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17+ Adorable Ideas For A Pregnancy Announcement With Dogs (& TIPS!)

When it comes to planning your pregnancy announcement with your adorable dog, there are several creative ideas to consider.

You’ll want to decide on the theme and message you want to convey.

Do you want something heartwarming, comical, or artsy?

Consider your family’s personality, your dog’s temperament, and the preferences of those you’re sharing the news with.

A popular and heartwarming idea is to have your dog wear a sign proclaiming themselves as the “big brother” or “big sister” to the soon-to-arrive baby.

You can easily create your own sign or purchase one online.

The key is to use clear, large text for maximum readability, and to ensure that it comfortably stays in place on your dog.

An alternative to signs is using props like baby shoes or ultrasound images.

Position your dog near the baby items, as if they are excitedly observing or guarding the treasures for the newest family member.

Snap a shot of your four-legged bestie next to the props to create a lasting memory that demonstrates the bond between your dog and your future child.

Another approach is to capture the tender moment between the expecting parents and your dog.

You could opt for a black and white photo for a classic and timeless feel, or use your dog’s natural surroundings for a more casual setting.

For a touch of humor, consider a pregnancy announcement where your dog appears to be caught off guard or surprised by the news. This may be hard to replicate, but hilarious if done well…

This can be achieved by capturing your dog’s spontaneous reactions to a baby toy or an unusual sound, or even by dressing them up in a funny outfit.

Whichever route you choose, make sure to take your dog’s personality and comfort into consideration.

If your dog is camera-shy or anxious, it’s essential to use positive reinforcement and make the experience as enjoyable as possible for them.

After all, you want your furry friend to be just as excited as you are about welcoming the newest human addition to your family.

Looking for inspo? Look no further…

Pregnancy Announcement with Dogs

Baby Bump Reveal At The Beach

Pregnancy announcement with dogs ideas
Source: @laurasharrad

If you’d rather wait until your second trimester for the big reveal, this is a cute way of doing it.

Just take your gorgeous pup, sonogram, and husband to the beach and snap a couple of shots.

Black and White Pregnancy Reveal

Black and white pregnancy reveal with dog
Source: @kaitposey

Black and white is TIMELESS.

This makes us want to put these in a gorgeous frame and build out the entire house around this shot.

Just stunning.

Big Brother Bandana

Grab a ‘big brother’ bandana and snap a couple of cute shots with your pup at home.

A simple, and adorable pregnancy reveal!

Wait For Your Dog To Nap And…

If you’ve got an energetic pup, waiting until they finally take a nap and relax is a great idea.

Plus… Adorable.

New Shoes To Chew

Source: @larsonlegris

Funny and creative pregnancy announcement.

I just love the ‘New Shoes To Chew’ sign… So creative and well thought out.

Have Your Pup Hold The Sonogram

A well-trained good boy could hold the sonogram for the big reveal!

Fall Pregnancy Announcement With Dog

Fall pregnancy announcement with dog and hay
Source: ChasingLinen

Use the seasons in your favor and have an Autumn pregnancy reveal with you dog this season!

Dog Reading Pregnancy Book

Grab a ‘How To Be A Big Brother’ book and some funky glasses for your pup for this fun and creative reveal!

This may be one of the harder ones, you’ll definitely need a well trained pup for this one, but it’s so adorable – it’s well-worth it.

Another Book Reveal...

Source: Pinterest

Another adorable book idea! Adorable…

Mom And Dad Are Getting Me A Human!

Source: Pinterest


‘Mom and Dad are getting me a human’ is one of the cutest, best pregnancy reveal ideas I’ve seen.

I can’t get enough oof this one.

‘I’m Going To Be A Big Brother’ Bandana

Grab yourself a fun bandana for your doggy and you can have an easy DIY pregnancy reveal…

Pregnancy Announcement With The Siblings

If this is your second (or fifth!) baby, include them in the reveal!

This is such a cute way of letting your family and friends know your family is expanding…

Make Your Pup The Focus

Look at those big brown eyes!

Put your pup in the foreground and you and your partner in the blurry back.

Get ALLLLLLL The Pups Involved

Gather all your good boys and have them hold (or carefully place near them) your sonogram picture.

Easy, quick, and so adorable!

Shhhh… We Haven’t Told Him

One of the CUTEST pregnancy reveals I’ve ever seen.

The creativity in this one is gorgeous. Absolutely love it.

Use A Lot Of Baby Props

Dog with pregnancy props
Source: @ariandarlo_

In case there is any room for doubt, gather ALL the baby props for the big reveal.

More bandanas and Sonograms!

Sibling Due

The classic sign and dog pregnancy reveal.

It’s a classic for a reason…

No Longer The Favorite

No longer the favorite - Pregnancy announcement with dog
Source: @vickalyn

‘No longer the favorite’ sign is also an adoraaaaable way of announcing your pregnancy!

This shot is gorgeous and quite unique.

How To Get THE Shot

Posing Suggestions

When it comes to including your furry friend in the pregnancy announcement, there are various creative ways to capture the perfect shot.

To create a sentimental photo, have your dog sit or lie down next to your baby bump.

You can also use the “paws on the belly” pose, where your pet gently places its paws on your growing bump.

