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248 Beautiful Middle Names For Hannah (So Hard To Decide!)

If you are thinking of naming your baby Hannah, it helps to know all about the name, to really decide if it is the right name for your baby.

Take a read through the below to find out where the name Hannah comes from, variations of the name, and more!

Origin Of The Name Hannah


Let’s begin with the origin of the name Hannah. Hannah comes from the name Channah, which is a Hebrew name meaning ‘grace’, and the biblical version of the name gives the name the meaning of favor too. It is often understood as the “grace of God” or “favored by God”

Hannah is a biblical name, and it appears in the Old Testament, both in Christianity and Judaism. In the Bible, Hannah is the mother of Samuel.

Famous People With The Name Hannah

As Hannah is a popular name, there have been a few famous people who share the name, Hannah. Here are the most famous people with the name Hannah:

Hannah Spearritt – Singer and Actress. Original member from S Club 7.

Hannah Montana – While not a real person, Hannah Montana is the superstar persona of Miley Cyrus in the famous show with the same name.

Hannah Simone – British-Canadian actress best know for her role as CeCe on the TV series New Girl.

Hannah Taylor-Gordon – Actress best known for her role as Anne Frank in the TV miniseries of the same name.

Related Names

If you love the idea of the name Hannah but want some other options, here are some similar names, and some others from the Old Testament, to give you a little more choice:

  1. Eve
  2. Rebekah (or Rebecca)
  3. Abigail
  4. Harriet
  5. Harper
  6. Isabelle
  7. Hope
  8. Faith
  9. Hallie
  10. Ava

Variations Of The Name Hannah

As the name Hannah is a fairly old name and has roots in the Old Testament, there are some variations of the name for you to consider. 

  • Hanna (Hebrew and German variation)
  • Chanah (Hebrew)
  • Chana (Hebrew)
  • Hanne (German)

Sibling And Twin Names That Suit Hannah

If you are having twins, or have another sibling on the way, you might need to look up a good name that suits the name Hannah.

Here are some of the best names that suit Hannah, whether it be for a twin or a sibling.


  1. Hannah and Daniel
  2. Hannah and Noah
  3. Hannah and Harry
  4. Hannah and Henry
  5. Hannah and James
  6. Hannah and Joshua
  7. Hannah and Joseph
  8. Hannah and Matthew
  9. Hannah and Jacob
  10. Hannah and Isaac


  1. Hannah and Emma
  2. Hannah and Mary
  3. Hannah and Olivia
  4. Hannah and Rachel
  5. Hannah and Harriet
  6. Hannah and Sarah
  7. Hannah and Olivia
  8. Hannah and Grace
  9. Hannah and Ada
  10. Hannah and Hazel


  1. Hannah and Charlie
  2. Hannah and Alex
  3. Hannah and Taylor
  4. Hannah and Morgan
  5. Hannah and Riley

One tip for choosing the best twin or sibling name for Hannah is to make a shortlist of your favorites, and practice saying them out loud during the day. This will help you decide which one you think sounds best!

Nicknames For Hannah

One of the first things that you need to consider is the nicknames that you would give your child. The name Hannah has some great nicknames, here are some of the best:

  1. Anna
  2. Han
  3. Ann
  4. Annie
  5. Hanns
  6. Hana
  7. Hanna Banana
  8. Han Han
  9. Hani
  10. Hanna Belle

Is The Name Hannah A Popular Name?

Hannah is a popular name that has been in the top 50 baby names for over 30 years. It was even the number one girl’s name for three years in a row in the 90s and was in the top 10 girls’ names for over a decade.

Right now, the name Hannah is only ranked in the top 50 baby names, and not near the top ten, so while it is still a popular name, it is not as popular as it once was.

Historically, the name Hannah has been predominantly a girl’s name, but it can be used as a unisex name too.

Middle Names For Hannah

You might want to give your child a second name, and it can often be tricky trying to find a middle name to give your child, which sounds perfect with their first name.

