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91 Old Money Names That Are Timeless & Sound Rich AF

Old money names are growing in popularity.

More and more people are becoming fascinated with the old money lifestyle, whether that’s related to their fashion, home decor, or even baby names.

Old money baby names are growing more and more in popularity. These names have a history of nobility and aristocratic roots.

A lot of old money names originated in Europe and are passed down through wealthy and influential families for generations.

Take the famous and popular name ‘William.’ William is a Germanic name that means ‘will helmet’ or ‘protector.’ It is the definition of old money and has been popular among European nobility for centuries.

If you are in the ‘old money’ circle, you will know a lot of Williams, and if you’re a history buff, you are more than familiar with this popular name. From William the Conqueror, the first Norman King of England, to current day Prince William.

Similarly, history and old money families have used the name ‘Elizabeth’ for centuries. Several Queens and princesses have held the name. And who can blame them? The name s Hebrew for ‘my God is an oath’ or ‘my God is abundance.’ Talk about a good omen.

Old money names as a whole, are more popular among children born into wealthy families. In fact, children born into wealthy families are more likely to be given traditional, classic names than children born into less wealthy families.

The top five baby names for children born into the top 1% of the wealthiest families in the United States are William, Olivia, James, Elizabeth, and Charlotte. Fr comparison, the top five names for children born in the bottom 50% are Noah, Ethan, Olivia (again!), and Isabella.

This suggests that wealth and prestige are associated with old money names, and parents want to give their children a name that is timeless,, elegant, and reflects their social status.

Are Old Money Names Popular?

Adoorable baby boy in blue - Old money baby names

Old money baby names are growing in popularity.

These baby names are traditional and classic, with a hint of nobility and aristocratic roots. They used to be considered exclusive to the rich and wealthy, but are being embraced more and more by a wider range of parents.

It isn’t about the fact that these names ‘sound rich’ but that they are elegant and timeless.

There has been a slow shift away from unusual and unique names recently. More and more parents want to set their children up for success, and a strong first and middle name are important in doing so.

Old money names like Olivia, Charlotte, and William are experiencing a significant boom in recent years. These ‘rich names’ are becoming household staples in American households.

These names are often associated with wealth and prestige. They are naturally sophisticated and can give a child a sense of gravitas.

Whether you’re looking for a strong, traditional name for a boy or a timeless, elegant name for a girl, old money names are a great option to consider.

What Makes A Name ‘Old Money?”

Little girl on horseback - old money families are famous for loving equestrian activities

Old money, by definition, refers to wealth that has been passed down from generation to generation. Old money is often associated with aristocratic or upper-class families who have a long history of wealth and social status.

These families are often associated with wealth, sophistication, and refinement.

Old money names are then, in turn, common names found in these elite circles. These names may be handed down from generation to generation.

They may be associated with prestigious schools, exclusive clubs, and other markers of upper-class status.

Overall, old money names are often associated with families who have a long-standing reputation of wealth and social status in a community or society.

Choosing The Right Old Money Name

Wealthy family posing for a photograph

When choosing any name, whether it’s an old money name or not, there are a lot of things to take into consideration.

You have to think about the meaning and significance of the name. Old money names in particular, have a rich history and cultural significance.

It can be meaningful to choose a special name that has a unique meaning for you and your family.

You’ll also want to consider the style and sound of the name. How does it pair with the baby’s last name?

Most old money baby names are classic and timeless. Think about whether the name you’re picking out fits your style and aesthetic. Also, think about whether it ‘feels’ right.

Certain names we can tell feel like our baby’s name. Some just sound foreign to us.

And of course, you’ll want to consider the popularity of the name. Old money names aren’t as popular as they once were, but they are still common.

If you want your baby to have a more unique, less common name, you may want to opt for a less popular old money name.

But if you want a name that is more widely recognized, a more popular old money name may be the best choice for you.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is picking a name that feels right for you and your child.

Are There Any Benefits To Giving Your Baby An Old Money Name?

Happy family, mother, father, and child, walking together

There are actually a lot of benefits to giving your baby an old money name.

By definition, these names have stood the test of time and have been popular for generations. If you want to give your baby a name that is classic, enduring, and ageless; an old money name may just be the perfect one.

