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78+ Creative & Sneaky Ways To Announce Pregnancy (#17 is a MUST-TRY)

Looking for the perfect way to announce your pregnancy?

I have compiled a looooooong list of creative pregnancy announcement ideas you will absolutely want to steal!

Whatever your style it, there will be something here for you.

See what resonates and give it your own flair and personal touch.

Remember, this is a fun and exciting time, pregnancy announcements don’t have to be stressful by any means! Sometimes less is more.

Go through this list and find your favorite surprise pregnancy announcement ideas and try them out!

You can even mix and match.

Announce your pregnancy one way to the grandparents-to-be and another to aunts and uncles, have fun with it!

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Sneaky & Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Pregnancy Announcement

Customized Baby Onesie Or T-Shirt With A Clever Message

What better way to broadcast this joyous news than with a whimsical onesie or t-shirt bearing a clever message?

Think about it. You’ve got a canvas that’s cozy, playful, and practically begging to become the star of your big reveal. It’s a charming opportunity to personalize your announcement and express your unique sense of humor or style.

Let’s imagine the scene: You invite your loved ones over, perhaps under some other pretense.

Maybe it’s a casual backyard BBQ or a simple coffee catch-up. As the chatter subsides, you step forward in a custom t-shirt, grinning from ear to ear. “Bun in the Oven,” it reads, or maybe, “Coming Soon: Baby [Your Last Name].” It’s subtle, yet inescapably exciting.

There’s a split-second delay before your friends and family realize what they’re seeing, and then the room bursts into cheers and congratulations.

Or perhaps you prefer the quieter approach. You could post a photo on social media of a darling baby onesie resting beside a sonogram image.

The onesie might read, “Newest Member of [Family Name] Squad,” or “The Next Generation of Trouble.”

You sit back, enjoying your cup of herbal tea as the likes and comments start pouring in from family members and friend, each one a beacon of love and well wishes.

Create A Personalized Crossword Puzzle Revealing The News

A personalized crossword puzzle can offer an engaging and unexpected way to announce your pregnancy.

You might craft clues that pertain to baby-related terms, your family, or shared memories.

As your loved ones solve the puzzle, the big news slowly unveils itself in a playful and interactive manner.

It’s not just an announcement, it’s a memorable experience and a keepsake, capturing this thrilling time in your life.

Film A Short Movie Trailer Featuring The Upcoming “Release”

Watching movie pregnancy announcement

A short movie trailer can bring cinematic flair to your pregnancy announcement.

Gather video clips, add dramatic music, and with the right editing, create an enticing “coming soon” trailer for the newest member of your family.

Write A Heartfelt Poem Or Limerick To Share The News

When trying to announce your pregnancy, why not unleash your inner poet at the same time?!

Plus add a heartfelt touch with one of the most creative pregnancy announcement ideas.

Pen a poem or lullaby sharing the joys of impending parenthood, it’ll be a lovely memento that can be shared with your child in the future.

Don’t be hard on yourself, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Baby shoes pregnancy announcement

Stage A Photoshoot With Baby Shoes In Focus And Parents Blurred In The Background

A photoshoot with a focus on baby shoes can be both evocative and subtle.

Parents blurred in the background with little booties in sharp focus creates a beautifully symbolic image, announcing your exciting news.

You can post this pregnancy announcement on social media or just text it to the grandparents-to-be.

Send Out A “Bun In The Oven” Card Or Magnet

Looking for a cheeky way to announce your pregnancy? With a “bun in the oven” card or magnet, you can share the news in a lighthearted way.

It’s a keepsake that can be put on display, constantly reminding everyone of the joy that’s about to arrive.

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Capture A Photo Of The Couple Holding A Chalkboard Sign With The Due Date

A chalkboard sign held by the couple with the due date written on it is a classic yet effective pregnancy announcement.

The blackboard lends a rustic charm, making it a cozy and heartwarming reveal.

Pregnancy announcements don’t have to be crazy elaborate, sometimes something simple is a great way to share the big news.

Examples of other fun messages you can put on the board are:

  • “Our family is expanding by two feet!”
  • “New player joining the game [Due Date]”
  • “And then there were three… Coming [Due Date]”
  • “Our greatest adventure begins [Due Date]”Record A Funny Lip-Sync Video With A Pregnancy Twist

For the fun-loving couple, a lip-sync video with a pregnancy twist can be entertaining.

