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Can A Baby Shower Be Done After The Baby Is Born? (FIND OUT!)

Baby showers are traditionally done before a baby is born but sometimes this doesn’t always go to plan and the baby arrives before the party is thrown. Which begs the question, can a baby shower be done after a baby is born?

A baby shower can definitely happen once a baby is born, and in some cases, it is the best option to wait until your baby arrives before having a baby shower! Many parents are now actually waiting until after the birth of their baby to have their baby shower and there are many reasons to do so. 

If you are planning to have a baby shower, but aren’t completely sure when to have one, here are some great reasons why you should wait until your baby is born to throw a little party!

Reasons To Have A Baby Shower After Baby Is Born

Having A Baby Shower After Baby Is Born

There Is No Guessing

Baby shower gifts do take some guessing. Babies are not all born one-size-fits-all, and one baby might already fit into 1-3month clothing when they are born, and others might still need preemie clothes.

There isn’t really any way to determine this before the baby arrives, and often parents are left with clothes they can’t use for their baby.

If friends and family wait until the baby is born, they can buy gifts that will actually fit the baby, and which mom and dad can make real use out of!

A Visit And A Party

Everyone wants to visit mom and her newborn once the baby arrives, but this can be quite overwhelming planning lots of small visits with lots of different people.

Waiting a few weeks or even a few months after your baby is born, and then having a baby shower post-birth allows you to see everyone in one go, and guests can meet the new arrival together. 

This also gives mom a chance to recover at home without worrying about accommodating everyone’s visit requests, and she can do things in her own time, enjoying the time she gets to spend with her baby at home.

The Gender Is Known

Some parents wait until the arrival of their baby to find out the gender and don’t have a gender reveal beforehand. Ultrasounds aren’t always so accurate either, and what was guessed to be a boy might turn out to be a girl, and vice versa!

Waiting until after the baby is born is a sure way to know their gender, and then plan gifts accordingly. You don’t have to go with neutrals and greys and yellows anymore, once the baby is born you can choose all the right clothes for them!

This saves mom and dad having to return a whole lot of clothes as well, and ensures that they are gifted items they need, and will actually use.

Stress-Free Baby Shower

Baby showers are often held late in pregnancy, but this is quite risky as some moms can end up going into pre-term labor, and the baby arrives sooner than expected. 

If you have planned a big baby shower party and invited all the guests, you might spend quite a bit of time stressing that you could go into labor before the party happens.

Having the baby shower after your baby is born removes all of this stress, and ensures that there are no surprises before the party can happen! 

Having to postpone a party, or canceling it, can cost quite a bit of money as well, and with all the expenses that come with a new baby, new parents need to try and save as much money as they can!

Gifts Are More Personalized

It is difficult to know what you really need for your baby before they arrive. Once your baby is born and you have fallen into the rhythm of parenting, it is easier to know what you need, and what gifts would be most useful to you.

After your baby arrives is the best time to make a gift registry. You would know what brand of bottle or pacifier they prefer, which brand of diapers you are happier with, and which clothes or accessories you make the most use out of.

It is also a great opportunity to be spoilt with baby items that you probably wouldn’t buy on your own, such as cute outfits and toys!

A Celebration Of Baby

A baby shower after the baby is born means that friends and family can celebrate the new baby, putting the party focus on the baby instead of the mom who might not want to be the center of attention!

Guests will love having a baby there to spoil and give gifts to, even though the baby is a little too young to understand what is going on.

A baby shower needs a baby, and having your little one there might make the celebration seem that much special to you!

Everyone Can Attend

Baby showers are traditionally only attended by females. However, if you prefer the idea of everyone being invited (dads are just as important!) then waiting for your baby to be born is a great opportunity to throw a party where everyone can attend.

All of the special men in the baby’s life, such as dad, grandpa, uncles, and friends can come and join in the celebration of the new arrival, and they would really appreciate the opportunity to do so!

You could even turn the baby shower into a cookout where you can be comfortable and enjoy the day together, while everyone gets to meet the new family member!

Having A Baby Shower After Baby Is Born

For some parents, having a baby shower after the baby is born is a perfect idea. It gives them the chance to settle into motherhood and know exactly what gifts would be best for her and baby.

Waiting till after the baby is born to have a baby shower also gives everyone the opportunity to meet the new baby together in one go, instead of mom having to plan lots of visits while still trying to recover from childbirth.

Only have the baby shower when you feel ready to have people around you and your new little bundle!

What Is A Baby Shower Called After The Baby Is Born?

Although you can consider it a baby shower even after the baby is born, it is formally considered a ‘sip and see.’

A Sip and See is the same as a baby shower but it tends to be less formal.

You also, obviously, don’t have some classic baby shower games like ‘Guess The Due Date’ or ‘How Big Is Mommy?’

Even though you can’t play some of the typical baby shower games, there are still plenty like baby shower charades or the memory game.

And besides the games, baby showers are all about celebrating your little bundle of joy with all the people you love and adore.

And what a better way to do that when the baby is already born?!

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