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16 Pregnancy Hacks Every First Time Mom Needs To Know

Looking for tried and true pregnancy hacks?!
Be prepared with the best maternity tips and tricks for an easy pregnancy..

As wonderful and exciting as pregnancy is, the truth is it can be uncomfortable and difficult!

For first time moms, it can be surprising that pregnancy comes with so many discomforts and difficult days, and for moms who are pregnant for a second time, a way to make these discomforts easier would be much appreciated!

As a mom of two, I have tried SO many pregnancy hacks, read countless blogs, and even came up with my own ways of coping.

Hopefully these little tips and tricks will help you as much as they helped me.

I wish I knew all of these little pregnancy secretes during my first round so I could enjoy my pregnancy more and have fewer bad days!

Pregnancy Hacks You Need To Know

Ward Off Morning Sickness Before It Hits

It is better to be safe than sorry, and you should try to ward off morning sickness before it happens.

Many moms suffer from morning sickness, whether it be for a few days or their whole pregnancy, and there is no way to tell whether or not you will experience morning sickness.

There are some helpful ways to try to prevent morning sickness before it happens. One way would be to keep some ginger biscuits next to your bed. Before getting up in the morning, snack on one or two biscuits. These help to settle your stomach, and ginger helps fight against nausea.

My favorite way was these ginger candies made specifically for pregnant mama’s going through morning sickness.

Another option is to wear a nausea band. These are usually made for traveling at sea, but there are some special sea-sickness bands created for pregnant moms. This is a safe way to soothe your stomach without ingesting anything!

Plan For Your Clothes Not To Fit

Maternity clothes can be really expensive, and you might not want to spend so much money on clothes that you will only wear for a few months.

The item of clothing that will probably feel too tight first will be your jeans, but you don’t have to stop wearing them! A simple hair tie is all you need to get your jeans to fit throughout pregnancy.

Simply loop the hair tie through the buttonhole, and then loop it back in on itself. Take that loop and secure it onto your button! This keeps the top of your jeans together, and the stretchy hair tie allows for some belly growth. Just wear a long enough shirt to hide the hair tie and zipper area.

There are also products out there which do the same thing, such as a belly band. It allows you to wear your jeans and keeps the top together and hidden underneath the band, which is comfortable to wear with a pregnant tummy.

Choose A Nursing Bra With An Extender

You absolutely must buy a nursing and pregnancy bra to wear when you are expecting. Make sure that it is not underwire, that it is wide-banded, and that it is made of cotton. You can even buy a cup size up to anticipate the growth of your breasts.

It is such a good idea to purchase a nursing bra that comes with an extender. You will not know what your future bra size will be, and the extender will allow you to use the same bra, even if your breasts grow much more than what you thought they would. 

If you find a pair of nursing bras that you really love, but they don’t have extenders, you could always purchase these separately, but just make sure that it is compatible with your bra.

Prepare For Sensitive Nipples

Many moms-to-be battle with sensitive nipples during pregnancy, especially as their breasts grow. This usually isn’t a problem when wearing a comfortable nursing bra, but the moment the bra is removed and your nipples are free, they can become incredibly sensitive.

One way to protect your nipples is to use silicon nipple protectors! These aren’t usually used for pregnancy, but they work so well to give your nipples some protection, without you needing to wear bras constantly.

You can also use nipple cream, and trust me, you will want to stock up on this if you plan to breastfeed.

Keep Kinesio Tape At Home

A growing baby can put some serious strain on your body, and you don’t have to be full term to start feeling aches and pains from all the extra pressure.

A safe way to help with the muscle aches and pains is to use Kinesio tape. It is mainly used by athletes to support muscles, and allow for joints to heal. You can use this tape to tape up your belly, to offer some extra support and comfort.

The pressure of your baby pushing against your abdominal muscles can cause the tissue which holds your abs together to stretch and thin, which causes the pooch that many moms carry around after pregnancy, and Kinesio tape can help prevent this.

You can use the Kinesio tape to target the strained areas, to help offer immediate relief and support.

Put Gel Ice Packs In Your Socks/Bra

I know I’m not the only pregnant mom I know who would OVERHEAT!

I was always so hot and sticky when pregnant. It was bad!

During my second pregnancy, I started putting gel ice packs in my socks and bra and it made a WORLD of a difference.

Plus, they were excellent for aches and back pain.

Purchase A Pregnancy Pillow

So many moms will tell you that their pregnancy pillow was their best friend during, and after, pregnancy. Pregnancy can really deprive you of sleep, and you are restricted to sleeping to one position for most of your pregnancy, it can become really uncomfortable!

A pregnancy pillow can be used in so many different ways to support your body while you sleep, and even while you relax on the couch. At night, it provides head, neck, and leg support, while gently easing your hips into a comfortable position.