Mimic the lyrics of a popular song with the exciting news, making it both fun and unforgettable.

Bake A Cake With A Surprise Baby-Themed Reveal In The Center

Baking a cake with a surprise baby-themed reveal inside is a deliciously sweet way to announce your pregnancy.

As the cake is cut, the exciting news is revealed, making it a truly delectable surprise.

Examples of baby-themed items you can put inside the cake are:

  • Colored Cake or Frosting: A simple way to make a big impact! If you’re also revealing the gender, blue or pink-colored cake or frosting inside can do the trick.
  • Edible Decorations: You can find small, edible sugar decorations shaped like baby items such as pacifiers, baby booties, or tiny baby bottles. Scatter these inside the cake for a sweet surprise!
  • Cake Pops or Mini Cupcakes Inside: If you’re a bit more ambitious, you can bake smaller cake pops or mini cupcakes and place them inside a larger cake. These can be baby-themed or colored to reveal the gender.
  • Hidden Fondant Shape: Shape a piece of fondant (sugar dough) into a baby-themed shape like a little foot, hand, or even a baby carriage. Bake this inside your cake for an extra surprise!
  • Candy or Sprinkles: Another fun idea is to fill the center of the cake with colored candies or sprinkles. When you cut into the cake, they spill out revealing the surprise!
  • A Hidden Message: You could also bake a strip of edible paper with a message like “Baby on the Way!” or “We’re Expecting!” into the cake.

Create A Comic Strip Depicting The Pregnancy Journey

A comic strip depicting your pregnancy journey is a charming and unique approach.

Illustrating key moments can show your personal journey, turning your announcement into a story.

To create this comic strip, begin by identifying the key moments you want to include. These could be finding out about the pregnancy, telling your partner, the first ultrasound, or even amusing cravings or mood swings you’ve experienced.

Next, you’ll want to sketch out these moments. If you’re artistically inclined, you can do this yourself, or you could use an online tool or app that lets you design custom comic strips.

There are plenty of user-friendly digital art platforms like Pixton or Canva, where you can create your own characters and settings with ease.

Remember, your comic strip doesn’t have to be professional or perfect. The charm lies in its authenticity and the story it tells. Using speech bubbles, add in memorable quotes or conversations that happened during these key moments.

Once your comic strip is ready, you could choose to print it out and mail it to your close ones, or make a digital reveal by posting it online.

This playful yet personal pregnancy announcement will not only bring smiles but also become a treasured memento of your pregnancy journey.

Design A Mock Movie Poster Starring The Expecting Parents

A mock movie poster featuring the expecting parents can add a playful twist.

Design it like a Hollywood release, featuring yourselves as the stars and the baby as the upcoming blockbuster.

You can add a creative movie title such as “Coming Soon: The Greatest Adventure” or “Baby (Your Last Name): A New Era Begins”.

For an extra touch of authenticity, don’t forget to add a release date—your baby’s due date!

Host A Themed Party With Baby-Related Clues Leading Up To The Announcement

Baby party to announce your pregnancy

Hosting a themed party with baby-related clues hidden around can be a delightfully mysterious way to announce your pregnancy.

Friends and family will enjoy piecing together the hints leading to your big reveal.

To up the suspense, you could create a playful game, where each found clue brings them closer to the surprise announcement.

When the time is right, gather everyone together and delight in their reactions as they realize the purpose of the party.

Send A Message In A Bottle Announcing The Upcoming Addition

Send out a message in a bottle with the announcement inside.

This quaint, old-fashioned method can create a moment of surprise and excitement as the message is discovered.

Make A Custom Jigsaw Puzzle With The Ultrasound Photo As The Final Reveal

A custom jigsaw puzzle with the ultrasound photo as the final reveal brings an interactive element to your announcement.

As the puzzle takes shape, so does the realization of your exciting news.

Have The Family Pet Wear A Bandana Or Shirt Announcing The Pregnancy

If you have a family pet, they can help share the news by wearing a bandana or shirt announcing the pregnancy.

