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19 Funniest Baby Shower Gifts You Have To See!

Stop buying the same old boring gifts, the mom-to-be won’t be able to stop laughing after she receives one of the funniest baby shower gifts she’s ever seen!

Baby shower gifts can be so predictable. Diaper cakes, pastel baby grows, and bibs.

Although a baby registry is useful, sometimes you want to add a little humor to an event! There’s nothing wrong with buying your loved one baby bottles and a diaper bag, but if you want to really stand out and give a memorable gift idea you’re going to have to go a little against the grain.

If you want to do something a little different, and make the mom-to-be giggle, we’ve got you covered with some of the most hilarious baby shower gifts.

These gifts are not only giggle-worthy, but they will be useful for when the baby arrives!

The Most Hilarious Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Burrito Swaddle

Burritos are great, but a newborn baby wrapped up in a burrito-themed blanket is just so much better!

This round, soft plush blanket is as comfortable as can be for a newborn baby, but it also gives endless giggles. It makes for a great blanket to use daily, and is perfect to use to take some great photos as well!

The mom-to-be will love wrapping up their little baby burrito in this swaddle and have a giggle every single time.

Hilarious Car Safety Sticker

Steer away from those boring Baby On Board stickers, and instead get the parents-to-be something funny to hang on their car, while still letting others around them know that there is a baby in the car up ahead.

This sticker honestly made me snort-laugh when I first saw it! I had never seen it and had to order myself one. It got to be the funniest baby shower gift idea yet.

Make sure to get two of these stickers for mom and dad’s car!

Pretzel Teether

Who doesn’t love a warm pretzel? Obviously, a baby is too young to munch down on a pretzel, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look like they are!

This Pretzel Teether comes with a crinkle-napkin to complete the pretzel-eating look, and the baby gets to soothe their gums while chewing away on the safe material!

Pssst.. Don’t forget to host a diaper raffle at your baby shower to stock up on the necessities!

Printed Socks

Baby socks are adorable, but they are even cuter when they have some funny phrases printed on the bottom to bring some giggles to changing time!

These socks have different funny quotes printed on the bottom, and will be an appreciated gift! Some quotes are cute, and some are quite hilarious to find under a baby’s feet!

Diaper Decision-Making Coin

Your Turn Or My Turn: Diaper Changing Coin. Funny Gift Idea For Baby Shower..

Parents always argue over whose turn it is to change a diaper, it is a part of parenting!

To cut this out of their day, why not purchase them the diaper decision making coin?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up being the present mom and dad use the most.

One side is my turn, the other is your turn, so mom or dad can flip the coin to see who gets to change the dirty diaper!

Mustache Pacifier

A baby with a mustache – what could be cuter? Absolutely nothing!

A newborn baby won’t be able to grow a mustache, so the mustache pacifier is a must if you want some cute photos and endless laughs!

The innocent little baby will love the orthodontic approved pacifier, and mom and dad will love seeing their baby look like a little gentleman with a mustache!

Baby Weights Rattle

There is something about rattles that babies love, but the noise can get a bit annoying for the parents.

To ease this a bit, you should gift the parents with a baby weights rattle!

While the rattle still makes the same sound, it would be hilarious seeing a tiny baby holding a weight!

The weight is just for show, and it is light and safe for a baby to use.

This is a hilarious baby shower gift if one of the parents is a known gym-rat and is sure to be an absolute hit.

Photoshoot Props

Newborn photoshoots are a must, they offer the perfect way to capture those first few weeks of your baby’s life.

Once the serious, posed photos are done, the parents can use these fitness-themed toys for some fun pictures!

The set can be used for the photoshoot, and then as some fun toys for the baby to enjoy afterward.

This is the perfect addition to the baby weight rattle above!

Funny Baby Books

Books are always wonderful gifts at a baby shower and welcomed with open arms.

To lighten things up, a funny baby book is a great gift.

The Go The F*** To Sleep book addresses the age-old problem of getting your baby to go to sleep, but entertains parents through the process!

Everyone can do with a laugh, and this book offers that in the stressful situation of having an overtired baby.

The book itself is incredibly popular (don’t believe me? Check out those reviews!) so it makes it a thoughtful and humorous gift parents will adore.

New Parent Glasses

Parenting is tough, and mom and dad might need a glass of wine and cold beer at the end of the day to cool off.

The mom and dad parenting glasses are a great gift and help to remind the parents-to-be that parenting is not easy, but that they should embrace their new roles and take a moment to themselves when they can!

‘Don’t Touch Me’ Onesie

Onesies are another wonderfully useful gift, but this doesn’t mean they have to be boring!

There are some hilarious baby grows with printed sayings on them, you just need to pick one that you think the parents would love best!

Hilarious Baby Bibs

Bibs are so handy and are a great gift to give to new parents. Instead of boring, plain bibs, you should give them a set of bibs printed with funny sayings!

These bibs are comfortable and work well to catch spills and messes, but have some pretty funny sayings printed on them! The neutral colors go well with many outfits, so they can be used daily.

Funny Pacifier

You would never give a baby Grillz, and not that you could as they don’t have teeth, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have Grillz! 

The Billy Bob Grillz Pacifier is hilarious and lets the little one show off some shiny teeth as they doze off to sleep. There are many other funny pacifiers to choose from as well.

Pregnancy Activity Book

To Pee Or Not To Pee - Hilarious pregnancy activity book

Pregnancy can be tough, and the mom-to-be will need some time to herself for when things get tough.

An activity book is a great way to keep her occupied, and To Pee Or Not To Pee is an activity book that will not only keep her busy, but hilariously entertained as well!

Pregnant moms want to feel understood, and this pregnancy-themed book is ideal to make them feel understood and occupied in the funniest way possible.

Hooded Baby Dinosaur Blanket

Hooded baby Dinosaur Blanket - The perfect hilarious baby shower gift idea!

Babies need blankets, and to add a little bit of fun, you could get them a character-themed hooded blanket.

There are many to choose from, such as the dinosaur hooded blanket, which can also be used as a towel. It turns the baby into a prehistoric beast while keeping them warm and comfy!

Funny Costume

A baby dressed up in something they know nothing about is hilarious, and who wouldn’t love a baby Elvis? There are many baby costumes to choose from, but a little newborn dressed as Elvis just wins it!

You could also purchase an astronaut outfit, or dress the little one up as a lion – any outfit would be adorable!

Baby Mop Onesie

Okay, so this might not be as useful as a baby grow or a bib set, but it is hilarious! Give the mom a baby mop onesie to dress her baby in for when they learn how to crawl!

The baby is going to be moving around on the floor anyway, why not get them to clean up along the way as well?

Baby’s First Gambling Kit Gift Box

Any new parent would be concerned about opening a gift bag to find a Baby’s First Gambling Kit Gift Box, and it will definitely result in a few laughs from the crowd.

This isn’t actually a gambling gift, but a box for you to put the real present in.

Daddy Diaper Duty Belt

Daddy Diaper Duty Belt - Perfect and hilarious baby shower gift for the dad to be

This is a hilarious gift for the dad-to-be!

This belt includes diapers and wipes, plastic tongs, safety glasses and travel-sized baby products, all tucked into a fun apron tool belt and accented with a funny new dad poem.

He can trade in his tool belt for this baby diaper duty belt, which can hold all the essentials he needs to tackle a nappy change!

This is also a hilarious push present idea for dads. Both new parents are sure to absolutely love the ingenuity of this gift

Will you be buying any of these funny baby shower gift ideas?!

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