This takes the strain off of your back and gives you support in all the right places, keeping your body aligned so you don’t wake up with aches and pains.

Pregnancy pillows can also be used once your baby arrives. They offer support for breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

There are a lot of types of pregnancy pillows, so make sure you pick the one that is right for you and your needs.

Don’t Bother Tying Your Laces

Once you are quite far along with your pregnancy, tying your shoelaces can become mission impossible.

This is especially frustrating in the colder months when you can’t just slip on a pair of flip flops. To help deal with not being able to tie your own shoelaces when the time comes, you can put some silicone shoelaces in your shoes!

These don’t need to be tied and simply stretch open when you want to put your shoes on. They are sturdy and durable and won’t snap or break, but they are flexible enough to give you some good room to put your shoes on.

They come in different colors, so you can match them up with your shoes!

Lie On Your Stomach Safely With A Pool Inflatable

Constantly lying on your side can become super annoying, and you will end up desperate just to spend a few minutes lying on your stomach. Pregnant moms know that lying on your stomach is not recommended, but there is a way to do so safely.

All you need is a donut-shaped inflatable (or one of these specifically made for pregnant mamas). Blow the inflatable up using a pump and lay it down on your bed. Lay down on top of the donut inflatable, with your stomach in the center where the hole is.

This gives your body the support it needs, and allows you to lay on your tummy without putting your baby at risk! It also doubles up as a summer pool accessory as well!

Make Use Of Compression Socks

Swelling during pregnancy happens to so many moms and is especially common near the end of pregnancy.

Swelling can be uncomfortable, and can make it difficult to put your shoes on! However, with the use of compression socks, you can try and prevent swelling quite a bit.

Compression socks help to reduce and prevent swelling and keep your blood circulating. Try to wear them during the day and at night, to allow your legs to recover.

Another way to fight against swelling is to keep your feet elevated while sitting. You have an excuse to put your legs up and relax!

Buy Multi-Purpose Clothes

You really don’t want to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes that you can’t wear once your baby is born. There are some styles of clothes that can be worn throughout your pregnancy and after as well, without looking like maternity clothes.

Shift dresses, maxi dresses, flowy shirts, and stretchy tops are all ideal to wear during pregnancy and after as well, and they are very comfortable to wear when heavily pregnant!

It is really only worth buying nursing tops when you are planning on breastfeeding for quite some time, but then again you could just layer up with two tops and lower the bottom one to feed your baby.

Ginger Helps With Nausea

There are a lot of weird pregnancy symptoms and nausea is just the beginning.

If you are one of the unfortunate moms who do suffer from morning sickness, there are some ways you can ease the feeling.

Ginger tea is a great way to stop nausea, or just make it more bearable. Brew up some ginger tea in the morning to enjoy throughout the day.

You can also use ginger and citrus essential oils to help fight against nausea as well. Our sense of smell is connected to our digestive tract, and the scent of citrus and ginger really does work to lessen the feeling of nausea.

Between essential oils, candles, and some ginger tea, you should be able to keep the worst of the morning sickness at bay without the use of medication or other more invasive methods.

Eat Potatoes

Potatoes have gotten such a bad rap in the past couple of years because of the low-carb craze, but they are LOADED with potassium.

During your third trimester, it’s likely you’ll experience leg cramps.

My leg cramps were so bad, they’d wake me in the middle of the night!

A lot of people suggest eating banana’s, which is a great option, but potatoes have even more potassium and are delicious. Plus they’re so versatile.

You can make a potato in a million different ways! From mashed to oven-baked, all your carb cravings will be satisfied.

beyond preventing leg cramps, potatoes also have a lot of fiber and vitamin C, bot of which your body (and baby) need.

Try a Salt Soak

I mentioned compression socks before, but if your feet are still heavily swollen, you can try a salt soak.

Get some epsom or sea salt and a large bowl (or bucket), maybe even add a couple of drops of essential oils to make it a nice experience and voila! Goodbye bloat!

Get Baby Freebies

There are SO MANY freebies out there for expecting moms. From diapers, baby formula, and even a bunch of coupons, there is something for everyone.

Plus, many of them deliver the goodies to your home for free! It’s one of the many perks of being pregnant.

I have a separate post about all the baby freebies you can apply for here

Prepare Early

Once you get into your third trimester, you have to start preparing everything!

Make sure your hospital bag is filled with essentials.

Decide on a pregnancy plan early on. Will you go to the hospital? Do you want a water birth? Who’s going to drive you?

Have a clear plan in place so you (and your loved ones) know what you’re doing.

Things may (and probably won’t) go exactly as planned, but having something in place takes a lot of pressure and stress out of the big day when it arrives.

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