It’s a cute and amusing way for the furriest family member to join in on the excitement.

Write A Song And Perform It For Family And Friends

Show off your musical talent by writing and performing a song that shares the news.

It can become a cherished family anthem, playing in the background of many happy memories to come.

Carve The Announcement Into A Pumpkin For A Fall-Themed Surprise

Carving your announcement into a pumpkin adds a fun seasonal touch.

It can be a delightful surprise during a Halloween party or a fall gathering.

Baby announcement

Arrange A Scavenger Hunt With Hints Leading To The Pregnancy Reveal

A scavenger hunt filled with baby-related clues is an adventurous and exciting way to share your news.

As the mystery unravels, the joyous news becomes apparent.

Plant Seeds And Hand Out Pots With “Coming Soon” Tags

Planting seeds and handing out pots with “coming soon” tags combines the symbolism of growth with the anticipation of your new arrival.

It’s a nature-inspired, eco-friendly way to announce your pregnancy.

Create A Baby-Themed Spotify Playlist And Share It With Loved Ones

A baby-themed Spotify playlist is a musical method of announcing.

Sharing it with loved ones allows them to discover your secret as they listen to the carefully selected tracks.

Record A Funny “Breaking News” Video Announcement

A “breaking news” video announcement adds a humorous twist.

Filmed like a news segment, it delivers the joyous headline in a fun, lighthearted manner.

Put Together A Photo Book Showcasing The Couple’s Journey To Parenthood

A photo book showcasing your journey to parenthood is a beautiful, tangible way to share your excitement.

It’s a keepsake you’ll cherish and a wonderful way for loved ones to feel part of your journey.

Host A Virtual Game Night And Reveal The News During A Charades Round

This has to be one of my favorite pregnancy announcement ideas!

You can host a virtual game night and reveal the news during a charades round. This adds suspense and surprise to your announcement!

Plus no one will expect it or see it coming. It turns the sharing of your news into a memorable, fun event.

Send Out Custom Fortune Cookies With Pregnancy Announcements Inside

Custom fortune cookies with pregnancy announcements inside are a sweet, unexpected way to share the news.

Everyone loves the surprise inside a fortune cookie, making this a delightful reveal.

Woman holding pregnancy test up

Use A Baby Doll Or Stuffed Animal In A “Pregnancy” Photoshoot

Using a baby doll or stuffed animal in a pregnancy photoshoot brings a touch of whimsy and fun to your announcement.

Pose the doll or stuffed animal like a newborn to hint at the news.

Write A Letter From The Baby-To-Be To The Future Grandparents

A letter written from the perspective of the baby-to-be to the future grandparents can be a touching and emotional way to announce your news.

It’s a sweet, sentimental keepsake they’ll cherish.

Record A Time-Lapse Video Of The Mother’s Growing Baby Bump

Time-lapse videos can create a visual diary of the mom’s growing baby bump.

It’s an incredible way to show the progression of your pregnancy and share the anticipation with others.

Create A “Wanted: Big Sister/Brother” Poster For Siblings-To-Be

Creating a “Wanted: Big Sister/Brother” poster for your current child to hold not only announces a sibling on the way, but also sets the stage for the new role your child will soon embrace.

Have them pose with the poster, capturing their innocence and excitement in the moment.

It’s an endearing way to involve older siblings, creating an unforgettable memory that the whole family can look back on with joy.

Arrange A Video Call And Have The Ultrasound Displayed On-Screen

A video call with the ultrasound displayed on-screen not only surprises your loved ones with the news, but also enables them to see the first glimpse of your little one.

It adds an intimate, real-time aspect to the announcement, making everyone feel included in this precious moment.

Plus, capturing their reactions on camera will give you a heartwarming memory to treasure forever.

Host A Gender-Reveal Party And Surprise Everyone With The Pregnancy Announcement First

Hosting a gender-reveal party and surprising everyone with the pregnancy announcement first adds an extra layer of surprise.

The event becomes doubly exciting, with two big reveals instead of one.

Baby onesie and ultrasound

Have A Custom-Made Puzzle Box With The Ultrasound Photo Inside

A custom-made puzzle box with the ultrasound photo inside is an interactive and fun reveal.

