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123 Strong Middle Names For Sebastian (Obsessed!)

There are many beautiful names to choose from when naming your baby boy. But if you’re looking for something exceptional, Sebastian is the perfect option. This name has a lot of history and meaning behind it.

Sebastian is one of those names that just sounds perfect for a baby boy, and there are plenty of reasons why it should be your top choice. We will be looking at the name in more detail, so read on.

Origin Of The Name


The name Sebastian is either a first name or a surname with several possible origins. 

Its origins are from the Greek language, from the name “Sebastianos,” meaning “from Sebastia.” 

Sebastia was an ancient town in Anatolia (located in modern-day Turkey) known for its strict asceticism. Today the city is known as “Sivas.” 

In the Greek language, the city’s name is sebastos, meaning “venerable,” “revered,” or “august” from Augustus. 

It also originates from the Latin “Sebastianus,” meaning “majestic.” It was not used as a first name until the end of the Middle Ages.

Famous People With The Name

Sebastian is a popular name and has been used throughout history. Here are examples of famous people named Sebastian:

  • Saint Sebastian

Saint Sebastian was an early Christian saint and martyr in the 3rd Century. According to Christian legend, he was killed by arrows after praying for the conversion of Emperor Diocletian. He largely contributed to the popularity of the name.

  • Sebastian Pasquali (Australian)-a professional footballer
  • Johann Sebastian Bach (German)-a composer who lived between 1685-1750
  • Sebastián Piñera (Chilean)- President of Chile since 2018
  • Sebastian Joseph (American)-a football player
  • Sebastian Karlsson (Swedish)-a singer
  • Sebastian Koch (German)-an actor
  • Sebastian Rudy (German)- a professional footballer
  • Sebastian Ingrosso (Swedish)- a member of Swedish House Mafia and D.J
  • Sebastian Telfair (American)- a basketball player
  • Sebastián Rozental (Chilean)-a professional soccer player
  • Sébastien Ogier (French)- a rally car driver
  • Sebastian Schmitt (German)-a basketball player
  • Sebastian Sauve (American)-a male model
  • Guy Sebastian- winner of the 2003 first season of Australian Idol
  • Sebastian Maniscalco (American)-a stand-up comedian

Popularity Of The Name

Sebastian is a name that is popular in many countries. 

  • In 2008 Sebastian was the 98th most popular name for boys in USA. It has remained in the top 20 for the past several years. 
  • In Norway and Chile, Sebastian is a relatively popular name. It ranks the 13th most popular name for baby boys in 2007(Norway) and 5th in 2006 (Chile).
  • 2007: 86th most popular name for boys born in England and Wales, 
  • 38th in Sweden, and 
  • 59th in New South Wales, Australia.

Related Names

When you’re picking a baby name, you might want to consider some similar names to the one you’ve chosen. 

Your child will feel more connected to their name and make it easier to learn to spell and say their name correctly.

If you’re looking for related names to Sebastian, here are a few ideas:

  • Alexander
  • Christopher
  • Colin
  • George
  • Gregory
  • Jason
  • Jerome
  • Nicholas
  • Adonis
  • Andrew
  • Theodore
  • Jason
  • Grayson

Name Variations

There are many different name variations for the name Sebastian. They vary depending on the country; you can find different spellings of the same name or different names that sound similar. Others are nicknames that have been adopted for use instead of the full name.

You can choose to entirely use a different spelling, language, or even a different name. Here are a few examples:

  • Croatian: Sebastijan
  • German: Bastian
  • Greek: Sebastianos 
  • English: Bastian, Seb (nicknames)
  • Hungarian: Sebestyén
  • Portuguese: Sebastião
  • Swedish: Sebbe (nickname)
  • Vietnamese: Sêbastianô
  • Lithuanian: Sebastijonas
  • Slovene: Boštjan, Sebastijan, Sebastjan
  • Italian: Sebastiano, Sebastiana (feminine)
  • Romanian: Sebastiana (feminine), Seba, Sebi (diminutive)
  • Maltese: Bastjan
  • Malayalam: Devasia, Devassy, Sebasthianos
  • Russian: Sevastian, Sevastyan
  • Finnish: Sebastian, Seppo, Sepi (diminutive)
  • French: Bastien, Sébastien, Sébastienne (feminine)
  • Czech: Sebastián, Šebestián
  • Spanish: Sebastián
  • Turkish: Sivaslı
  • Dutch: Bas, Sebastiaan, Bastiaan
  • Latin: Sebastianus
  • Latvian: Sebastians, Sebastiāns, Sebastjans
  • Sicilian: Bastianu
  • Swahili: Sebastiani

Sibling And Twin Name Ideas

When it comes to naming siblings and twins, there are many things to consider; you want the names to sound great together, be unique, and fit your children’s personalities. 