For a humorous touch, recreate a popular couple’s pose with your dog standing or sitting beside you, mimicking your stance.

Consider your dog’s personality and level of obedience when choosing a pose.

Costume Ideas

Dressing up your dog in a cute outfit can add an extra touch of charm to your pregnancy announcement.

Consider putting your dog in a “big brother” or “big sister” shirt, depending on your dog’s gender.

You can also opt for a baby-themed costume, such as a tiny diaper or a small bib with a sign announcing the pregnancy.

Props and Accessories

Incorporating props and accessories into your pregnancy announcement is such a great idea!

Utilize a chalkboard or a letter board with a catchy phrase or pun, like “Our family is growing by four paws” or “Our little pack is expanding.”

You can place the board near your dog or have your pet hold it using a clip.

Another fun prop idea is using baby shoes or a tiny onesie that says “Coming Soon” or “Baby on Board.”

Arrange these items around your dog or drape them over its back.

Including your sonogram photo in the shot, possibly held by your dog, can be a sweet way to share the big news.

Don’t forget to reward your pup with treats or positive reinforcement for being such a good sport during the photoshoot!

Choosing the Setting

When planning a pregnancy announcement with your dog, the setting plays a huuuuge role in creating the perfect ambiance.

To make the experience enjoyable for both you and your furry friend, pick a location that will be comfortable and familiar for your dog.

Consider choosing a spot that holds some sentimental value for both you and your pet, such as your home, backyard, or a favorite park.

This will not only put your dog at ease but also bring out the best emotions in the pictures.

Additionally, ensure that the area is safe and secure for your dog to roam around and pose comfortably.

Since natural lighting works wonders in photographs, try scheduling the photoshoot during the golden hours, either early morning or late afternoon.

This way, you can capture the warm and loving glow that magnifies the happy moment you’re sharing with your dog.

Finally, don’t forget to think about the background and the overall aesthetic of your announcement photo.

Choose a setting that complements the style and color scheme you’ve envisioned for your big reveal.

From a cozy indoor setup with your favorite pillows and blankets to a vibrant outdoor scene surrounded by lush greenery, the possibilities are endless.

Just remember to stay true to your personality and let your bond with your pup shine through.

Capturing the Moment

Hiring a Professional Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer can help you capture the perfect pregnancy announcement with your dog.

These experts know how to create magical images that showcase the bond between you and your furry friend.

They’ll have the equipment, lighting, and experience necessary to create the perfect shot.

When choosing a photographer, be sure to check their portfolio to ensure they have experience with both maternity and pet photography.

Discuss your vision with them, and don’t be afraid to share ideas – after all, this is a special moment for you and your growing family.

DIY Photography Tips

If you prefer a more hands-on approach or are working with a limited budget, don’t worry!

You can still create beautiful pregnancy announcement photos with your dog using your smartphone or a digital camera.

Here are some DIY photography tips to help you capture the moment:

  • Use natural light: Find a well-lit spot, such as next to a window or outdoors on a sunny day. Natural light will help you create bright, beautiful images.
  • Be patient with your dog: Dogs can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to be patient. Bring some treats along to keep your pup engaged and reward them for their cooperation.
  • Play with angles: Try different angles and perspectives to capture the perfect shot. Get down to your dog’s level or place your camera on the ground for a unique viewpoint.
  • Keep it simple: Focus on you, your bump, and your dog. Limit background distractions and opt for relatively plain clothing to ensure your pregnancy announcement is the center of attention.
  • Edit your photos: Use free editing apps or software to enhance your images. Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, or add filters to create a beautiful announcement.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and let your love for your dog and your growing family shine through the photos.

Creating the Final Announcement

Editing Techniques

After you’ve taken that perfect photo or video with your adorable dog announcing your pregnancy, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your creation.

The first step is editing, to ensure your announcement looks clean and professional.

You can use photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop or free alternatives like GIMP, or Canva.

Enhance the colors, contrast, and lighting to make your announcement visually appealing.

If needed, add captions or text overlays to make your message clear. Remember to use fonts that are easy to read and visually appealing.

Backup Plan If Your Dog Won’t Cooperate

Sometimes, even the most well-behaved dog can become a challenge when you’re trying to capture that perfect pregnancy announcement photo.

Don’t worry; there are a few backup strategies you can utilize to create a memorable announcement, even when your furry friend refuses to cooperate.

First, consider using a prop that showcases your dog without them physically being present in the photo.

This can be a cute onesie, a personalized dog bowl, or even a stuffed animal that represents their breed.

Arrange the prop in a creative and loving way, possibly with some baby-themed accessories, to showcase the exciting news.

Second, you can opt for a candid approach. Forget about posing your dog and simply capture them in their natural element.

You may find that an unexpected photo of your dog at play, snoozing, or just sniffing around brings a unique charm to your pregnancy announcement.

Enhance these candid moments with some text overlay or graphics that share the exciting news.

Finally, remember that practice makes perfect. It may take your dog some time to get comfortable with the concept of a photoshoot.

Try conducting a few practice runs to help your dog grow accustomed to the setup, props, and process. Be patient and offer plenty of praise and treats.

The key here is to create a positive association and make it a fun experience.

By employing these backup strategies, you can still create a delightful pregnancy announcement that involves your canine companion – even when they don’t want to stick to the script.