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103 Perfect Middle Names For Colt (PLUS MORE!)

Our names are a crucial part of our identities. They differentiate us and give us a sense of uniqueness. Names are important, but coming up with them is never easy.

Colt is a great and bold name for boys. It is a lovely name choice, particularly for strong and brave boys. Most people named Colt turned out to be loyal and successful folk.

The name is not common. It ranks 221 among the most popular boy’s names in the United States.

It is relatively unique.

Origin of the Name Colt


Colt has its origins in England. Though the exact age of the name is untraceable, historians estimate its origins in the late 15th century.

Colt is largely associated with the working-class folk in the Medieval and Victorian eras. It is the name for a young horse or donkey.

People from families that tended to horses were likely to have the name Colt. The name, therefore, was indicative of your social class. Many names in the Medieval or Victorian times could trace your family’s or ancestor’s occupation.

People often used Colt to reference stubborn or non-conforming members of society. The name got linked to a stubborn horse’s character.

Eventually, the name became mainstream in different social circles. As the influence of occupation on names declined, it became a common name.

Famous People Named Colt

People named Colt to have a high affinity for success. There are several global icons with the name. They are outstanding and respectable gentlemen who have success in various fields.

The name is synonymous with success. They have to remain relentless in the pursuit of their goals. Here are some famous Colts you might recognize.

Colt Ford: He is a popular country singer in the US. The multi-talented singer was a professional golfer before turning his attention to music. He partly owns the Average Joe’s label.

Colt McCoy: McCoy is a professional American footballer who plays in the National Football League. The talented quarterback got picked 3rd in the 2010 draft. He currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

Colt David: He is a former professional American footballer. He is famous for his time with the Montreal Alouettes. David won the Gray Cup in the 2007 season.

Colt Ward: Colt Ward is a young American professional surfer. Ward is a talented professional with several accolades to his name. The surfer’s breakout tournament was the Murasaki Shonan Open in 2016.

Colt Anderson: Anderson is a former professional American footballer. He is now working as one of the coaches for the Cincinnati Bengals. He played for several teams in the NFL, including the Indianapolis Colts.

Colt Knost: He is a former professional American golfer. Knost participated in several PGA tours in his time. He currently works as a commentator for PGA events.

Colt McBee: He is a singer from Texas, USA. Before pursuing a career in music, McBee was a professional shooter. The multi-talented Colt has singles and mostly does song covers.

Colt Brennan: He is a talented professional American footballer. He holds the most touchdown passes in a single NCAA 1st division season.

Names Related to Colt

Colt is a flexible name with other similar names. The name is great, but you should always consider alternatives.

There are several names related to Colt. You can have multiple variations with almost similar meanings and origins. They include:

  • Colton
  • Chance
  • Famer
  • Gardner
  • Walker
  • Clay
  • Dustin

Variation of Colt

Colt has many variations. The names differ depending on the country and region.

The pronunciation is the same. Colt is popular across many cultures and languages.

The alternatives are great if you do not want to use the mainstream version of the names. Here are variations based on regions:

  • Coultd
  • Coolt
  • Colht
  • Scolt
  • Cholt
  • Colte
  • Coult
  • Colţ
  • Kolth
  • Cottl
  • Culte
  • Kuolt

Sibling and Twin Name Ideas

If you are expecting twins, so many ideas go with Colt. It is ideal for giving twins similar or matching names.

Luckily, Colt is compatible with many male and female names. Here are examples you could consider:

Boy Names

  • Ranger
  • James
  • Eton
  • Saul
  • Larry
  • Todd

Girl Names

  • Chelsea
  • Ashley
  • Laura
  • May
  • Sandra
  • Ellen

Middle Names For Colt

And here we finally are….

Amazing middle names for Colt! This is the ultimate middle name list because we believe in OPTIONS!

But we also don’t want to overwhelm you. Go through this list slowly and see which (if any) names speak to you. From there, do some simple process of elimination with you and your partner.

Have fun…

  1. Colt Adam
  2. Colt Alexander
  3. Colt Anderson
  4. Colt Andre
  5. Colt Andrew
  6. Colt Anthony
  7. Colt Avery
  8. Colt Barnett
  9. Colt Benjamin
  10. Colt Broderick
  11. Colt Brooks
  12. Colt Dante
  13. Colt Darius
  14. Colt Davis
  15. Colt Dawson
  16. Colt Dexter
  17. Colt Dominic
  18. Colt Douglas
  19. Colt Duncan
  20. Colt Edward
  21. Colt Elijah
  22. Colt Elliott
  23. Colt Elliott 
  24. Colt Emmett
  25. Colt Everett
  26. Colt Felix
  27. Colt Flynn
  28. Colt Foster
  29. Colt Francis
  30. Colt George
  31. Colt Graham
  32. Colt Grant
  33. Colt Gray
  34. Colt Gregory
  35. Colt Hank
  36. Colt Harris
  37. Colt Harrison
  38. Colt Hayes
  39. Colt Heath
  40. Colt Henry
  41. Colt Hudson
  42. Colt Hugh
  43. Colt Isaiah
  44. Colt Jace
  45. Colt Jackson
  46. Colt James
  47. Colt Jason
  48. Colt Jasper
  49. Colt Jennings
  50. Colt Jeremy
  51. Colt John
  52. Colt Joshua
  53. Colt Jude
  54. Colt Julian
  55. Colt Kai
  56. Colt Knox
  57. Colt Lee
  58. Colt Levi
  59. Colt Lincoln
  60. Colt Mason
  61. Colt Matthew
  62. Colt Maxwell
  63. Colt Montgomery
  64. Colt Nathaniel
  65. Colt Oliver
  66. Colt Phoenix
  67. Colt Quinn
  68. Colt Reese
  69. Colt Reid
  70. Colt Rex
  71. Colt Rhett
  72. Colt River
  73. Colt Robert
  74. Colt Roy
  75. Colt Ryder
  76. Colt Samuel
  77. Colt Sawyer
  78. Colt Scott
  79. Colt Seth
  80. Colt Shane
  81. Colt Silas
  82. Colt Sterling
  83. Colt Tate
  84. Colt Taylor
  85. Colt Theodore
  86. Colt Thomas
  87. Colt Tobias
  88. Colt Troy
  89. Colt Tyler
  90. Colt Vance
  91. Colt Vaughn
  92. Colt Victor
  93. Colt Vincent
  94. Colt Wade
  95. Colt Wells
  96. Colt Wesley
  97. Colt William
  98. Colt Wyatt
  99. Colt Xander
  100. Colt Xavier
  101. Colt Zach
  102. Colt Zachary
  103. Colt Zane

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Our names are an important element of who we are. They distinguish us and offer us a sense of individuality. Names are significant, yet they are never simple to come up with.

Colt is a great and daring name for a boy. It’s a great name, especially for powerful and fearless males. The majority of Colts are devoted and accomplished people.

The name is not widely used. It is ranked 221 on the list of the most common boy’s names in the United States. It’s a little different.