Also, these names are naturally associated with wealth and prestige. A lot of parents opt for these names as a way to give their child a name that reflects their social status. On top of this, these names often exude sophistication and refinement.

New moms and dads want to set their kids up for success, and these names seem like the logical choice for many.

But the most important reason (in our humble opinion) is that old money names are less common and more unique than modern names.

In general, these are great choices for parents who want their child to feel special and unique but also have a classic feel.

Now, old money names may not be for everyone, but if they are the right fit for you and your baby, just know they’ll have a memorable name that is sure to grab people’s attention (in a positive way!)

Old Money Names For Boys

Baby by in tuxedo
  1. Adrian (rich)
  2. Alexander (defender of men)
  3. Andrew (manly)
  4. Anthony (priceless one)
  5. Arthur (bear)
  6. Astor (hawk)
  7. Benjamin (son of the right hand)
  8. Benedict (blessed)
  9. Byron (place of cowsheds)
  10. Carmichael (follower of Michael)
  11. Chandler (candle maker, seller)
  12. Charles (free man)
  13. Christopher (christ-bearer)
  14. Colin (whelp, cub)
  15. Daniel (God is my judge)
  16. David (beloved)
  17. Dean (valley)
  18. Everett (brave, strong boar)
  19. Edward (guardian, protector)
  20. Frederick (peaceful ruler)
  21. George (farmer, earthworker)
  22. Gerard (brave spear)
  23. Grant (tall)
  24. Gregory (watchful, alert)
  25. Harold (army-ruler)
  26. Harrison (son of Harris)
  27. Henry (power, ruler)
  28. Hugh (intellect)
  29. Jack (God is gracious)
  30. James (supplanter)
  31. John (graced by God)
  32. Joseph (God will add)
  33. Kennedy (helmeted chief)
  34. Lawrence (bright one, shining one)
  35. Michael (gift from God)
  36. Oliver (olive tree)
  37. Peter (rock, stone)
  38. Philip (horse-loving)
  39. Preston (priest’s town)
  40. Richard (strong in rule)
  41. Royce (fame)
  42. Robert (fame-bright)
  43. Simon (listen, hearing)
  44. Spencer (provider)
  45. Thomas (twin)
  46. Wallace (foreigner)
  47. William (strong-willed warrior)
  48. Winston (joyful stone)

Old Money Names For Girls

Baby girl in dress
  1. Abigail (my Father’s joy)
  2. Agnes (pure, holy)
  3. Alexandra (defender of man)
  4. Alice (noble)
  5. Amelia (industriousness)
  6. Annabella (favored grace)
  7. Anne (grace)
  8. Audrey (noble strength)
  9. Blair (meadow)
  10. Caroline (free man free woman)
  11. Catherine (pure)
  12. Charlotte (free man)
  13. Diana (divine)
  14. Dorothy (God’s gift)
  15. Eleanor (shining light)
  16. Elizabeth (my God is an oath)
  17. Emily (rival)
  18. Esme (esteemed)
  19. Evelyn (desired, wished for)
  20. Frances (free one)
  21. Gemma (gem)
  22. Georgiana (farmer)
  23. Grace (goodness, generocity)
  24. Hannah (grace)
  25. Harriet (home ruler)
  26. Isabella (God is my Oath)
  27. Jacqueline (may God protect)
  28. Jane (God is gracious)
  29. Jean (God is gracious)
  30. Katherine (pure)
  31. Louisa (famous warrior)
  32. Mabel (loveable, dear)
  33. Margaret (pearl)
  34. Margot (pearl)
  35. Mary (beloved, wished-for child)
  36. Meredith (great ruler)
  37. Mona (noble, aristocratic)
  38. Piper (pipe player)
  39. Portia (pig, hog, or doorway)
  40. Sophia (wisdom)
  41. Susan (lily flower)
  42. Tiffany (manifestation of God)
  43. Victoria (victory)
  44. Violet (purple)

In General..

Old money names are perfect, whether for you baby or for that novel you’re writing.

These fancy names sound rich and exude sophistication. Match them with the perfect middle name and your baby will be ready to take on the world!

These names truly never go out of style. Family names are a great way of giving your baby the upper-hand in life.

All the names on this list above are considered classic and will give your child a great head start in life. You can’t go wrong with any of them!