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174 Middle Names For Asher (ULTIMATE LIST!)

When it comes to baby names, one size does indeed fit all. More and more parents are looking for names that are unique and gender-neutral. Asher should be at the top of your list if you’re hunting for a unique name for your little one.

What could be better than a name that promises your child a lifetime of happiness? 

Furthermore, it’s been climbing in popularity in the United States and currently ranks in the top 50. This article will look at this beautiful name’s meaning, origin, popularity, etc.

Origin Of The Name Asher

baby in teepee

Asher originates from a Hebrew name, “osher,” meaning “happy, blessed, and fortunate.” Asher was one of Jacob’s twelve sons and the ancestor of one of Israel’s tribes in the Bible.

He was known for his abundance of good things. His father Jacob blessed him by saying he shall have “fat bread and yield royal dainties.”

Another possible origin of the name is the Middle English and German names. These names are “Aschere” and “Äscher,” respectively. They both mean someone who lived in an ash grove or ash tree.

Therefore, Asher is both a surname and a given name. And although many thought it to be exclusive for boys, it’s now seen as a fun, gender-neutral alternative.

Famous People With The Name Asher

There are many famous people with the name Asher. Here are just a few:

  • Asher Roth– is an American rapper and singer. He’s best known for his song, “I Love College.”
  • Asher Edelman– an American financier and art collector. He’s the founder of ArtAssure Ltd, an art finance firm.
  • Asher Brown Durand – was one of the first prominent American artists. He’s best known for his painting of landscapes and the Hudson River School.
  • Asher Keddie-she’s an Australian actress best known for her role in the TV series “Offspring.”
  • Asher Monroe– He’s an American singer and actor best known for his starring role on NBC’s comedy, Parenthood.
  • Ashley Walters-a He’s a British rapper, singer, and actor better known by his stage name Asher D. He’s best known for his leading roles in Bullet Boy and Top Boy as Ricky and Dushane Hill, respectively.
  • Asher Dov Angel -is an actor from the United States. He made his acting debut in the 2008 movie Jolene, starring Jessica Chastain. 

He is known for playing Jonah Beck on the Disney Channel sitcom Andi Mack. The show premiered in 2017. Angel starred as Billy Batson in the DC Extended Universe film Shazam! in 2019.

  • Asher Lev- a fictional novel character in the book ” My name is Asher Lev” by Chaim Potok.

Popularity Of The Name Asher

According to SSA, the name Asher has been battling for the top 50 in the last decade. As of 2020, the name ranked at 32nd position. 

This is a significant increase from its ranking of 139th in 2010. So what’s behind this surge in popularity?

There are a few possible explanations. The name may be gaining popularity due to shows such as How To Get Away With Murder and Gossip Girl. 

Asher Millstone and Asher Hornsby are beloved recurring characters in these TV shows. 

Additionally, Asher is also a unisex name which sweetens the deal even more.

Related Names To Asher

Most biblical names are beautiful. They have strong meanings and would make great names for boys. You may also like these similar biblical names that would make perfect alternatives to Asher:

  • Reuben 
  • Simeon
  • Levi
  • Judah 
  • Dan
  • Naphtali 
  • Gad
  • Issachar 
  • Joseph 
  • Benjamin 

We also found some gender-neutral names similar to Asher that you’ll love;

  • Avery
  • Aria
  • Adrian
  • Angel
  • Aiden
  • Addison
  • Aubrey
  • Allison
  • Alex
  • Ainsley

Name Variations Of Asher

There are very few variations of Asher, and most of them are from Hebrew. Name variants might indicate the name’s cultural importance across the world. If you don’t fancy the traditional name Asher, you might like these options:

  • Ashar -Hebrew
  • Ashbel- Hebrew
  • Ashe -Old English
  • Ashor- Hebrew
  • Ashar- Hebrew
  • Äscher-German
  • Usher- Latin
  • Aschere -Middle English

Sibling And Twin Name Ideas For The Name Asher

If you have twins or more than one child, you may be looking for their names. Fortunately, we have done some research and come up with names that match Asher. Here are a few of our recommendations, we’re sure you’ll love:


  • Heather
  • Cher
  • Audrey
  • Autumn
  • Dina
  • Grace
  • Rose


  • Archer
  • Usher
  • Ashton
  • Abram
  • Preston
  • Xavier
  • Aaron
  • Xander

Middle Names For Asher

And now without further ado, here are some gorgeous middle names for Asher….

Remember to go through this list slowly and say the name out loud. Pair it with your last name and see which stand out to you.

All of these pairings are so gorgeous, you can’t make a mistake…..

