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196 Stunning Middle Names For Chloe (Plus More!)

If you are reading this, chances are that you are considering naming your little precious baby girl Chloe and would like to know more about the name.

Well, you’re at the right place! We did a deep dive and have put together all you need to know about this gorgeous name so you can pick the perfect middle name for Chloe.

What Does The Name Chloe Mean?


Chloe is a timeless name derived from Greek mythology. It belonged to Demeter who was a sister of Zeus and the goddess of agriculture and fertility.

Due to its relationship with plant growth and sprouts, ancient Greeks used it as an epithet for Demeter in spring. Its meaning is a “young green shoot” or “bloom”. To be precise, it refers to foliage that typically appears in spring.

In its Proto-Indo-European origins, Chloe means “green or yellow color”. Chlodwig is a German male variation of Chloe and means “famous warrior”.

In addition to its rich meaning and literary background, the name also appears in the New Testament. Its alternative spellings include Khloe and Cloe. 

How Popular Is the Name Chloe?

Originally, Chloe became popular after the protestant reformation which advocated for babies to be christened with biblical names.

Since then, the name has been consistently used English speaking countries such as the US, Australia, and the UK. Other countries such as Italy and Spain have also recently adopted the name.

But, how popular is it? Well…

The name first rose to popularity in the 90s and early 2000s becoming widespread in the United States and the United Kingdom. It has also achieved substantial popularity in Canada, Australia, and Ireland.

In addition, data from Social Security Administration shows that Chloe has consistently been in the top 100 girl names since 2000. It is also the 38th most popular name on

Moreover, Google search data analytics show that it was most popular in 2018. This tremendous popularity can be partially attributed to celebrities such as Chloe Sevigny, Chloe Grace Moretz, and reality star Khloe Kardashian.

Below is a Popularity Trend Chart showing the name’s popularity in the US (Data via

Name Variations For Chloe

Due to its biblical origins, various languages have adapted different spellings to suit their needs and preferences. This implies that there are several variants of the name Chloe.

The most common is “Chloë” which is written with a dieresis mark to show that it should be pronounced separately from the letter “O”. Another popular and common variation is the French version- “Chloé’. Besides these, there are several other variations. Have a look.

  • Chloé
  • Chloë
  • Cloé
  • Cloe
  • Khloe
  • Chloee
  • Cloe
  • Cloey 
  • Khloey 
  • Kloe

Famous People Named Chloe

Broad public acceptance and the fame of several celebrities have significantly influenced the popularity of the name Chloe. Some of the most notable celebrities with the name include:

Celebrity NameProfession
Chloe Bennett
American- Chinese singer and actress 
Chloë AgnewIrish Singer
Chloe AlperEnglish Singer
Chloe SuttonAmerican swimmer
Chloe DaoAmerican television personality and fashion designer
Chloe LogarzoAustralian Footballer
Chloé ZhaoAmerican-Chinese filmmaker
Chloe AnnettBritish Actress
Chloe HanslipBritish Violinist
Chloe BridgesAmerican Actress
Chloe JonesAmerican Model
Chloe KimAmerican Snowboarder
Chloe HowlBritish songwriter- singer

Similar Names to Chloe

Looking for a name that is like Chloe but with a little difference? Well, there are several options to choose from. On the table below, find analogous names that have the vibrancy, youthfulness, and close meaning of Chloe.

Name MeaningOrigin
CloGreen shootGreek
DaisyDaisy flowerEnglish
HarperHarp PlayerEnglish
NatalieChristmas DayGreek
OliviaOlive treeLatin
LucyOf the lightEnglish
CahlieBeautiful, lovelyGreek
CaleeBeautiful, lovelyGreek
ClarissaBright, famousLatin
CalieBeautiful, lovelyGreek
CloverShe who clings lovinglyGreek
CleoThe celebrated oneGreek

Sibling And Twin Name Ideas For The Name

If you decide to name your baby girl Chloe, find solace in knowing that there are several other names you can give to her siblings. Many of these rhyme beautiful with Chloe and will make perfect sibling or twin names. Take a look. 

AlainaLittle rockFrench
MareaA variant form of MarinaGreek
Jensen Son of JensScandinavian 
KaydenSon of CadanAmerican
AriaVocal soloEnglish 
KelsieVictorious shipEnglish
AbigailFather’s rejoiceHebrew
Kylie BoomerangAboriginal 

Common Nicknames

Once you have named your bundles of joy Chloe, there is also a wide array of fun nicknames you can later call her. The most popular ones include but are not limited to: 

  • Clo-Clo
  • Clo
  • Clover
  • Co-co
  • Lola
  • Lo-lo

And now, without further adieu….

