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136 Gorgeous Middle Names For Elise (& MORE!)

One of the big parental decisions is picking a name for your child. There are millions of names, and you have to select the one that resonates with your child.

Naming your child is a huge responsibility because you want to select a name that oozes positivity and love. Your child’s name gives a huge impression and influences how people perceive them.

Elise is one of those names that capture the imagination. It is a simple yet impressive name. It is a modern and beautiful name.

Elise is fairly popular, especially in English-speaking countries.

Everything To Know About The Baby Name Elise

white-background-child-baby-robe-children-newborn-toys-sleeping-baby-newborn-baby-newborn-girl Gorgeous Middle Names For Elise

Origin of the Name Elise

Elise is a variation or short form of Elizabeth. The name has Hebrew origins.

You can trace the name back to the biblical age. It is one of the names exclusively used for girls with no popular male equivalents.

Elise is a variant of the Hebrew name Elisheva. Elisheva roughly translates to ‘My God is My Abundance.’ 

The name, therefore, gets affiliated with spiritual fulfillment and emotional soundness. Other translations have Elizabeth as ‘My God is an Oath.’

It is a name that has faithful and spiritual undertones. It is a positive name with great origins. Elise is currently in the top 300 most popular names in the United States.

Famous People Named Elise

There are many famous people named Elise all over the world. The name truly has star quality. People named Elise to have the potential to achieve remarkable feats. They are generally super talented and lovable.

Elise is popular in showbiz, sports, science, and technology. People named Elise are generally well-rounded folk with a high affinity for success. Let us look at some of the more famous Elise you might recognize:

  • Tracee Elise Ross: She is a popular actress and television host. She has starred in several hit TV series such as Girlfriends, Black-ish, and mixed-ish. Tracee is the owner of Pattern Beauty, which specializes in making curly hair products.
  • Elise Burgin: She is a retired professional tennis player. Elise Burgin has several WTA titles in the single and double series. She was one of the top tennis players in her playing days, achieving rank 7 in the series.
  • Princess Elise of Hohenlohe: She was a member of the royal family. Elise was Queen Victoria’s grand-niece. She was Hermann’s daughter.
  • She resided in Germany during her lifetime.
  • Elise Neil: Is a famous actor who starred in several blockbusters. The multi-talented actor received several professional awards, including a treble NAACP Image Award. She appeared in Logan, Hustle & flow, Mission to Mars, and Rosewood.
  • Elise Richter: She was a renowned Philologist in the 1930s and 40s. She was also a pioneer, becoming the first woman to attend an Austrian university. Unfortunately, she was a victim of her era. She died at the hands of Nazi officials in World War II.
  • Elise Mourant: She was a brilliant New Zealand Artist. She painted spectacular landscape paintings encapsulating realism in incredible detail. She also painted great still-life works. You can find some of her pieces in museums. 
  • Elise Gatien: Elise Gatien is a popular actor. She also has great theater experience from her earlier days. Elise has had roles in several movies, including Smallville, Supernatural, The Guard, and Dr. Dolittle.
  • Elise Taylor: She is a popular model who has worked with top fashion brands. She had her start working at Chic Models.
  • The Australian model has been featured in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She is also a brand ambassador.
  • Elise Ray: She is a talented American Gymnast. She represented the United States in the 2000 Olympics. She also had notable coaching roles in various capacities. She won a bronze medal at the Olympics. 
  • Elise Thorsnes: Thorsnes is a Norwegian footballer. The prolific forward plays for Valegrena. She represents Norway at the national level. She has 128 international caps and over 300 appearances for different clubs. 

Variations of the Name Elise

Elise is an excellent name because you can have so many variations. The name is super adaptable, making it a great choice. Aside from the mainstream options, you have many other names with similar pronunciations.

Variations of Elise are derivatives of Elizabeth. The names are close in pronunciation and have similar origins. The name allows you to have incredible and creative alternatives for your baby. These names include:

  • Elyse
  • Eloise
  • Alice
  • Alyse
  • Ally
  • Ellis
  • Alyce
  • Ellice
  • Alis
  • Elyis

Similar Names to Elise

Elise is one of those names that has several variations. You can use Elise or consider the many alternatives. 

The name gives you incredible flexibility, and you certainly get spoilt for choice. If you love Elise, other suggestions will capture your attention. They include:

  • Danna
  • Ruth
  • Mara
  • Kamora
  • Helena
  • Charity
  • Jaylee
  • Destiny
  • Miya
  • Sarah
  • Juliana
  • Bailee
  • Nola
  • Luz
  • Delaney
  • Raven
  • Kenna
  • Kaley
  • Olivia
  • Morgan
  • Payton
  • Heidy
  • Tanya
  • Makenna

Sibling and Twin Name Suggestions for Elise

There are countless names, but it makes sense to pick similar names if you plan on having siblings. Luckily, Elise goes well with many other names because it is highly compatible.

You should use similar names for twins. It serves to enhance the bond and closeness of your little ones. The names should also have similar origins and meanings.