  1. Asher Alexander
  2. Asher Barnaby
  3. Asher Bartholomew
  4. Asher Beau
  5. Asher Benjamin
  6. Asher Bennet
  7. Asher Bennett
  8. Asher Blaine
  9. Asher Blake
  10. Asher Boone
  11. Asher Braden
  12. Asher Braxton
  13. Asher Brody
  14. Asher Brogue
  15. Asher Byron
  16. Asher Caden
  17. Asher Caelum
  18. Asher Caleb
  19. Asher Callum
  20. Asher Cason
  21. Asher Caspian
  22. Asher Cavan
  23. Asher Chase
  24. Asher Christian
  25. Asher Colton
  26. Asher Connelly
  27. Asher Cormac
  28. Asher Cross
  29. Asher Dale
  30. Asher Damian
  31. Asher Dane
  32. Asher Dean
  33. Asher Declan
  34. Asher Devin
  35. Asher Dominic
  36. Asher Donovan
  37. Asher Dylan
  38. Asher Eamon
  39. Asher Eaton
  40. Asher Eben
  41. Asher Edison
  42. Asher Edward
  43. Asher Elijah
  44. Asher Ellington
  45. Asher Emerson
  46. Asher Emmanuel
  47. Asher Emory
  48. Asher Everett
  49. Asher Ezekiel
  50. Asher Finn
  51. Asher Fintan
  52. Asher Flynn
  53. Asher Fox
  54. Asher Francis
  55. Asher Gabriel
  56. Asher Gage
  57. Asher Gideon
  58. Asher Grayson
  59. Asher Grey
  60. Asher Gus
  61. Asher Harrison
  62. Asher Hawthorne
  63. Asher Hayden
  64. Asher Hayes
  65. Asher Heath
  66. Asher Hendrix
  67. Asher Henry
  68. Asher Hudson
  69. Asher Hugh
  70. Asher Humphrey
  71. Asher Ian
  72. Asher Isaac
  73. Asher Jack
  74. Asher Jackson
  75. Asher Jacob
  76. Asher James
  77. Asher Jameson
  78. Asher Jaxon
  79. Asher Jayden
  80. Asher Jett
  81. Asher Jonah
  82. Asher Jonathan
  83. Asher Jorah
  84. Asher Joseph
  85. Asher Jude
  86. Asher Judson
  87. Asher Julian
  88. Asher Keane
  89. Asher Keating
  90. Asher Keaton
  91. Asher Kennedy
  92. Asher Kenton
  93. Asher Kenyon
  94. Asher Kian
  95. Asher Killian
  96. Asher Kipling
  97. Asher Knight
  98. Asher Knox
  99. Asher Laine
  100. Asher Lawrence
  101. Asher Leif
  102. Asher Lennox
  103. Asher Leopold
  104. Asher Lewis
  105. Asher Logan
  106. Asher Lucas
  107. Asher Luke
  108. Asher Madden
  109. Asher Maddox
  110. Asher Malachi
  111. Asher Malcolm
  112. Asher Martin
  113. Asher Mason
  114. Asher Matteo
  115. Asher Maverick
  116. Asher Maximilian
  117. Asher Micah
  118. Asher Michael
  119. Asher Miles
  120. Asher Montgomery
  121. Asher Nathan
  122. Asher Nathaniel
  123. Asher Nevin
  124. Asher Nikolai
  125. Asher Noah
  126. Asher Nolan
  127. Asher Ogden
  128. Asher Oliver
  129. Asher Patrick
  130. Asher Paul
  131. Asher Paxton
  132. Asher Penn
  133. Asher Philemon
  134. Asher Phillip
  135. Asher Pierce
  136. Asher Piers
  137. Asher Pike
  138. Asher Preston
  139. Asher Quentin
  140. Asher Quinlan
  141. Asher Reid
  142. Asher Remington
  143. Asher Rhett
  144. Asher Roland
  145. Asher Roman
  146. Asher Rowan
  147. Asher Sage
  148. Asher Samson
  149. Asher Samuel
  150. Asher Saxon
  151. Asher Scott
  152. Asher Silas
  153. Asher Simeon
  154. Asher Simon
  155. Asher Solomon
  156. Asher Soren
  157. Asher Sullivan
  158. Asher Tate
  159. Asher Teague
  160. Asher Thomas
  161. Asher Tiernan
  162. Asher Timothy
  163. Asher Tobias
  164. Asher Tristan
  165. Asher Valentine
  166. Asher Van
  167. Asher Viggo
  168. Asher Vincent
  169. Asher Wade
  170. Asher Wallace
  171. Asher Wesley
  172. Asher Weston
  173. Asher William
  174. Asher Zane

And not that anybody asked, but my favorite middle names for Asher are Asher Logan, Asher Flynn, and Asher Pike. Especially Asher Pike! Such a unique middle name and combination.

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Asher is a unique name that you can use for either gender. It has Hebrew origins that mean happy, blessed, and fortunate. This name is perfect for parents who are looking for a gender-neutral name.

We have also included recommendations for other unisex names if you’re still undecided. We hope this article has been instrumental in choosing your little one’s name. Best wishes on your new arrival!