These are some beautiful middle names for Hannah:

  1. Hannah Abigail
  2. Hannah Acacia
  3. Hannah Adelaide
  4. Hannah Adele
  5. Hannah Agatha
  6. Hannah Alexandra
  7. Hannah Alice
  8. Hannah Alicia
  9. Hannah Althea
  10. Hannah Amaryllis
  11. Hannah Amelia
  12. Hannah Amity
  13. Hannah Amy
  14. Hannah Anne
  15. Hannah Anne/Ann
  16. Hannah Ashley
  17. Hannah Astrid
  18. Hannah Audrey
  19. Hannah Autumn
  20. Hannah Avery
  21. Hannah Bea
  22. Hannah Beatrice
  23. Hannah Bernice
  24. Hannah Beth
  25. Hannah Bethany
  26. Hannah Beverley
  27. Hannah Birch
  28. Hannah Birdie
  29. Hannah Blaire
  30. Hannah Blanche
  31. Hannah Blythe
  32. Hannah Bree
  33. Hannah Bridget
  34. Hannah Brielle
  35. Hannah Brooke
  36. Hannah Caitlyn/Kaitlyn
  37. Hannah Camellia
  38. Hannah Camille
  39. Hannah Caroline
  40. Hannah Catherine
  41. Hannah Cecily
  42. Hannah Celeste
  43. Hannah Celia
  44. Hannah Charlotte
  45. Hannah Chloe
  46. Hannah Claire
  47. Hannah Clementine
  48. Hannah Coral
  49. Hannah Coralie
  50. Hannah Daisy
  51. Hannah Danae
  52. Hannah Danielle
  53. Hannah Daphne
  54. Hannah Dawn
  55. Hannah Deborah
  56. Hannah Delphine
  57. Hannah Doreen
  58. Hannah Dorothy
  59. Hannah Eden
  60. Hannah Edith
  61. Hannah Elise
  62. Hannah Elizabeth
  63. Hannah Ella
  64. Hannah Eloise
  65. Hannah Elysia
  66. Hannah Emily
  67. Hannah Emmeline
  68. Hannah Erin
  69. Hannah Estelle
  70. Hannah Evangeline
  71. Hannah Eve
  72. Hannah Evelyn
  73. Hannah Faith
  74. Hannah Faye
  75. Hannah Felicity
  76. Hannah Fern
  77. Hannah Fleur
  78. Hannah Florence
  79. Hannah Frances
  80. Hannah Francine
  81. Hannah Gabriela
  82. Hannah Gabrielle
  83. Hannah Gayle
  84. Hannah Gaylene
  85. Hannah Genevieve
  86. Hannah Georgine
  87. Hannah Gertrude
  88. Hannah Gillian
  89. Hannah Giselle
  90. Hannah Grace
  91. Hannah Greer
  92. Hannah Gwen
  93. Hannah Gwendolen
  94. Hannah Gweneth
  95. Hannah Gwynne
  96. Hannah Hope
  97. Hannah Imogene
  98. Hannah Irene
  99. Hannah Iris
  100. Hannah Isabel
  101. Hannah Isabella
  102. Hannah Ivy
  103. Hannah Jacqueline
  104. Hannah Jade
  105. Hannah Jane
  106. Hannah Jasmine
  107. Hannah Jewel
  108. Hannah Jillian
  109. Hannah Joan
  110. Hannah Jolene
  111. Hannah Josephine
  112. Hannah Joy
  113. Hannah Joyce
  114. Hannah Juliana
  115. Hannah Juliet
  116. Hannah June
  117. Hannah Juniper
  118. Hannah Justine
  119. Hannah Kate
  120. Hannah Katelyn
  121. Hannah Katherine
  122. Hannah Kathleen
  123. Hannah Kay
  124. Hannah Kirsten
  125. Hannah Kirsty
  126. Hannah Krista
  127. Hannah Kristen
  128. Hannah Kristine
  129. Hannah Laurel
  130. Hannah Lauren
  131. Hannah Leah
  132. Hannah Leanne
  133. Hannah Lee/Leigh
  134. Hannah Leigh
  135. Hannah Lesley
  136. Hannah Liesl