Girl Names

  1. Alma
  2. Saige
  3. Patience
  4. Caitlin
  5. Kadence
  6. Alexa
  7. Teagan
  8. Makenna
  9. Amy
  10. Desirae
  11. Angeline
  12. Kara

Boy names

  1. Enzo
  2. Brooks
  3. Aden
  4. Landon
  5. Jonah
  6. Clinton
  7. Reece
  8. Roman
  9. Brent
  10. Uriah
  11. Beau
  12. Kolten

Middle Names for Elise

Middle names can be a bit tricky to choose. The middle names should complement the main name and make it shine.

Many people often select dull middle names. These names might often get omitted from documents, but a bold and brilliant name is always desirable.

  1. Elise Addison
  2. Elise Adelaide
  3. Elise Alexandra
  4. Elise Alice
  5. Elise Allison
  6. Elise Alyanna
  7. Elise Amity
  8. Elise Annora
  9. Elise Aryn
  10. Elise Blanche
  11. Elise Bree
  12. Elise Catherine
  13. Elise Charlotte
  14. Elise Chloe
  15. Elise Claire
  16. Elise Clark
  17. Elise Claude
  18. Elise Claudia
  19. Elise Clementine
  20. Elise Coralie
  21. Elise Coy
  22. Elise Damien
  23. Elise Dawn
  24. Elise Dex
  25. Elise Diana
  26. Elise Elias
  27. Elise Ellen
  28. Elise Evelyn
  29. Elise Evony
  30. Elise Felix
  31. Elise Fern
  32. Elise Fiona
  33. Elise Francis
  34. Elise Gabriel
  35. Elise Georgina
  36. Elise Glenn
  37. Elise Grant
  38. Elise Grey
  39. Elise Harriet
  40. Elise Harrison
  41. Elise Holly
  42. Elise Hollyn
  43. Elise Hope
  44. Elise Hyrum
  45. Elise Jackson
  46. Elise Jade
  47. Elise Jane
  48. Elise Janetta
  49. Elise Jasmine
  50. Elise Jasper
  51. Elise Jax
  52. Elise Joanna
  53. Elise Jolee
  54. Elise Joy
  55. Elise Judd
  56. Elise Juliet
  57. Elise June
  58. Elise Juniper
  59. Elise Justin
  60. Elise Kai
  61. Elise Kaitlin
  62. Elise Kalan
  63. Elise Karilyn
  64. Elise Kate
  65. Elise Kathryn
  66. Elise Keira
  67. Elise Kelly
  68. Elise Kent
  69. Elise Korin
  70. Elise Kylie
  71. Elise Lane
  72. Elise Lashon
  73. Elise Laura
  74. Elise Layla
  75. Elise Lee
  76. Elise Lilibeth
  77. Elise Lily
  78. Elise Lucinda
  79. Elise Madeleine
  80. Elise Madeline
  81. Elise Madison
  82. Elise Mae
  83. Elise Maeve
  84. Elise Marcellus
  85. Elise Mariah
  86. Elise Maud
  87. Elise Maya
  88. Elise Mckenzie
  89. Elise Minerva
  90. Elise Miranda
  91. Elise Molly
  92. Elise Murphy
  93. Elise Naomi
  94. Elise Natalia
  95. Elise Nevaeh
  96. Elise Nicolas
  97. Elise Nora
  98. Elise Olive
  99. Elise Parsley
  100. Elise Porter
  101. Elise Preston
  102. Elise Rain
  103. Elise Ray
  104. Elise Rebecca
  105. Elise Reese
  106. Elise Renee
  107. Elise Riley
  108. Elise Rory
  109. Elise Rosalie
  110. Elise Rosalind
  111. Elise Rose
  112. Elise Ruby
  113. Elise Rylie
  114. Elise Sabrina
  115. Elise Scarlett
  116. Elise Scott
  117. Elise Seraphine
  118. Elise Serena
  119. Elise Sheridan
  120. Elise Sienna
  121. Elise Silvia
  122. Elise Skyler
  123. Elise Sullivan
  124. Elise Summer
  125. Elise Susannah
  126. Elise Suzan
  127. Elise Syllable
  128. Elise Tanner
  129. Elise Thomas
  130. Elise Tobias
  131. Elise Trey
  132. Elise Verena
  133. Elise Verity
  134. Elise Victoria
  135. Elise Violet
  136. Elise Vivienne

First Names That Go with Elise

First names are really important. Selecting a first name that makes an impression could do your child a world of good. Thankfully, Elise is a versatile name that fits many first-name options.

What first names should you use with Elise? You are spoilt for options. Check out the wonderful suggestions below:

  1. Hanna Elise
  2. Willie Elise
  3. Zoya Elise
  4. Nettie Elise
  5. Kara Elise
  6. Alicia Elise
  7. Paula Elise
  8. Suzie Elise
  9. Laura Elise
  10. Laila Elise

Looking for more middle name inspiration? Check out middle names for:


One of the most important parental decisions is naming your kid. There are millions of names available, and you must choose one that is meaningful for your baby.

Naming your little one is a great responsibility because you want to choose a name that is full of optimism and love. The name you give your child makes a big impression and determines how others see them.

Elise is one of those names that immediately catches the listener’s attention. It’s a basic yet effective name. It’s a fresh and lovely name.

Elise is quite well-known, particularly in English-speaking nations.

Elise is a variant or abbreviation for Elizabeth. The name is of Hebrew origin.