your most beloved son.

Furthermore, owing to its unheard nature, you can be sure that he will stand out in any place he visits due to his extraordinary moniker!


Augustus is a name of Latin origin derived from the Latin word ‘augustus,’ which means majestic and venerable. Augustus has been consistently popular as a baby name in recent years, with its usage first appearing in the late 19th century. It’s even ranked in the top 100 boy names in England and Wales over the past three decades.

The name has an air of regality to it, making it an attractive choice for those looking for a unique but handsome-sounding baby boy name.

It also invokes a certain strength associated with Roman emperors and other powerful leaders throughout history. Variations on Augustus are Gustave, Augustin, Augusto and Auguste.


Caden is one of the unique and handsome boy names that have been gaining traction recently. It originates from a Gaelic name meaning “battle,” making it a brave, strong and independent name for boys.

Popular in both the United States and United Kingdom, Caden can trace its roots back to the French language where it is pronounced as “ka-dən”.

The name entered top 10 baby names in 20 different states throughout the United States in 2015, making it one of the more popular choices for parents looking for classic but unique names.

The popularity of Caden has been on a steady rise since 1992, when it first began appearing on baby name lists.

Not only is Caden distinguished and powerful; it also has historic relevance and deep literary tradition that are associated with renowned authors such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Noel Coward among others.

An alternative spelling of this classic Irish boy’s name can be found in Cadon or Kaeden – but all three still remain firm favorites amongst parents of five-year-old boys today!


Cute twins in bunny outfit

Declan is a popular Irish name with an appealing sound, originally coming from the words for “full” and “freedom.”

This traditional name can be spelled in many ways, including the more modern spelling Declan. As a given name, it dates back to at least the 9th century and is very common in Ireland today.

In Ireland, Declan is often associated with Saint Declan of Ardmore, a 5th-century saint whose missionary activities led to the conversion of the region’s people to Christianity.

In modern times, Declan has become popular all over the world due to its melodic qualities and strong ties to Irish heritage.

Famous namesakes include Declan Donnelly (of Ant & Dec fame), athlete Declan Perry, actor Declan Greaney, and musician Declan Galbraith.

If you’re looking for a unique but handsome boy name that carries with it some cultural significance, look no further than Declan!


Finn is an Irish and Nordic name derived from the Old Norse words meaning “fair” and “white”. It has also been documented as a surname in Ulster, Ireland, during the period when it was subject to Viking settlement.

Generically accepted in most English-speaking countries, Finn has become a desirable choice among parents searching for unique handsome boy names.

A beloved character from Irish mythology, Finn Maccumhail was a shape-shifting hero who led an army of warriors known as Fianna.

In more contemporary terms, Ashton Kutcher portrayed Finn Dylan Baird on “That ‘70s Show”, thereby popularizing its usage even further.

Pop star Troye Sivan gave his son the diminutive form of Finn (Finley) for his own unique handsome boy name. Other similar variations can also be used; Finnegan is derived from the Irish surname O’Finnegan – with an additional Gaelic spelling of Fionnaghán – while Finlee is the feminine form of Finley.


Grayson is an English origin name that has become extremely popular in the United States. It means son of the Grey-Haired One.

The friendly “Grace” or “Gray” nickname suggests an attractive and confident man for a future romantic partner, making it ideal for boys looking for love when they reach adulthood.

Grayson actually considers being tall, intelligent, and a stylish dresser as features important to maintain his charm.

He can be a bit jealous when it comes to affection but makes up for it with loyalty and attentiveness.

With an elegant meaning and strong reputation, Grayson is an excellent option from this list of handsome boy names.


Henry is an old-fashioned English name with Germanic origins meaning “estate ruler” or “home ruler.” In the Middle Ages, Henry was a common name among European royalty, often given to seven different kings of England.

Henry is traditionally a strong, handsome and stately name that can work for modern boys as well.

It comes in many variations throughout the world, such as Henrik and Heinrich in Europe and Henri or Enrico in Latin America. The name is also used across many cultures, including Arabic and Somali. Henry also has popular diminutives like Hank, Harry, and Hal.


Cute baby boy in Father's arms

The name Leo is Latin in origin and comes from the Latin word meaning ‘lion’. Its association with the king of beasts has made Leo an attractive and popular name for many generations.

Not only is it used often as a given name, but also as a nickname too, especially for names beginning with the letter ‘L’. The phonetic sound of a lion’s roar is probably part of its alluring qualities.

Leo-inspired boy names can be further categorized into subcategories such as regal, handsome or brave. Variants that include Leon, Leonard, Leonidas and Leopold also offer boys’ names that look and sound elegant due to their longer form.

These might make excellent choices for parents who appreciate embellishments to extend them to fit their sons’ personalities more closely.

Idealistically speaking, the regal confidence of this iconic symbol makes it an ideal pick for when you’re looking to give your son strong leadership skills later in life! Many people tend to associate this name with bravery and rightly so – Leo has been known throughout history as being one of the bravest amongst us!


Liam is a popular name for boys in the English-speaking world, ranking consistently as one of the top 10 names for boys for the past few years.

