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136 Strong Middle Names For Miles (& More!)

Miles is a fairly common and beloved name, especially in the United States. The name is actually unisex, befitting, bouncing boys and pretty girls. However, it is much more common for baby boys.

People with the name tend to be exceptionally gifted in arts. It depicts a picture of an honest and hardworking individual.

Miles evokes courage and trustworthiness. It also signals warmth and love.

Though it is common, Miles is not a cliché name by no means. It is a unique and beautiful name. Today, we will look at the origins and the meaning of the name along with the best middle names for Miles…

Baby Name Miles

Baby boy lying on his back - Middle Name Ideas For Miles

Origin of The Name Miles

Miles sounds like a modern name, but it isn’t. The name has been used in European countries since Medieval times. The name was popular in the Anglo and Saxon-speaking areas of Europe.

Miles was associated with the military. All soldiers used Miles as a prefix to their names.

The title was synonymous with being brave and loyal. It also shows great sacrifice and grit.

Myles, a variation of Miles, has its origins in Ireland. The name comes from the Goidelic segment of Celtic languages. Its original form is Maol Íosa. 

The rough translation for Maol Íosa is “Devoted to Jesus.” The name has routes among the Celtic Christians.

The name has many variations, all of which share routes in the Present-day United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Famous People Named Miles

There are many famous people named Miles. The name is most popular in English-speaking countries.

Miles is the 59th most common name in America. Though the name is unisex, it is primarily used for boys. Here are some you might recognize.

Miles Franklin: She is one of Australia’s greatest authors. Miles Franklin was a profound feminist and pioneer. Her most famous novel was the critically acclaimed “My Brilliant Career.”

Miles Teller: Miles Teller is a famous American actor. He has featured in many box office films, including Fantastic Four. He has also made an appearance in several music videos.

Miles Lord: He worked in the American judicial branch of government. Lord was also a World War II veteran before his service at the District Court in Minnesota.

Miles Sanders: Sanders is a professional American footballer. He plays for the Philadelphia Eagles as a running back.

Miles Plumlee: He is a former NBA player. The Indiana Pacers selected him as the 26th draft pick. He also played in the National Basketball League.

Miles Kane: Miles is a famous musician and songwriter. He has been a guitarist in the rock scene since the early 2000s. Miles has played for the Rascals and The Last Shadow Puppets.

Miles Davis: Miles Davis is one of Jaz’s most iconic figures. He played the trumpet. Davis is also a renowned composer with several classics under his name.

Miles Malleson: He was particularly popular in the silent film era. Miles was an iconic actor and comedian. He also featured in early horror films such as “Brides of Dracula.”

Name Variations for Miles

Several names are similar to Miles. These names are fairly similar in pronunciation and are closely related.

Names related to Miles have similar origins. They are either from Ireland or Britain.

There are several reasons to use name variations. The most common reason is to differentiate it from the mainstream name. Here are slight variations that you might like:

  • Myles
  • Milo
  • Milan
  • Mylo
  • Milos
  • Mal

Names Related to Miles

There are several names related to Miles. These names are great and sound decent. Related names are ideal, particularly if you want to explore as many alternatives as possible.

There are several proper variations of Miles. Here are some of them:

  • Jude
  • Evan
  • Levi
  • Sawyer
  • Asher
  • Liam
  • Henry
  • Leo
  • Theo
  • Finn
  • Owen
  • Silas

Siblings and Twin Name Ideas

You should always try and choose relatively similar names, particularly for twins. If you are planning, you should consider equally similar names.

Luckily, Miles comes with many excellent and compatible names. Here is a list of sibling names suggestions that you should try:

Boy Names That Go With Miles

  • Taylor & Miles
  • Blake & Miles
  • David & Miles
  • Max & Miles
  • Mason & Miles
  • Dylan & Miles
  • Seth & Miles
  • Christian & Miles
  • Alexander & Miles
  • Luis & Miles
  • Spence & Miles
  • Reece & Miles
  • Ceaser & Miles
  • Matthew & Miles
  • Ben & Miles
  • Mase & Miles

Girl Names That Go With Miles

  • Mary & Miles
  • Mia & Miles
  • Cynthia & Miles
  • Paula & Miles
  • Tasha & Miles
  • Claire & Miles
  • Zoe & Miles
  • Molly & Miles
  • Milly & Miles

Middle Names For Miles

Middle names can be hard to choose. Especially if you don’t have anyone in your family or friends who you wiish to name your baby after.