Middle Names For Chloe

  1. Chloe Abigail
  2. Chloe Abriella
  3. Chloe Adelaide
  4. Chloe Adele
  5. Chloe Agatha
  6. Chloe Aislyn
  7. Chloe Alexa
  8. Chloe Alexandra
  9. Chloe Alexandria
  10. Chloe Alice
  11. Chloe Allegra
  12. Chloe Amelia
  13. Chloe Anais
  14. Chloe Anastasia
  15. Chloe Angelica
  16. Chloe Aniston
  17. Chloe Annabelle
  18. Chloe Anne
  19. Chloe Arianna
  20. Chloe Ariel
  21. Chloe Ashlynn
  22. Chloe Athena
  23. Chloe Aurelia
  24. Chloe Aurora
  25. Chloe Ava
  26. Chloe Avery
  27. Chloe Beatrice
  28. Chloe Bernadette
  29. Chloe Beth
  30. Chloe Bethany
  31. Chloe Bianca
  32. Chloe Blair
  33. Chloe brianne
  34. Chloe Bronwyn
  35. Chloe Brook
  36. Chloe Brooklyn
  37. Chloe Brynlee
  38. Chloe Camilla
  39. Chloe Carson
  40. Chloe Cassandra
  41. Chloe Christine
  42. Chloe Cordelia
  43. Chloe Daisy
  44. Chloe Danica
  45. Chloe Danielle
  46. Chloe Dawn
  47. Chloe Dawson
  48. Chloe Delia
  49. Chloe Delilah
  50. Chloe Denise
  51. Chloe Diana
  52. Chloe Diane
  53. Chloe Elaine
  54. Chloe Eleanor
  55. Chloe Elise
  56. Chloe Elizabeth
  57. Chloe Ella
  58. Chloe Elle
  59. Chloe Emilia
  60. Chloe erin
  61. Chloe Estelle
  62. Chloe Esther
  63. Chloe Evangeline
  64. Chloe Eve
  65. Chloe Evelyn
  66. Chloe Faith
  67. Chloe Faye
  68. Chloe Finley
  69. Chloe Flora
  70. Chloe Florence
  71. Chloe Frances
  72. Chloe Francesca
  73. Chloe Francis
  74. Chloe Freya
  75. Chloe Gabriella
  76. Chloe Gabrielle
  77. Chloe Garnet
  78. Chloe Gayle
  79. Chloe Genevieve
  80. Chloe Georgia
  81. Chloe Georgina
  82. Chloe Giselle
  83. Chloe Grace
  84. Chloe Gwendoline
  85. Chloe Harmony
  86. Chloe Harper
  87. Chloe Harriet
  88. Chloe Heather
  89. Chloe Helena
  90. Chloe Hope
  91. Chloe Imelda
  92. Chloe Irene
  93. Chloe Iris
  94. Chloe Isabella
  95. Chloe Isabelle
  96. Chloe Isobella
  97. Chloe Jacqueline
  98. Chloe Jade
  99. Chloe Jane
  100. Chloe Jean
  101. Chloe Jessica
  102. Chloe Josephine
  103. Chloe Joyce
  104. Chloe Julianne
  105. Chloe Juliet
  106. Chloe Juliette
  107. Chloe Kendra
  108. Chloe Kirsten
  109. Chloe Kristina
  110. Chloe Kyla
  111. Chloe Laurel
  112. Chloe Leanne
  113. Chloe Leilani
  114. Chloe Lenora
  115. Chloe Liana
  116. Chloe Lily
  117. Chloe Lola
  118. Chloe Louisa
  119. Chloe Louise
  120. Chloe Lucille
  121. Chloe Lucy
  122. Chloe Lydia
  123. Chloe Lynn
  124. Chloe Madeleine
  125. Chloe Madeline
  126. Chloe Madison
  127. Chloe Makenna
  128. Chloe Margaret
  129. Chloe Maria
  130. Chloe Marie
  131. Chloe Maris
  132. Chloe Matilda
  133. Chloe May
  134. Chloe Meredith
  135. Chloe Michele
  136. Chloe Michelle
  137. Chloe Miranda
  138. Chloe Molly
  139. Chloe Morgan
  140. Chloe Nadine
  141. Chloe Nancy
  142. Chloe Natalie
  143. Chloe Natasha
  144. Chloe Nicole
  145. Chloe Noelle
  146. Chloe Odetta
  147. Chloe Odette
  148. Chloe Oliver
  149. Chloe Olivia
  150. Chloe Ophelia
  151. Chloe Paige
  152. Chloe Patience
  153. Chloe Patricia
  154. Chloe Pearl
  155. Chloe Primrose
  156. Chloe Priscilla
  157. Chloe Quinn
  158. Chloe Rae
  159. Chloe Raine
  160. Chloe Ramona
  161. Chloe Reese
  162. Chloe Renee
  163. Chloe Riley
  164. Chloe Rosanne
  165. Chloe Rose
  166. Chloe Roxanne
  167. Chloe Ruby
  168. Chloe Ryan
  169. Chloe Sage
  170. Chloe Samantha
  171. Chloe Saphire
  172. Chloe Savannah
  173. Chloe Scarlett
  174. Chloe Selena
  175. Chloe Serena
  176. Chloe Simone
  177. Chloe Sophia
  178. Chloe Summer
  179. Chloe Susannah
  180. Chloe Sydney
  181. Chloe Tabitha
  182. Chloe Taylor
  183. Chloe Teresa
  184. Chloe Theodora
  185. Chloe Theresa
  186. Chloe Valeria
  187. Chloe Vanessa
  188. Chloe Victoria
  189. Chloe Viola
  190. Chloe Violet
  191. Chloe Virginia
  192. Chloe Vivian
  193. Chloe Warren
  194. Chloe Willow
  195. Chloe Winona
  196. Chloe Yvonne


As you might have already figured out, Chloe is a fanciful female name that invokes feelings of rejuvenation and nature.

Therefore, there is no reason why you should not go ahead and give the name to your precious baby girl.

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