For twins, try to find two names with the same first letter, making them easy to say and remember. 

You could also choose two names with the same meaning or sound alike. For siblings, try picking two opposites names; this will help them stand out.

Below are a few name suggestions for choosing the perfect names for your little Sebastian’s siblings.


  • Alexander 
  • Christopher
  • Lucas 
  • Aidan 
  • Felix
  • Hug
  • Christian
  • Xavier
  • Santiago
  • Harper

Sister names

  • Adelaide
  • Eloise
  • Caroline
  • Sophia
  • Julia
  • Emily
  • Charlotte

Middle Name For Sebastian

Now, without further adieu…..

  1. Sebastian Alexander
  2. Sebastian Alexei
  3. Sebastian Andrew
  4. Sebastian Anthony
  5. Sebastian Archer
  6. Sebastian Ari
  7. Sebastian Arlo
  8. Sebastian Arthur
  9. Sebastian Asher
  10. Sebastian August
  11. Sebastian Axel
  12. Sebastian Benedict
  13. Sebastian Bennett
  14. Sebastian Blaise
  15. Sebastian Blake
  16. Sebastian Brock
  17. Sebastian Bryce
  18. Sebastian Cade
  19. Sebastian Caleb
  20. Sebastian Charles
  21. Sebastian Chase
  22. Sebastian Chidiock
  23. Sebastian Christian
  24. Sebastian Christopher
  25. Sebastian Cole
  26. Sebastian Conrad
  27. Sebastian Cromwell
  28. Sebastian Dane
  29. Sebastian David
  30. Sebastian Davis
  31. Sebastian Devon
  32. Sebastian Donne
  33. Sebastian Dwight
  34. Sebastian Edmund
  35. Sebastian Edward
  36. Sebastian Elias
  37. Sebastian Elliott
  38. Sebastian Ellis
  39. Sebastian Emery
  40. Sebastian Emmett
  41. Sebastian Eric
  42. Sebastian Evan
  43. Sebastian Ezra
  44. Sebastian Faustus
  45. Sebastian Felix
  46. Sebastian Flynn
  47. Sebastian Franco
  48. Sebastian Frank
  49. Sebastian Frederick
  50. Sebastian Gabriel
  51. Sebastian Gascoigne
  52. Sebastian George
  53. Sebastian Graham
  54. Sebastian Grant
  55. Sebastian Gray
  56. Sebastian Gregory
  57. Sebastian Grey
  58. Sebastian Harper
  59. Sebastian Harris
  60. Sebastian Harvey
  61. Sebastian Henry
  62. Sebastian Hugo
  63. Sebastian Ignoto
  64. Sebastian Isaac
  65. Sebastian Jack
  66. Sebastian Jackson
  67. Sebastian James
  68. Sebastian Jasper
  69. Sebastian Jay
  70. Sebastian Jude
  71. Sebastian Kai
  72. Sebastian Kenny
  73. Sebastian Kit
  74. Sebastian Knox
  75. Sebastian Leo
  76. Sebastian Louis
  77. Sebastian Luca
  78. Sebastian Lucas
  79. Sebastian Luke
  80. Sebastian Marlowe
  81. Sebastian Matteo
  82. Sebastian Matthias
  83. Sebastian Maxim
  84. Sebastian Maximillian
  85. Sebastian Maxwell
  86. Sebastian Michael
  87. Sebastian Milo
  88. Sebastian Nathan
  89. Sebastian Nathaniel
  90. Sebastian Noel
  91. Sebastian Oliver
  92. Sebastian Oscar
  93. Sebastian Otto
  94. Sebastian Parker
  95. Sebastian Patrick
  96. Sebastian Paul
  97. Sebastian Peter
  98. Sebastian Philip
  99. Sebastian Phoenix
  100. Sebastian Pierce
  101. Sebastian Quincy
  102. Sebastian Reid
  103. Sebastian Remy
  104. Sebastian Rhett
  105. Sebastian Rhys
  106. Sebastian Richard
  107. Sebastian River
  108. Sebastian Robert
  109. Sebastian Ross
  110. Sebastian Sloane
  111. Sebastian Thomas
  112. Sebastian Tyson
  113. Sebastian Vaughn
  114. Sebastian Victor
  115. Sebastian Vincent
  116. Sebastian Walter
  117. Sebastian Westin
  118. Sebastian Whitney
  119. Sebastian William
  120. Sebastian Willis
  121. Sebastian Wolf
  122. Sebastian Wyatt
  123. Sebastian Zachary

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We hope you have enjoyed learning all about Sebastian, one of the most famous names for baby boys. When picking a name for your baby boy, it’s essential to choose a unique, timeless, and memorable name. 

Sebastian definitely fits that bill! This name has a regal sound to it and will never go out of style.

We think it’s the perfect choice for your little prince. Congratulations on your new arrival!