Derived from the Irish name Uilliam, Liam is thought to mean “strong-willed warrior” or “protector”. The name has come to be associated with strength and resilience.

Variant forms of Liam include Lilian and Limor, while Wylie is a spelling variation of sorts. A unique twist on this classic boy’s name would be Lyoam, which gives it a cool modern touch.


Noah is a classic, timeless name with Hebrew origins translating to “rest, comfort”. Although it has gained popularity over the past few decades and is currently ranked as the 2nd most popular boys name in 2019 in the United States, it still remains unique.

The story of Noah’s Ark in the Bible adds an inspirational layer of meaning to this handsome boy’s name. Noahs are generally seen as calm and empathetic leaders who make wise decisions with grace.

Famous Noahes include writer-actor-musician Noah Wyle who was well known for his portrayal of Dr. John Carter on ER; singer-songwriter and Idol winner, Ryan Hope who performed under the stage name Bright Light Bright Light, professional basketball player Aaron Afflalo who played for teams such as Denver Nuggets and Orlando Magic

Unique variations Notable variations of this could be Niall or Noelle which are popular Irish names or Nowak which is a Polish form making a great option for multi-cultural families.

151+ More Handsome Baby Names

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  • Abraham | Father of multitudes – Hebrew
  • Ace | One, unity – Latin origin
  • Aden | Little fire – Irish origin
  • Alan | Handsome, cheerful – Irish origin
  • Alexander | Defending man – Greek
  • Allen | Handsome – Irish origin
  • Ambrose | Immortal – Latin origin
  • Amos | Carried by God – Hebrew
  • Anders | Strong and manly – Scandinavian
  • Anderson | Son of Anders – Scandinavian
  • Andrew | Strong and manly – Greek
  • Angus | One strength – English, Gaelic
  • Apollo | Destroyer – Greek
  • Archer | Bowman – Latin, English
  • Armstrong | Strong arms – English, Scottish
  • Atlas | Greek God name – Greek
  • Atticus | From Attica – Latin
  • August | Great, magnificent – German from Latin
  • Axel | Father of peace – Scandinavian
  • Barrett | Bear strength – German origin
  • Beau | Handsome – French
  • Beckett | Little brook or bee cottage – English, Irish origin
  • Benedict | Blessed – Latin
  • Benjamin | Son of the right hand – Hebrew
  • Boaz | Swiftness – Hebrew
  • Booker | Scribe, occupational surname – English
  • Braxton | Brock’s town – English
  • Brent | Dweller near the burnt land – English
  • Bridger | Lives near the bridge – English
  • Brooks | Of the brook – English
  • Bryant | Strong, virtuous, and honorable – English, Irish origin
  • Caleb | Devotion to God – Hebrew
  • Callum | Dove – Scottish from Latin
  • Calvin | Bald, hairless – Latin
  • Camden | Winding valley – Scottish
  • Cannon | Word name – English
  • Charles | Free man – French from German origin
  • Coleman | Servant of Nicholas – English
  • Colin | Pup – Irish, Scottish
  • Damon | Variation of Damian, to tame, subdue – English from Greek
  • Dane | From Denmark – English
  • Dashiell | Page boy – English from French
  • Dawson | Son of David – Welsh
  • Dean | Church official – English
  • Declan | Man of prayer – Irish origin
  • Demetrius | Follower of Demeter – Greek
  • Denzel | From the high stronghold – Cornish
  • Dominic | Belonging to the lord – Latin
  • Easton | East-facing place – English
  • Edmund | Fortunate protector – English
  • Elijah | Yahweh is God – Hebrew
  • Elliot | Jehovah is God – English from Hebrew
  • Emmett | Universal – English, German origin
  • Evander | Bow warrior; strong man – Scottish, Greek origin
  • Everett | Brave as a wild boar – French from German
  • Ezekiel | God strengthens – Hebrew origin
  • Ezra | Help – Hebrew
  • Faron | Handsome servant – Biblical origin
  • Finlay | Fair haired hero – Irish origin
  • Finn | Fair – Finnish
  • Ford | Dweller at the ford – English
  • Foster | Forester – English
  • Frederic | Peaceful ruler – French from German
  • Garrett | Spear strength – Irish origin
  • Garrison | Son of Garrett – English
  • George | Farmer – Greek origin
  • Gideon | Hewer; or having a stump for a hand – Hebrew
  • Grady | Noble, illustrious – Irish origin
  • Graham | Gravelly homestead – Scottish origin
  • Granger | Worker of the granary – English
  • Grant | Large Scottish from – French origin
  • Gray | Color name – English
  • Gregor | Vigilant, a watchman – Scottish origin
  • Griffin | Strong lord – Welsh
  • Harrison | Son of Harry – English
  • Hartman | Hard, strong man – German origin
  • Harvey | Battle worthy – French origin
  • Hayes | Hedged area – English
  • Holden | Hollow valley – English
  • Hoyt | Long stick – English
  • Hudson | Hugh’s son – English
  • Hugo | Mind, intellect – Latin
  • Huxley | Inhospitable place – English
  • Jack | God is gracious – English
  • Jacob | Supplanter – Hebrew origin