The middle names should complement the main name and make it shine. It’s basically an accessory

Many people often select dull middle names. Names thee baby will grow up hating and deciding to completely omit from documents. But a bold and brilliant name inspirs confidence!

They’ll be proud of their name and not shy away from sharing it.

It gives the baby options later in life and plenty of nickname opportunities.

Go throgh ths list and see which one resonates with you. Make sure to saythe names out loud and with the babys surbame as well, to see how it flows.

Use process of elimiination to wind the list down to your favorite ones.

Personally, I love Miles Theodore and Miles Paxton. Which is your favorite?

  1. Miles Abner
  2. Miles Adler
  3. Miles Alexander
  4. Miles Alistair
  5. Miles Andrew
  6. Miles Archer
  7. Miles Arthur
  8. Miles Atticus
  9. Miles August
  10. Miles Augustin
  11. Miles Auric
  12. Miles Austin
  13. Miles Baker
  14. Miles Beau
  15. Miles Beaumont
  16. Miles Becker
  17. Miles Beckett
  18. Miles Benedict
  19. Miles Benet
  20. Miles Benjamin
  21. Miles Bernard
  22. Miles Bradley
  23. Miles Cameron
  24. Miles Casey
  25. Miles Caspian
  26. Miles Cassander
  27. Miles Channing
  28. Miles Christopher
  29. Miles Clement
  30. Miles Cohen
  31. Miles Constantine
  32. Miles Cormac
  33. Miles Crispin
  34. Miles Curtis
  35. Miles Daniel
  36. Miles Darius
  37. Miles Dominic
  38. Miles Donovan
  39. Miles Duncan
  40. Miles Edward
  41. Miles Elliot
  42. Miles Elliott
  43. Miles Ethan
  44. Miles Evan
  45. Miles Evander
  46. Miles Everett
  47. Miles Felix
  48. Miles Finley
  49. Miles Finnegan
  50. Miles Finnian
  51. Miles Finnigan
  52. Miles Fletcher
  53. Miles Frank
  54. Miles Fyodor
  55. Miles Gabriel
  56. Miles Gavin
  57. Miles Gideon
  58. Miles Graham
  59. Miles Gregory
  60. Miles Griffin
  61. Miles Hadley
  62. Miles Hamish
  63. Miles Harbor
  64. Miles Harley
  65. Miles Harrison
  66. Miles Heath
  67. Miles Henry
  68. Miles Hudson
  69. Miles Hugh
  70. Miles Ian
  71. Miles Isaiah
  72. Miles Jackson
  73. Miles James
  74. Miles Jasper
  75. Miles Jeremiah
  76. Miles Jericho
  77. Miles Joseph
  78. Miles Josiah
  79. Miles Judah
  80. Miles Julian
  81. Miles Keith
  82. Miles Kenneth
  83. Miles Lawrence
  84. Miles Leon
  85. Miles Leonardo
  86. Miles Levi
  87. Miles Lincoln
  88. Miles Luca
  89. Miles Lysander
  90. Miles Maverick
  91. Miles Morrison
  92. Miles Murphy
  93. Miles Nathaniel
  94. Miles Noah
  95. Miles Nolan
  96. Miles Oliver
  97. Miles Orion
  98. Miles Oscar
  99. Miles Padraig
  100. Miles Patrick
  101. Miles Paxton
  102. Miles Percy
  103. Miles Peregrine
  104. Miles Peter
  105. Miles Phoenix
  106. Miles Preston
  107. Miles Quentin
  108. Miles Quinn
  109. Miles Redmond
  110. Miles Reed
  111. Miles Reginald
  112. Miles Remi
  113. Miles Remington
  114. Miles Reuben
  115. Miles Reynold
  116. Miles River
  117. Miles Roman
  118. Miles Ronan
  119. Miles Rowan
  120. Miles Ryan
  121. Miles Sebastian
  122. Miles Stellan
  123. Miles Thaddeus
  124. Miles Thayer
  125. Miles Theodore
  126. Miles Thomas
  127. Miles Toby
  128. Miles Truman
  129. Miles Vincent
  130. Miles Warren
  131. Miles Wesley
  132. Miles William
  133. Miles Wolston
  134. Miles Wren
  135. Miles Wynton
  136. Miles Xavier

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Miles is a popular and well-liked name, around the world but especially in the United States. The name is unisex, but overwhelmingly more popular among baby boys.

Miles is a name that has been given to several prominent people throughout history. The name is generally well-known in English-speaking nations.

Miles is the 59th most frequent name in the United States.

It is the perfect baby name for your little boy and will shine especially bright with a strong middle name like Theodore or Reed.