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8 Extremely Fun Nerf Games To Play At Home Kids Love

Looking for fun nerf games to play at home?! We’ve go you covered with some AMAZING games

Almost every kid loves Nerf guns, and chances are you have one or more at home already!

If you and your kids love playing games together at home or you are hosting some of your children’s friends over soon or throwing a party, you need some fun Nerf games to play at home that will be an absolute hit!

We’ve got you covered….

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Fun Nerf Games To Play At Home

nerf games to play at home

Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag is a classic game that is perfectly suited for Nerf guns!

To play this game, you need to split everyone playing into two teams and give them all an accessory such as an armband, or a piece of clothing, of a certain color to show which team they belong to.

Place two flags (or any other item) at opposite ends of the yard or house, and when the game starts, each team begins on their side and has to make it to the other team’s flag and capture it, without being shot by a Nerf gun.

Those who are shot by a Nerf gun either have to sit out the rest of the game, or go back to their team’s start line and advance again. The team to capture the flag first wins.

Tin Can Shooting

Save some tin cans or bottles to play this game, but just about any empty items that can be stacked up can be used.

Stack the tin cans or other items one on top of each other, with more in the bottom row and one can sitting atop the tower. If you want, you can number the cans to be different points.

Mark out a line a certain distance away from the can tower, and each player gets a turn to shoot a certain amount of Nerf gun bullets at the tin can.

Whoever knocks over the most cans, or whoever earns the most points, is the winner.

Pistol Shootout

For pistol shootout, you need small Nerf guns that only hold six or so bullets.

This game is really a free for all, where two players are up against each other, or there are teams split evenly with the number of players.

Players fill up their small pistol Nerf guns with bullets and run around the yard or house seeing how many times they can hit other players.

Using small Nerf guns for this means that everyone is playing fair and the game lasts for longer, as players don’t want to waste their bullets aimlessly shooting!


Frozen is similar to Freezer Tag, but with the inclusion of Nerf guns! To play, you will need two teams of two players or more. Each player in both teams needs to have a Nerf gun to play.

All of the players try and hit the other team, and if someone is hit by a Nerf bullet, they need to freeze in place. The only way they can be unfrozen is if a player from their team shoots them with a bullet.

The team that manages to freeze all players on the other team together at one time is the winner.

Zombie Invasion

Zombie Invasion is one of the most fun Nerf gun games you could play! Split players into two teams – humans and zombies, and the teams don’t really have to be even.

Only the humans are given Nerf guns in this game.

The zombies need to try to tag humans without being shot, and if they do, then that person needs to put their Nerf gun down and join the zombie team.

If a zombie is hit, then they are out of the game. The winning team is the team that has a player left at the end of the game, whether it is a human or a zombie!

Police Escort

Police escort offers up some pretend to play for kids, and can be played one vs one or in teams of two or more.

Use a teddy or a toy baby as the object being escorted to safety, or if you have enough players, one of the players can be the person being escorted by the police.

One team is the police, who need to move the teddy or person from one side of the yard or the house to the other. The other team is looking to break up the escort and shoot the escorted person or teddy with their Nerf guns.

The police team needs to protect their person at all costs, and if the person they are protecting is hit by a Nerf bullet, they swap teams and try again.

Water Balloon Shootout

This game is ideal for a hot summer’s day, where the kids can play outside and you don’t mind if they get a little bit wet!

Fill up some water balloons and place them on a table, or somehow attach them to a target board. Each player gets a turn to try and shoot the water balloons and pop them open.

To make it more fun, someone can hold the water balloon over their head while other players try to shoot at it to pop it.

Just remember to give them goggles for eye protection as the other players will be aiming around their head area to pop the balloon.

For older kids, the water balloons can be thrown up into the air and they can try to shoot them before they fall to the ground and pop.

Hide And Seek

Hide and seek can be taken to the next level with some Nerf guns! You would start the game how it is usually played, but instead, have a team of seekers if you have enough players and a team of hiders.

All players have Nerf guns. Those hiding can be stealthy and shoot the seekers as they search for them, and if they get a hit, the seekers are kicked out of the game.

The seekers can also shoot out hiders if they see them first, which knocks the hiders out of the game.

All of these Nerf gun games can be played at home with family or friends and will give you hours of fun!

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