  137. Hannah Lillian
  138. Hannah Lily
  139. Hannah Linnea
  140. Hannah Lois
  141. Hannah Lorelei
  142. Hannah Louisa
  143. Hannah Louise
  144. Hannah Lucia
  145. Hannah Lucienne
  146. Hannah Lucy
  147. Hannah Luna
  148. Hannah Lydia
  149. Hannah Lynn
  150. Hannah MacKenzie
  151. Hannah Macy
  152. Hannah Madeleine
  153. Hannah Madison
  154. Hannah Mae/May
  155. Hannah Maeve
  156. Hannah Maple
  157. Hannah Marceline
  158. Hannah Marcey
  159. Hannah Margaret
  160. Hannah Marie
  161. Hannah Marion
  162. Hannah Mary
  163. Hannah Mary-Ann
  164. Hannah May
  165. Hannah May / Mae
  166. Hannah Meghan
  167. Hannah Melody
  168. Hannah Mercedes
  169. Hannah Meredith
  170. Hannah Michelle
  171. Hannah Miranda
  172. Hannah Naomi
  173. Hannah Narelle
  174. Hannah Natalia
  175. Hannah Natalie
  176. Hannah Nicole
  177. Hannah Noelle
  178. Hannah Nora
  179. Hannah Odette
  180. Hannah Olive
  181. Hannah Olivia
  182. Hannah Ophelia
  183. Hannah Paige
  184. Hannah Pansy
  185. Hannah Pearl
  186. Hannah Philippa
  187. Hannah Phoebe
  188. Hannah Piper
  189. Hannah Poppy
  190. Hannah Prairie
  191. Hannah Presley
  192. Hannah Primrose
  193. Hannah Queen
  194. Hannah Quinn
  195. Hannah Rachael
  196. Hannah Rachel
  197. Hannah Raven
  198. Hannah Rayne
  199. Hannah Rebecca
  200. Hannah Regina
  201. Hannah Renée
  202. Hannah River
  203. Hannah Robin/Robyn
  204. Hannah Rosabel
  205. Hannah Rosabelle
  206. Hannah Rosabeth
  207. Hannah Rosalie
  208. Hannah Rosalyn
  209. Hannah Rose
  210. Hannah Rue
  211. Hannah Sage
  212. Hannah Sarah
  213. Hannah Scarlett
  214. Hannah Sela
  215. Hannah Sequoyah
  216. Hannah Seraphine
  217. Hannah Shay
  218. Hannah Shirley
  219. Hannah Sibyl
  220. Hannah Simone
  221. Hannah Sky
  222. Hannah Skye
  223. Hannah Soleil
  224. Hannah Sophia
  225. Hannah Star
  226. Hannah Sue
  227. Hannah Susan
  228. Hannah Tamara
  229. Hannah Taylor
  230. Hannah Teresa
  231. Hannah Theresa
  232. Hannah Tracey
  233. Hannah Unice
  234. Hannah Valerie
  235. Hannah Victoria
  236. Hannah Violet
  237. Hannah Virginia
  238. Hannah Vivian
  239. Hannah Wanda
  240. Hannah Willa
  241. Hannah Willow
  242. Hannah Wren
  243. Hannah Wynne
  244. Hannah Yasmin
  245. Hannah Yvette
  246. Hannah Yvonne
  247. Hannah Zara
  248. Hannah Zoe

When picking out a middle name, write down the initials with your surname, to make sure that it does not spell out anything strange.

Say the full name out loud to yourself, the first, middle, and surname together, to make sure you like the sound and that your child’s full name will roll off the tongue.

You might have to repeat this process for a whole lot of different names before finally picking out the perfect one!

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