As the puzzle is solved, the ultrasound photo is revealed, announcing your joyous news.

Use A QR Code That Leads To A Pregnancy Announcement Website Or Video

A QR code that leads to a pregnancy announcement website or video is a modern, tech-savvy way to reveal your news.

Scanning the code leads to the surprise, creating a moment of anticipation.

Design A T-Shirt With A Hidden Message Revealed When The Mom Stands Up

Designing a T-shirt with a hidden message that’s revealed when the mom stands up is a clever way to announce your pregnancy.

It’s a fun reveal that can take friends and family by surprise.

Create A Mini “Baby Book” With Ultrasound Pictures And The Due Date

A mini “baby book” with ultrasound pictures and the due date is a keepsake that can be treasured long after the announcement.

It’s a heartfelt way to share your journey to parenthood.

Have A Message Written On The Bottom Of Coffee Mugs Or Tea Cups

Writing a message on the bottom of coffee mugs or tea cups is a subtle and surprising way to announce your news.

As friends and family finish their drinks, they’ll discover the happy news at the bottom.

Send Out A Pregnancy Announcement Card Disguised As A VIP Invitation

Sending out a pregnancy announcement disguised as a VIP invitation adds a touch of class to your news.

It turns the announcement into a grand affair, filled with excitement.

Write The Announcement Inside A Balloon And Pop It During A Gathering

By choosing to write your big news inside a balloon and popping it during a gathering, you’re incorporating an element of surprise that adds an exciting spin to your announcement.

As the balloon bursts open, revealing your joyful secret, you’ll witness an outpouring of real-time reactions that are priceless – laughter, tears, shouts of joy, and congratulations all rolled into one unforgettable moment.

It’s a beautiful, dramatic way to share the happiness and anticipation of your growing family.

Paint A Baby-Themed Mural On A Wall And Invite Friends Over To See It

Painting a baby-themed mural on a wall and inviting friends over to see it can be a creative and artistic way to announce your pregnancy.

The mural serves as a beautiful testament to your growing family.

Record A Time-Lapse Video Of Setting Up A Nursery And Share It Online

A time-lapse video of setting up a nursery can be a fun, visual way to reveal your news.

As the nursery comes together, so does the realization of the upcoming addition.

Coming soon

Make A Personalized Pregnancy-Themed Calendar As A Surprise Gift

A personalized pregnancy-themed calendar is a lovely keepsake and a gentle way to reveal your news.

As they flip through the months, they’ll discover the exciting news on the due date.

Hide The Pregnancy Test In A Gift Box With A Small Congratulatory Note

Hiding the pregnancy test in a gift box with a small congratulatory note can be a private, intimate way to announce to your partner.

The surprise and joy in that moment can be priceless.

Wear A Shirt With A Hidden Message Under A Jacket Or Hoodie

Wearing a shirt with a hidden message under a jacket or hoodie is a casual, personal way to announce your news.

The unexpected reveal can lead to a moment of surprise and excitement.

Design A Custom “Pregnancy Announcement” Board Game For Family Game Night

A custom “Pregnancy Announcement” board game can turn family game night into an unforgettable event.

As the game progresses, the big news is revealed, bringing a twist to the usual game night.

Make A “Top 10 Reasons We’re Excited” List And Share It On Social Media

A “Top 10 Reasons We’re Excited” list shared on social media can be a fun, interactive way to announce.

Friends and family MEMBERS can guess the reasons, leading to the reveal of your big news.

Send A Pregnancy Announcement Card With A Baby-Related Pun

Sending out a pregnancy announcement card with a baby-related pun can add a touch of humor.

It’s a light-hearted and playful way to announce your exciting news.

Write The Announcement In The Sand At The Beach And Take A Photo

Writing your announcement in the sand at the beach and snapping a picture is a serene and beautiful way to share the news.

It’s a natural, tranquil setting to reveal your joyous news.

Host A Picnic And Have The Pregnancy Announcement Written On Banner

Hosting a picnic with the pregnancy announcement written on a banner is a casual and relaxed way to share your news.

It turns an ordinary outing into an extraordinary event.

Or you can have the pregnancy announcement inside the picnic basket.

Ask a loved one to grab something for you and have them pull out a baby item, maybe a pacifier, and let them connect the dots slowly..

