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18 Adorable Pregnancy Announcement To Husband That Will Shock Him

Looking for Pregnancy Announcement To Husband Ideas? We got you covered!

Finding out your pregnant can be one of the most exciting days of your life!

And one of the most incredible things is telling your husband and watching the shock on their face!

During my first pregnancy, I honestly couldn’t hold in the secret very long. I just HAD to tell him.

I wanted to plan out a whole elaborate pregnancy announcement but my excitement got in the way. I just couldn’t keep it a secret for long. I think I waited a full 24 hours and even THAT felt like torture.

So, I’ve rounded up some amazing pregnancy announcement ideas for your husband that you can do this very second OR, if you have more patience, in a couple of days.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to prop your camera up somewhere to catch their reaction!

Pregnancy Announcement To Husband Ideas

1. Tell Him With A T-Shirt

This ones really simple but classic!

You can wear a t-shirt that says something like ‘Pregnant AF‘ under a jacket or hoodie. Take your jacket off in front of him and just wait for his brain to process what’s in front of him!

There’s honestly so many creative t-shirts out there that you can buy to announce to your husband your not-so-little secret.

2. Put A Bun In The Oven

This is such a cute idea!

Put a bun in the oven and set the timer. Once the timer goes off, ask your husband if he can take out the dish in the oven.

Wait and see how long it takes him to put two-and-two together!

3. Wrap Up The Pregnancy Test

You can wrap the pregnancy test in anything really!

You can give him a ‘just because’ gift that has the pregnancy test inside or maybe even wrap it in something you know he’s going to use.

Just be sure to take the pregnancy test the same day you’re hiding it as the ‘pregnant’ line starts to fade between 15 and 48 hours, depending on the brand you’re using.

4. Bake (Or Buy) A Cake

Thank you for knocking me up Pregnancy Cake Announcement

I think this is such a funny pregnancy announcement!

This one is a win-win because you get to eat cake afterwards.

If you think it’s out of character for you to arrive with a cake and he’d get suspicious, you can call him ahead and say there was ‘leftover cake’ at the work and you’re bringing home a slice.

Or go with a cupcake. No one gets suspicious over a cupcake.

For the wording, you can go with a classic ‘We’re Pregnant” on the icing, but ‘Thanks For Knocking Me Up’ is a million times better. If I could redo my baby announcement, that’s what I’d do!

5. Tell Him You’re Pregnant With Wine

Custom wine card to announce pregnancy

How cute is this baby announcement?!

You tell him you want a glass of wine and bring out this bottle.

Ask him to help you open it and just watch the shock on his face as he processes the tag!

You can get these custom wine tags here.

6. Pass Him A Note

Talk about a throwback to grade school!

For this one, I would start laying the groundwork by leaving him cute little notes everyday.

They can be super corny like ‘my heart skips a beat whenever I see you’ or ‘I love the way you kiss me.’ Just adorable little love notes that he finds throughout the day.

And then, when the time is right. BAM! You pass him this one.

He’ll think it’s another adorable ‘I love you’ note and be shocked.

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7. Get Him A Fathers Day Card

Grab your favorite Fathers Day card and give it to him.

Tell him your sorry it was a little late this year (pun intended 😂 )

8. Put The Pregnancy Test In A Picture Frame

Creative picture frame pregnancy announcement for husband ideas

For those DIY-ers, this is an adorable idea.

After you tell him, you can put your sonogram pictures in the frame. And eventually a picture of you newborn baby!

9. Buy Him A Book

Let’s be honest: A lot of first time dad’s are completely clueless! This pregnancy announcement idea is a gift for you as well.

Buy him a pregnancy or newborn book (I like The Expectant Father a lot) and just wait to see how quick he is to connect the dots.

10. Use Balloons

There are a lot of ways to announce a pregnancy with balloons.

You can write the massage on the balloon and put it somewhere you know he’ll bump into it, like his closet. Just make sure you’re around to catch the reaction!

You can also buy the lettered ‘Pregnant AF’ balloons and surprise him when he gets home from work.

11. Tell Him While Taking A Picture

You can either have a full professional photoshoot or simply ask him to take a picture with you.

My husband knows I’m always taking pictures of the two of us, so it wouldn’t be out of the blue at all.

In the middle of one of the pictures say “I’m pregnant” and capture the moment forever!

You can also tell him it’s a picture but be secretly recording so you have the entire experience on camera.

12. Write It On Your Belly

Grab a nontoxic marker and write a message on your belly.

You can put anything “pregnant,” “bun in the oven,” or any sweet message you can think of!

Then just change in front of your partner and wait to see his face.

13. Put An Eviction Notice On His Man Cave

If your husband has a man cave or if there is a specific room you know will soon be a nursery, grab some tape and a fake eviction notice!

This is a hilarious pregnancy announcement idea and he’s sure to go from confused to shocked in record time.

14. Order Diapers

Order some diapers and baby goodies online. Make sure they are addressed to him!

When the package arrives, tell him something came in the mail with his name on it.

This one may cause confusion, especially if he’s expecting something. He might think there was a mistake but you can tell him you don’t see a mistake.

Wait and see if he can put two-and-two together!

15. Write It On The Mirror

Get up a couple of minutes before your husband and head to the bathroom with your least favorite lipstick!

Write in big, bold letters ‘we’re pregnant!’

16. Give Him A New Daddy Toolbox

New Daddy's Toolbox pregnancy announcement to husband idea

Every man needs a toolbox! And especially a father-to-be.

Buy a couple of baby essentials and prepare the adorable present.

Put it with his other tools and tell him you need help finding the hammer (or whatever tool) as it’s not in his tool box.

When he goes to help you out, he’ll be shocked!

17. Give Him A Scratch Card

Grab a custom scratch card here and hand it to him.

Make sure to hide a camera nearby to catch his reaction once the message is revealed.

18. Tell Him On A Pizza Box

You can ask the pizzeria to write a message inside the box and surprise him.

If the pizzeria doesn’t write inside the boxes, you can just tell him you’re picking up a pizza on your way home and craft the message yourself.

Honestly, this will probably be his favorite way to find out. He will find out he’s going to be a dad AND get pizza. What a day!

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