  • Jacoby | Supplanter – Hebrew origin
  • Jasper | Bringer of treasure – Persian
  • Jett | Mineral name – English
  • John | God is gracious – Hebrew origin
  • Jude | Praised – Latin origin
  • Julian | Youthful, downy – English from Latin origin
  • Kenneth | Born of fire, handsome – Scottish, Irish
  • Kenzo | Strong and healthy – Japanese
  • Kingston | King’s town – English
  • Lawson | Son of Lawrence – English
  • Leland | Meadow land – English
  • Leo | Lion – Latin origin
  • Liam | Resolute protection- Irish
  • Lincoln | Town by the pool – English
  • Lorcan | Little, fierce – Irish
  • Louis | Renowned warrior – German, French origin
  • Luke | Man from Lucania – Greek origin
  • Lysander | Liberator – Greek origin
  • Macallister | Son of Alasdair – Scottish origin
  • Macgregor | Son of Gregor – Scottish origin
  • Mack | Son of – Scottish, Irish origin
  • Mateo | Gift of God – Spanish
  • Maxwell | Great stream – Scottish origin
  • Maynard | Hardy, brave, strong – German origin
  • Merrick | Fame, power – English, Welsh
  • Meyer | Bringer of light – Hebrew origin
  • Miles | Soldier or merciful – English
  • Miller | Grinder of grain – English
  • Montgomery | Man power – English, Scottish from French
  • Nathaniel | Gift of God – Hebrew origin
  • Nelson | Son of Neil – English
  • Oakley | Oak wood or clearing – English
  • Oliver | Olive tree – Latin origin
  • Orlando | Famous through the land – Italian origin
  • Orson | Bear cub – Latin and English
  • Oswald | Devine power – English
  • Otto | Wealthy – German
  • Peregrine | Traveler, pilgrim – Latin origin
  • Philip | Lover of horses – Greek origin
  • Pierce | Son of Piers – English
  • Porter | Gatekeeper – Latin origin
  • Powell | Son of Howell – English
  • Prescott | Priest’s cottage – English
  • Rafferty | Floodtide, abundance, prosperity – Irish
  • Reeve | Bailiff – English
  • Reid | Red-haired – English
  • Remington | Place on a riverbank – English
  • Rhodes | Where roses grow – Greek origin
  • Roman | Citizen of Rome – Latin origin
  • Sampson | Sun – Hebrew origin
  • Shepherd | Sheep herder – English
  • Simon | The listener – Hebrew origin
  • Smith | Blacksmith – English occupational name
  • Solomon | Peace – Hebrew origin
  • Sterling | Of the highest quality – English
  • Sullivan | Black-eyed on – Irish
  • Sumner | Occupational name – English
  • Tanner | Leather tanner – English
  • Tate | Cheerful – English from Norse
  • Thaddeus | Gift of God – Aramaic
  • Thatcher | Roof thatcher – English
  • Theodore | Gift of God – Greek
  • Tiernan | Little lord – Irish
  • Titan | Defender – Greek
  • Tobias | God is good Greek from – Hebrew origin
  • Tolliver | Metalworker – English
  • Trenton | Trent’s town – English
  • Valentino | Strength, health – Latin origin
  • Victor | Conqueror – Latin origin
  • Walker | Cloth-walker – English
  • Warner | Army – English from German
  • Westcott | From the western cottage – English
  • Westley | Variation of Wesley, meaning western meadow – English
  • Wharton | Farm near the river – English
  • Whittaker | White field – English
  • Wilder | Surname or word name – English
  • Willard | Resolutely brave – English from German
  • William | Resolute protection – English from German
  • Willoughby | Farm near the willows – English
  • Wolf | Traveling wolf – German
  • Wright | Wagon maker – English
  • Wyatt | Brave in war – English
  • Yale | Fertile upland – Welsh
  • York | From the yew estate – English
  • Zachariah | The Lord has remembered – Hebrew origin
  • Zale | Sea-strength – Greek
  • Zane | God is gracious – Italian origin, American English from German and Jewish; form of Arabic Zayn
  • Zephyr | West wind – Greek
  • Zion | Highest point – Hebrew origin

Conclusion: Handsome Baby Boy Names

Choosing a name for a child is an important decision that should reflect the values and goals of a family.

Handsome boy names are particularly special since they represent strength, looks, and charm.

Whether you want your son to become a doctor or an artist, selecting the perfect name will help him set him up for success in life.

When considering handsome boy names for your newborn son, try to think about his possible future and pick a name that will reflect his personality as he grows older.

Research classic as well as modern names that can suit any promising future career.

Bear in mind the rise of nickname culture among school-age children; even if your son’s given name may have been considered “handsome” and timeless five hundred years ago, modern kids might not appreciate it if they too easily translate it into something less attractive (Cooper, Tyson…).

Once you select the right handsome name for your son – be sure to check its origin and meaning (if there is one) as well.

Reading its history can enable you to dive deeper into your family’s roots while also making sure you have correctly priced what this new addition really stands for in our society today.