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FREE Polar Bear Coloring Page Printables That Are Super COOL

These Polar Bear Color Page Printables are so COOL (see what I did there?) that any toddler will absolutely adore them!

I have also included a couple of fun polar bear facts you can share with your kids.

I know I absolutely loved all things related to wildlife and the outdoors as a kid, and I encourage that curiosity in my children as well.

Beyond that, animals are incredibly fascinating. There is so much to learn from the animal kingdom.

Here are some fascinating facts about polar bears that might surprise you (and surely your little one as well!)

Awesome Polar Bear Fun Facts

  • Polar bears are considered marine mammals, which puts them in the same category as whales, dolphins, and seals
  • Polar bears are not actually white! Their hair is pigment-free and actually reflects light. They look their whitest in bright sunlight.
  • Polar bears touch noses to ask too share food (adorable!)
  • Polar bears don’t have territories (like many large carnivores, think lions) – they have home ranges which they don’t defend and often times overlap with other bears
  • They can swim constantly for days at a time (and even swim up to 6mph in water!)
  • Less than 2% of polar bear hunts are successful
  • Polar bears can weigh up to the equivalent of 10 men!
  • They can smell their prey up to a kilometer away
  • Polar bears have 4 inches of fat under their fur to keep them warm
  • Polar bears don’t hibernate like other bears, but pregnant female bears do remain dormant until they give birth
  • Polar bears are mostly Canadian (but they’re definitely not very nice)
  • They are the biggest land carnivores
  • Polar bears can fast for up to 8 months
  • Polar bears typically give birth to twins, this gives them a higher chance of at least one cub surviving

Adorable Polar Bear Coloring Page

Polar Bear Coloring Page Printable Featuring a Polar Bear Mom and Her Cub

Are Polar Bears Left-Handed?

Polar bears are actually NOT left-handed. 

That is a common misconception. You could say they’re ambidextrous. How they ever got a polar bear to hold a pen, I’ll never know 😂

FREE Polar Bear and Cub Coloring page

Polar Bear Coloring Page Printable Featuring a Polar Bear Mom and Her Cub