Create A ‘Mini Me’ Family Portrait

Creating a ‘Mini Me’ Family Portrait with an extra mini-figure can be a cute, subtle way to hint at your growing family.

It’s a visual way to show that your family is about to get a little bigger.

Decorate A Pizza With A Special Message Or In The Shape Of A Baby Bump

Decorating a pizza with a special message or in the shape of a baby bump can add a tasty twist to your announcement.

It’s a delicious way to reveal your news, perfect for a casual gathering.

Baby toys

Use Holiday-Themed Props Or Attire For A Festive Announcement

Holiday-themed props or attire can make your announcement festive and timely.

It adds a seasonal touch to your news, whether it’s a Christmas stocking or an Easter egg reveal.

Gift A “Grandparent Starter Kit” To Your Parents

Gifting a “grandparent starter kit” to your parents can be a delightful way to announce your news.

It’s a warm, heartfelt way to involve the future grandparents in the excitement.

Release A Series Of Photos Hinting At The Pregnancy And See Who Catches On First

Releasing a series of photos hinting at your pregnancy allows friends and family to piece together the clues.

It creates anticipation as they watch the story unfold.

Design A Digital Pregnancy Announcement Banner To Share On Social Media

A digital pregnancy announcement banner on social media can share your news with a wide audience. It’s a modern way to let your community join in your joy.

Write A Children’s Book And Have The Twist At The End Reveal The Pregnancy

Writing a children’s book with the pregnancy reveal at the end is a creative and heartwarming way to share your news.

It can be a cherished bedtime story for years to come.

Capture The Moment Of Surprise When Telling Your Partner And Share It Online

Capturing the moment of surprise when you tell your partner and sharing it online can be an intimate and emotional reveal.

It shares a private, joyous moment with your loved ones.

Make A Pregnancy Announcement Using Baby Books As Props

Using baby books as props in your announcement can add a literary twist.

It’s a charming and intelligent way to hint at the new chapter in your life.

Write A Cryptic Message On A Mirror And Share The Picture With Your Friends

Writing a cryptic message on a mirror and sharing the picture can create intrigue.

As friends and family decode the message, they discover your exciting news.

Create A Short Stop Motion Video With Baby Items

Creating a short stop-motion video with baby items can be a fun, playful way to announce.

As the items move and form the message, your news is revealed.

Reveal The News With A Custom-Made Wine Or Beer Label

Revealing the news with a custom-made wine or beer label is an elegant, adult way to share the news.

It’s a classy reveal that can be enjoyed during a special toast.

Send Out An Official-Looking “Press Release” With The Exciting News

Sending out an official-looking “Press Release” with your news can add a touch of professionalism.

It makes your personal news feel like an exciting public event.

Take A Picture Of A Baby Onesie And Ask, “Guess Who’s Going To Fill This Soon?”

Taking a picture of a baby onesie with the question, “Guess who’s going to fill this soon?” can be a cute, simple way to announce.

It leaves room for loved ones to guess the exciting news.

Get A Custom License Plate That Hints At Your Upcoming Arrival

A custom license plate hinting at your upcoming arrival can be a subtle, public announcement.

It’s a casual and surprising way to share your news.

Make A Funny Meme Or GIF About Your Pregnancy And Post It Online

Making a funny meme or GIF about your pregnancy and posting it online can add a humorous twist.

It’s a modern, relatable way to share your news with your online community.

Record Your Child’s Reaction When You Tell Them They Are Going To Be A Sibling

One truly heartwarming and personal way to announce a pregnancy is to capture the moment when you tell your older child that they’re going to be a sibling.

Record their reactions – it could be surprise, excitement, curiosity, or a mix of all – and share this precious moment with your loved ones.

This sweet and intimate approach not only involves the soon-to-be big sibling in the announcement, but also serves as a keepsake for years to come.

You can post it online or send it to family and friends directly to share in the excitement.

Host A Live Stream With The Big Announcement

In today’s digital age, hosting a live stream to announce your pregnancy can add a thrilling element to the surprise.

This could be on Facebook, Instagram, or any platform you usually connect with your friends and family.

You could drop subtle hints leading up to the big reveal, keeping your audience in suspense till you finally share the wonderful news.

Use A Drone To Capture An Aerial Shot Of The Parents-To-Be With Baby Shoes

For tech-savvy parents, using a drone to capture a bird’s eye view of you both holding a pair of adorable baby shoes can be a cinematic and memorable pregnancy announcement.

This unique angle not only captures the joyous moment but also the surrounding landscape, adding a beautiful backdrop to your big news.

Bake Cookies With A Hidden Message Inside

Bake a batch of fortune cookies, but with a delightful twist – your pregnancy announcement tucked inside!

You can either have a cookie-cracking gathering or mail these to your loved ones, making for a deliciously surprising treat when they find the little note inside.

Surprise Your Partner With A Trip To A Baby Store Instead Of A Regular Date Spot

Imagine your partner’s expression when they realize that the GPS isn’t leading to your favorite restaurant, but a baby store instead!

Their confusion turning into realization as you share that you’re going to be parents is sure to be an unforgettable memory.

Share A Picture Of Your Baby’s Future Outfit With The Caption, “Coming Soon”

Post a photo of a teeny-tiny baby outfit (maybe even a cute onesie with a witty quote), and caption it with “Coming Soon!”.

This cryptic yet heartwarming message will surely get your friends and family buzzing with joyous speculation.

Create An Infographic Or Chart With Baby Stats And The Due Date

Embrace your inner designer and create a fun infographic or chart depicting your pregnancy journey, complete with baby stats and due date.

This visually engaging and informative method of announcement could even double as a keepsake to remember this precious time.

Write A “Special Announcement” In A Local Newspaper And Send A Copy To Your Loved Ones

Go old school by publishing a “special announcement” in the local newspaper.

Once the announcement is published, send a copy to your loved ones for them to discover the exciting news.

This adds a traditional touch to your big reveal.

Set Up A Baby Countdown Clock And Share The Link With Your Friends And Family

For a modern twist, you can set up an online baby countdown clock and share the link with your loved ones.

It’s a fun way to keep everyone involved and eagerly anticipating the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

Due date calendar

Draw A Picture Of Your Family With An Extra, Smaller Figure And Post It Online

A picture speaks a thousand words, and in this case, it says, “We’re having a baby!”

Draw your family portrait with an added, smaller figure, and watch your friends and family react to the cute addition.

Make A Time-Lapse Video Of The Creation Of A Baby-Themed Piece Of Art, Revealing The News At The End

Create a baby-themed piece of artwork, capturing the process in a time-lapse video.

The finished product will not only reveal your pregnancy but also give you a beautiful piece of art as a keepsake.

Mail Everyone A Pacifier With A Note That Reads, “You’re Going To Need This When Visiting Us Soon!”

A funny yet adorable way to share your news is by mailing everyone a pacifier with a note that implies they’ll need it for future visits.

It’s a playful way to tell everyone that a little one will be joining your family gatherings soon!

Stage A Family Photoshoot And Surprise Everyone With A “Baby On Board” Sign

Plan a family photoshoot, and when everyone’s all smiles and ready, surprise them with a “baby on board” sign. Their surprised faces will make for priceless photos!

Use Food Coloring To Make A Fun Announcement In A Latte Or Cappuccino

Next time you serve your loved one a cup of coffee, use food coloring to write a short message like “We’re pregnant” or draw a simple baby icon on the froth.

It’s a gentle and heartwarming way to announce the news over a cozy cuppa.

Print The Due Date On A Custom Calendar And Give It As A Gift

A subtle yet effective way to share your pregnancy news is by gifting a custom calendar with the baby’s due date specially marked.

Loved ones will delight in flipping through the months until they land on the date adorned with a sweet message or baby-themed icon.

This thoughtful present not only announces the exciting news but also becomes a count-down to the new arrival for everyone involved.

Go Big And Rent A Billboard

For those who love to make a grand gesture, consider renting a billboard to announce your joyful news to the world.

With a creative design and a personalized message, you can surprise your partner, family, friends, and even passers-by with this unique pregnancy announcement.

It’s certainly an unconventional method, but it’s guaranteed to make a memorable splash and spark countless conversations!

It’s a bold, fun, and unforgettable way to share your joyous news.